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Chapter fourteen

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Well, you find out a bit more about what Lindsey is planning and Gerard gets out of hospital.

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NOTE. So, yeah, I kinda now that in real life you`d spend a bit more time in hospital and stuff, but Gerard needs to get out of hospital so the story can progress, kay? I hope you like the chapter. Oh, and I DON`T hate Lindsey or Jamia. They`re just evil bitches in my story, but in real life I respect them and stuff. Tell me what you think,
Lindsey and Gerard`s house.
“Bandit! Get the damn door!” Lindsey yelled to her daughter from the upstairs bathroom.
“Okay, mummy!” She yelled back, wanting to please her mum after the fight they had had the other day. She skipped happily holding on tight to the object that had been the cause of the majority of the fight-a slightly scruffy teddy bear with x`s drawn over the eyes that was named Frankie.
“Hello. Mummy`s doing her hair and make-up.” Bandit said smiling as she opened the door. Her smile soon faded however, when she realised who was standing at the door.
“Oh, hi, Jamia.” Bandit greeted her mother`s friend unenthusiastically, forcing a smile to be polite.
“Whatever, brat.” Jamia stormed inside, without even being invited in.
“Come in why don`t you.” Bandit muttered under her breath, shutting the door.
“What was that, brat?” She pursed her lips. “Nothing!” Jamia rolled her eyes and hung her jacket up.
“Well?” she asked the five year old who was confused.
“Aren`t you going to get me a drink?” She asked the child, sitting down in the living room and picking up the TV remote.
“You watch this crap?” Jamia started searching for something to watch instead of a children`s cartoon.
Bandit was stood in the doorway, unsure whether to sit down or go and get Jamia a drink.
“He-llo! Thirsty!” Bandit sighed.
“What do you want?”
Jamia considered for a second. “I`ll have a cup of coffee and while you`re on your feet, you can get me something to eat.” By now she had settled on watching a romantic comedy on one of the film channels.
Bandit sighed again and went into the kitchen.
“Jamia!” Lindsey ran over to her friend and embraced her.
“Where’s Bandit?”
Jamia shrugged. It was obvious she couldn’t care less; it was also obvious Lindsey couldn’t either.
“Getting drinks.”
Lindsey nodded. “Good, I`m thirsty.”
“So, did he believe you?”
“Yep.” She smiled. “He`s always been stupid. I mean, it`s not like I married him for his brain.”
Jamia laughed. “No, clearly not. Then again, it’s not like I married Frank because of that either.” The two of them started laughing.
“Why did you then? His talent and good looks?” the two started laughing uncontrollably.
“Good one, Linds.”

“Here’s the coffee Jamia.” Bandit said re entering the room and placing the coffee on the table.
Jamia and Lindsey didn’t seem impressed.

“Where`s my salad?”
“Where`s my drink?”
She shifted uncomfortably e staring fixatedly at the floor, cradling her hand to her chest.
“I`ll go get them.” Bandit left again, trying not to cry at the pain in her hand that she had accidently poured boiling water on whilst making the coffee.
“Ungrateful, brat.” Lindsey agreed with her.
“”sure is.”
“But anyway, you`re sure he believes she`s not his?”

Back at the hospital.
Gerard`s pov.
“Mmm…” I open my eyes slowly”, unsure about where I was at first about where I was and what was holding my hand. Then I woke up fully and everything came flooding back.
“Frankie!” I can hear Mikey “coughing” from the other side of the room, but ignore him.
I can hear Frank laughing slightly, though what at I do not now. Maybe it was Mikey or maybe it was me.
“Morning Gee.” He smiles at me. “Docs say you can go home later seeing as your okay.”
“That’s good, I guess.” I mumble.
“You guess?” Ray walks over to the bed.
“Yeah, it’s just…what if I do something to myself again.” I was scared, I wasn`t strong enough. I feared if I was let out I`d find a knife of some pills or alcohol and maybe this time I wouldn’t be as lucky.
As always, Frank knew what I was thinking.
“Gee, we won’t let anything hurt you again, kay? Not anything.” He squeezes the hand he was still holding. I knew he really meant be “Anything”. It meant they wouldn’t let me hurt myself. And for that I was really grateful.
Just then a group of doctors entered the room. They were all staring at Frank, who was still holding my hand. I could feel their questioning looks, but they said nothing. “Mr .Way?”
It took all of my strength not to say something sarcastic or to roll my eyes. “Mr. Way?” really? Was it against the law to call me by my first name? That just made me feel so old.
“Yes?” I sit up slightly, and gently force Frank to release his hold on my hand. Out of the corner of my eye I can see him pout slightly and know I’m probably going to be given hell for that later.
The doctors look at us both for a moment but do not say anything about it. Then again, it might be because of the looks they were reviving from everyone.
“You were very lucky your friend found you Mr. Way. I hope you know what good friends you have and that you might not be so lucky next time.
I nod. I knew I had amazing friends. They were the best.
“I know. And there won’t be a next time doctors.” They just nod, but I can tell that they are not convinced by my answer.
“You can go now, Mr. Way.”

Back at the house.
“Bandit, go upstairs.”
“No, why?”
Lindsey sighed and looked over at Jamia for help she knew she wasn’t going to get.
“Bandit, we have a very important guest coming over, so you can either go upstairs or go to one of your friends.”
“Fine.” Bandit sulked. She didn’t understand why her mum didn’t want her there. Daddy always told her what a good kid she was. She really missed him.
“I`ll go visit Ember then.” Ember was Bandit`s best friend and as she only lived a few doors away, she often spent a lot of her time there.
“Yeah, sure.” Lindsey couldn’t care less, as long as Bandit was out of the house.
“Thought the brat would never leave.” Said Jamia, just after bandit had closed the front door.

Five/ ten minutes later.
There was a knock at the door. Lindsey quickly checked her reflection in the hallway mirror and went to answer it.
“Hello. Lindsey, is it?” A tall, tanned young woman asked. Her hair was blonde, although you could tell it wasn’t natural as she had dark roots showing. Her nails were long and perfectly painted a pale pink colour.
“Yes, do come in.” Lindsey flashed the woman a smile that was just as fake as her hair and shut the door behind her.
“This is Jamia.” She introduced her to the woman.
“And I`m Abigail Moore. You`ve probably heard of me as I`m a reporter from the-“
“Yeah, yeah.” Jamia waved her hand. Lindsey shot her a warning look.
“Lindsey, Jamia. Shall we begin the interview?” they both nodded.
“Yes, of course.”
“So, you are both planning on divorcing you husbands, am I right?”
“Yes, we are.”
“May I ask why?”
“Well,” Lindsey looked down at the floor. “Lots of reasons. Gerard…umm…well,” She trailed off. Jamia put an arm round her.
“It`s very hard for her, she’s been through an awful lot.”
The reporter nodded. “Go on.”
“Well….he doesn`t give a shit about me or his daughter. He`s never here, he treats me like a slave and-“Lindsey let out a small sob.
“He physically abused me.” The reporter`s mouth formed a small O. She gasped and continued writing everything down as fast as she could.
“He would hit me and…and rape me. And I just don`t want Bandit around a monster like him.” She started crying.
“And are you leaving partly because you worry about your child’s safety?”
Lindsey nodded. “Of course.”
“Yes,”Jamia said. “Lindsey loves Bandit so much.”
“And does your husband treat you similar to this, Jamia?” Abigail stopped writing for a moment.
“No, but he is cheating on me.” She spoke in a clear, steady voice.
“With who?”
“Gerard Way. Lindsey`s husband.”
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