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Chapter fifteen

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Gerard arives back at Mikey`s but will he stay there? The newspapers and News channels are buzzing about what Lindsey and Jamia said.

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Hi, sorry it took so long to get this up, I spent most of the day with my best friend so didn`t get a chance to write until later. Hope you like it, please let me know what you think. If you read the note thing, I will do a story about 9/11 and some history fics. I don`t know when any will be up though and I probably won`t start them untill this and Danger days:Bob`s story is done.
The same day. Back at Mikey and Alicia`s house.
Gerard`s pov.
I was so glad to be finally free and out of the hospital. I was a little bit scared though, despite knowing that my friends wouldn’t let anything happen to me. Subconsciously I glance down at my heavily bandaged arms .The cuts had been very deep, and doctors had told me that they would leave moderate scaring. Oh well, I was still alive and for once it felt like nothing could spoil my good mood. Frank and me were together now, and I was away from the evil bitch I had married. I did miss Bandit though, even if she wasn’t my daughter.
That was something I had serious doubts about though. I hadn’t told my friends about what Lindsey had told me, or why I had done what I did. I knew they wanted to know, but wouldn’t ask me outright. I guess they all just assumed that I would tell them when I was ready.
“Where`s my keys?” we had just gotten out of the car and Mikey was searching his pockets frantically for his house keys. I could see Alicia shake her head, just letting him get on with it. She trusted that he would find them eventually; either that or she didn’t have hers on her. I prayed that she did-I didn’t want to be stuck out here till Christmas.
“Found `em!” He screams triumphantly and unlocks the door.
“Fuckin` finally.” Frank mutters, causing me and Ray to laugh quietly and hope Mikey hadn’t heard.
“So, erm…Gee, where are you gonna stay?” Mikey asks, kicking off his shoes. “I mean, you`re welcome to stay here, but-“
“He can stay with me.” As soon as the words escaped his mouth, Frank`s cheeks turned a very deep red.
“If you want to.” He doesn’t look at me as he speaks. He seems so embarrassed. Does he think I don’t want to stay with him? `Cause I did, I really did.
Happy I wasn’t blushing for once, I answer him, “Yeah, I`d love to.” The smile I am rewarded with was so cute it was unreal.
“Aww….look at the two lovebirds.” Ray teases, though we can tell he, like everyone else, is happy or us.
Hours later. Around midnight.
“Well, it`s late, so I`d better go.” Ray says goodbye to us all, grabs his jacket and leaves.
“Well, I guess me and Gee had better get ready to go as well.” Frank stands up and stretches.
“Need any help packing your stuff, bro?”
“Nah, I never really unpacked.” I go into the hallway to grab my suitcase, but Frank stops me.
“Your arms are still hurt, I can get it.”
“Its fine, I can-“
“No.” I give in and let him get the suitcase, seeing as it meant so damn much to him. To be honest, my arms were a little sore still whenever I moved them.
“Bye.” We both hug Mikey and Alicia.
“You’re really lucky, Gee.” She whispers in my ear. “Frankie really loves you. But watch out for Lindsey, I got a feeling we haven’t seen the last of her yet.”
How right she was…

Next morning. Normal pov.
“Singer from rock band My Chemical Romance is in trouble as secrets are revealed about his seemingly perfect marriage with rocker from Mindless Self Indulgence, Lindsey Way.” A middle aged news reporter spoke from the TV screen. “His wife, in an interview with a local magazine reveals her marriage to Gerard Way, was nowhere near perfect and she is filing for a divorce. Our show bizz reporter is near the stars home, tell us more Emily.” The image changed to show a slightly younger looking dark haired woman.
“Well, many fans will be disappointed with their idol, Lindsey has revealed some very shocking accusations, even saying that the star raped her and that she fears for their five, nearly six year old daughter.”
Lindsey turned off the television, smirking and picked up the phone.
“Jamia, heard the news?” Jamia could hear the smirk in her best friend’s voice.
“Yes, have you read the newspapers?”
Lindsey told her that she had, and picked up a newspaper off the coffee table.
“Got go, Linds.” Jamia told her regretfully. “I have an interview on fox news at half one. Talk t you later.” She hung up and Lindsey began to read the newspaper again, even though it had been read countless times that morning.
Lead singer of highly controversial rock band- My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, has a lot to answer for. His wife has told the press that she fears for her daughter safety after being abused physically and mentally. A close friend of Lindsey Way, who happens to be married to Gerard’s band mate Frank Iero, is also filing for a divorce and claims that her husband has been having an affair with him.
The article was continued on the next page and said even worse things about the two of them.
Lindsey put the paper back down, smiling and called her daughter.
“Yes mummy?” She replied to her mother’s yell timidly, after the argument they had gotten into last night.
“We`re going to join Jamia on TV later today, kay?” Bandit just nodded knowing she didn’t have a choice.
“Mummy, Can I see daddy? I miss him.”
“No. you can’t see him. He doesn’t love you remember?”
Bandit, sick of her mother yelling at her all the time, flipped. “That’s a lie!” she screamed. She knew her dad loved her. “He does to love me!” she stormed upstairs to her room, before Lindsey could say anything, and burst into tears. She wished her dad was hear, he always knew what to say to make her feel better, to wipe away her tears. Bandit picked up her “Frankie” Teddy and hugged it tightly. It comforted her slightly as her dad had bought it her.

Gerard`s pov. Same day. Frank`s house.
Hmm…where am I? I ask myself, still more asleep than awake. I didn’t know, but wherever I was I was warm and comfortable. Someone`s arms were wrapped around me, making me feel secure and loved.
“Comfy?” the voice pulls me from my daze.
“Frankie!” he just chuckles and pulls me closer to him. I now realise I have been using his chest as a pillow and blush.
“Sorry.” I try and move, but he won’t allow it.
“Nope. You are not moving. I won’t let you.” He kisses my forehead lightly.
“Love you Gee.” He whispers in my ear, causing me to shiver, which makes him laugh again.
“Love you too, Frankie.” I tilt my head up and lightly peck him on the lips.
I was content to lie there, all day and I think, no, I was sure he was too. Just lying there in his arms was so relaxing, so peaceful, so…perfect. I felt I hadn’t a care in the world. Of course, it was me, so obviously are perfect morning couldn’t last long…
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