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School, ghost friend and nicknames

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ZEE THIRD CHAPPIE!!!!! oh and like in my other story, Aya is the twin sister of Frank! enjoy my little darlings *evil smile*

I woke up in a tangled mess of sheets with Frank, I looked at the clock and saw it was... 5:45. Damn I always wake up early and I can't go back to sleep, school today was Friday so tomorrow was the weekend. I turned my head towards a snoring Frank, so being the few minutes younger sibling I ghosted my mouth over his ear. "WAKE UP!!!" I screeched, Frank gave a yelp of surprise and fell down the bed with a 'thump' and groan. I laughed quietly before the events of yesterday came back, "Frank he's back. Akuryo is back." I whispered as he gave me a hug. "Hey don't worry about it, we're here to protect you. I also have this." Frank said and fished out a scrying pentagram necklace. The onyx on it felt cool to touch. "The lady who works in the talisman shop, her name is Josephine, gave it to me. She heard about you cuz she and mom are good friends." Frank explained. "Frankie!! Thank you!" I squealed and kissed him on the cheek. I grabbed some clothes and sprinted to the bathroom before Frank could hog all the hot water.

When I finished I rubbed my hair dry with a towel and let it in a high ponytail, letting my side-fringe fall over my right eye. I wore the pentagram around my neck and smiled, I also had an 'Evil Eye' charm which I also strung. I walked in my room, applied black eyeliner on my eyes and purple eyeliner on my bottom lid, and grabbed my bag. I stopped in front my full-length mirror and took a good look at myself.

I was wearing a white shirt with red butterflies on it, black sleeveless hoodie, black and grey pleated Gothic skirt and a black belt with a Lolita skull as a buckle, fishnet stockings and knee-high biker boots with skulls and crossbones as buckles. My arms had fingerless elbow-length fishnet gloves and black and white checkered bangles, my hair had a a white headband with a black and white bow on it.

I heard Frank come out of the bathroom and saw he was dressed in a Green Day t-shirt, ripped jeans and grey Converse. He applied eyeliner and used his red eyeliner on his bottom lid. We both walked down and ate our breakfast quickly, we shouted a goodbye to mom and walked outside. We both walked since the school is a couple of blocks away, when we arrived we still had 30 mins till school starts. Anyways Frank told me the school layout so I had a pretty good idea on how to navigate myself. He took me to the principal's office where I got my timetable. He took me to our form room where he introduced me to the teacher, she was nice enough I guess.

Suddenly I heard a familiar voice in my head, 'Hey Aya!' and I saw Izza, sitting cross-legged on one of the tables. 'Hey Izza, haven't seen you in a while.' I thought. The best part about being a mediator is that I have the power of telekinesis, telepathy, black and white magic and the ability to create scarily realistic illusions. Just then Gerard, Mikey, Bob and Ray walked in, Frank waved at them to come to us. 'You made some new friends!' Izza cheered, jumping around. "Hey anyone noticed it just got fucking cold here?" Ray said, rubbing his arms to keep himself warm. I glanced at Frank and gave him a look, "Err it's probably just you Ray," Frank laughed. I looked at Izza who nodded and floated out. "You're right, the feeling's passed." Ray said as he waved his hand in the air

We all sat in the same table and they talked about the school as I listened. "Guuuyyyss~~~~~" moaned Mikey, I giggled at him. "Let's make up nicknames and call ourselves the Killjoys!" Mikey said, giving us a toothy grin. "I get dibs on the name Kobra Kid!" Mikey slammed his fist on the table. "I'm Jet Star!" Ray piped in, "Well I get the name Fun Ghoul!" Frank but all shouted. "Party Poison is so~ mine!" Gerard smirked. "I'm gonna have to go with... Sound Blaster." Bob nodded, his pretty blue eyes shining. Wait did I just say pretty, Dear God I was falling in love with a guy I met yesterday. I suddenly felt their eyes on me, "Hmm.. I got it! Raven Halo!" I said. Mikey started jumping up and down and said something about unicorns? I laughed at him, just then he stopped jumping and looked at me then the others also looked at me. "Umm w-why are y-you s-s-staring at m-me?" I stuttered, going red from embarrassment. "It's just that you have a really cute laugh," Bob admitted, his cheeks turning slightly pink. My mouth formed an 'o' as I blushed harder, I heard a laugh and knew it was Izza. 'Girl he has it bad for you! I can practically feel the waves of emotion he has for you!' Izza laughed. I blushed a bit darker.

next chapter might come up in a few days
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