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To Hell with School!

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School is outta action fot the next three days.. which means PARTAY!!!

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U guys read the summary and r wondering 'How da fuck can a school be outta action for three days?' Well I have an idea!!!

The day went smoothly and I got the hang of things, when last bell rang Frank and I sprinted home and I won. "I WIN!" I shouted triumphantly, Frank pouted and I gave his hair a ruffle. We both walked inside and I ran up to my room, I love my room. The walls were white with a black moon and stars painted above my bed, I had black and white checkered covers and a few black, white and red pillows. Shaggy purple carpet, red and black beanbags, white desk covered in doodles, black leather spinning chair, dark-coloured wood for my two closets, my 'music zone' where I keep my guitar, keytar, keyboard and amps, black shelf filled with books and knick-knacks I collect, a bedside table where I keep my laptop, alarm clock and stuff I just throw in, a small vanity with all my makeup and accessories, purple curtains and a view of the cemetery. Did I mention the fact that I had a few magical items? Well I had a small area where I'm gonna perform some rituals and exorcises, a box where I keep and the incense, charms and all that shit and a dreamcatcher hanging from this nail jutting out from the wall above my bed. Anyways the night went by with mom and dad interrogating me, which was fine. I hit the bed and slept a peaceful sleep.

I groaned as I heard the song 'Scream, Aim, Fire" by Bullet for My Valentine from my alarm clock. I then heard a knock on the door and saw Frank pop his head, he smiled and came in. He sat down and pinched my cheek, "No school for the next three days, a bunch of students made this HUGE mess by flooding the school, messing up the desks, filled the Gym with bubbles and we can't get to our classes. So come with me and we're gonna meet the guys in Gerard's house." he said. I nodded, I grabbed some clothes and took a quick shower. I walked out in a tight Bullet for My Valentine shirt, ripped skinny jeans and red Converse, pinned my hair in a bun using my Gothic Rose of Passion hair sticks and grabbed my phone. I applied some eyeliner and ran out of the door, Frank was waiting outside.

We both walked down the street and arrived in a cosy looking home, Frank rang the doorbell and a woman with fluffy blonde hair opened it with a big smile. "Hello Frank! It's good to see you again, and you must be Aya. Mikey and Gee were talking about you yesterday." The woman said, "Hi Donna, Aya this is Mrs Way but she prefers to be called Donna." Frank introduced, Donna pulled me in a motherly hug. I hugged back and saw Mikey pop his head from the living room. He grinned and ushered both of us in, I sat in the circle the others made. "Ok! to start this off, let's play couple's truth or dare." Gerard said, looking like a kid. I nodded poked Bob, "Wanna be my partner?" I asked shyly, "Uh sure." he said, his face curiously pink. We got in out couples, so it was Bob and I, Gerard and Frank and Ray and Mikey.

"I'll start, GeeGee and Midget, truth or dare?" Mikey asked. "Truth!" they both said. "Alright, have you guys been crushing on each other for a while?" Ray asked with a sly grin. The couple turned pink before Gerard and Frank said yes, they then looked at each other and smiled. "Now that I have confessed to the love of my life, Torosaurus and Wheezy, truth or dare?" Frank said with a big smile on his face. Gee wrapped his arm around Frank's waist. "Dare," Mikey said, Ray shot him dirty look before grumbling about unfairness in the world. "Okay, I dare you and Ray to go outside without shirts and sing the Barbie theme song." Frank smirked, Bob and I exploded in laughter. After a couple of minutes, the pair were outside singing the Barbie theme song. Best part is that Gerard got the whole thing on tape, BLACKMAIL! They went back inside with red faces. "Ok you guys had your fun, now Bobsome and Raven, truth or dare?" asked Ray. "Dare!" Bob said, I nodded. "Ok, I dare you guys to make-out with each other in the spare room and we'll send you guys back again if we don't see any swollen lips or hickeys." Mikey finished. I just gaped at him, Bob had the same face.

We were pushed in a room, there was a bed and to make things more fun they locked the door. "Fuck you Mikey," Bob growled. "We will have our revenge Bobsome, worry not," I said with an evil smile, Bob smile back. I sat down on the bed and Bob sat next to me, "Um you probably regret letting me be your partner, if this dare makes things awkward then I'll try an-" I was cut off by him gently placing his lips on mine. My eyes widened and he pulled back, his eyes widened a little at what he did. "I'm sorry Aya, but I've been inlove with you since I first saw you," he admitted. So that was why he was acting all shy around me. "Bob, I love you to," I said and he smiled. He claimed my lips again but this time the kiss was deeper, he ran his tongue against my bottom lip asking for an entrance. I opened up slowly and he explored every inch of my mouth, out tongues danced and he pulled me on his lap. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he ran his hands up and down the curves of my body. I sucked on his lip piercing and he gave a throaty moan, he then slid his lips down my jawline and bit a small vein. He sucked on the wound leaving a hickey and reclaimed my lips. Just then the door burst open and we both turned to see the others smirking.

First kiss scene and it's going pretty good, Bob and Aya are now a couple.. but ghosts stil linger around here.... Review pleaze!!!
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