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Note that is actually important!

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Jsut a note, chapter should be up somepoint tomrorrow. *glances at clock* Well, today.

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Right, okay. The chapter should be up later today. (it`s early hours over here in good ol` England) This is just a note thing. So a while agao I posted a note asking people what stories I should do next. One idea I had was a history fic. I have decided I WILL write one, but it might be a few different one set in different time periods. Is that okay with you all? Is there any particullar time period in particular you think would be a good idea to write about? Like ancient Greece/Rome/Eygypt. I live in England and havn`t studdied American history or anytihng apart from like the World Wars and English history, but am willing to do research.
On another note, last night I had an idea, but wanted peoples opinions as it is a very upsetting topic and woudn`t want to upset anyone or anything. I`m sure we all know that the attack on the twin towers had a very big effect on Gerard- he wrote the song "Skylines and turnstiles" and it influenced him to start the band. I remember watching on tv the news on the day of the attacks even though I wasn`t that old. (I`m 14 now) And after the recent death of a very evil person whose name I shall not speak, it reminded me how angry I was that someone could be so evil and how saddened I felt. In year seven we learnt a bit about the attack in history as well.
Well, anyway, the other night when I couldnt sleep, I thought about writing something from differnt members of the bands pov, about the early days and formation of the band and about the awfull 9/11 attacks, about how they all felt ect.
I want some opinoins on this. Does it sound boring? Would anyone not want me to write it? If you could tell me what you think, I would really apreciate it. But please don`t be mad or anyhting at me-I do not want to upset/anger anyone by this.
Erm, the next chapter of this story will be up soon and I will post this with my other story as well so anyone who reds that can see this as well.
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