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chapter sixteen

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Gerard and Frank find out about what Lindsey and Jamia said...

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HI, hope you like the chapter. It took a while cause I meant to write it yesterdy, but didn`t get a chance. I`ll be dress shopping over the next few weeks cause I`ve got a wedding to go to soon. And I just found out yesterday 2 close family friends are getting married next year. (They`re gay.) and I have been talking to them on the phine for 3 hours today conragulating them. Let me know what you think of the chapter.
Mikey`s pov.
“Mikey, sweetie, we need to get up.” I could feel Alicia (the only person who could call me “Sweetie” and not get killed) poking me in the side. I think I mumbled a reply and rolled over. I was absolutely shattered; everyone hadn’t left until after midnight and then I couldn’t sleep worrying about Gerard. I knew he was safe at Frank`s, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that Lindsey was going to do something to make his life hell.
“Mikey, you need to see this.” She sounded worried, and knowing her the way I did, I was pretty sure she would be biting her lip like she often did when she was nervous or worried. I sat up, ignoring my body`s protests and looked up at her expectedly.
“What is it?” She didn’t say anything and just handed me a copy of today’s newspaper. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and seeing what was on the cover, nearly dropped it, half out of shock, half from being so disgusted.
Staring at me from the cover of the paper was a relatively newish picture of my brother. In the picture he was holding a smiling Bandit and Lindsey was stood next to them, looking rather bored.
Lead singer of highly controversial rock band- My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, has a lot to answer for. His wife has told the press that she fears for her daughter`s safety after being abused physically and mentally. A close friend of Lindsey Way, who happens to be married to Gerard’s band mate Frank Iero, is also filing for a divorce and claims that her husband has been having an affair with him.
I chucked the paper on the floor, feeling very sick.
“That’s not all, watch.” Alicia walked over to the TV that stood in front of our bed and switched it on.
“Hello and welcome back to Fox news. Later we will be joined by Lindsey and Jamia, but first, over to our showbiz reporter near the home of Gerard Way and Lindsey Way.” The screen changed and a reporter was stood on a street I recognised very well, it was only about a five minute walk from there to Gerard`s.
“Well, the news has of course shocked everyone. The two appeared to of had the picture perfect marriage, but these shocking accusations made by Lindsey about her husband, have of course got to be looked into.” Yes, those accusations were shocking.
“She had accused Gerard of raping her and treating her as a slave. The star has been reported saying she fears for her child`s safety and is filing for a divorce. Also, something very interesting, her close friend Jamia is filing for a divorce too, claiming her husband and band mate of Gerard have been having an affair with each other.” Alicia switched the TV off, making a disgusted face.
“What bitches!” I scream, getting up and pulling on some clothes.
“C`mon!” she looks at me confused. “We have to warn them.”
Frank`s pov.
“Comfy?” I ask Gerard smirking slightly. He was still partly asleep and didn’t notice.
“Frankie!”I laugh at his expression and pull him closer to me, if that was even possible- he had fallen asleep using my chest as a pillow-not that I had objected. I see his cheeks flush red and have to bite back a laugh.
“Sorry.” He mumbles trying to move, but I don’t allow him.
“Nope. You are not moving. I won’t let you.” Without thinking I gently kiss his forehead.
“Love you Gee.” I did, I really did. I had since the day I first met him.
“Love you too Frankie.” He catches me off guard with a sweet kiss.
“I gotta go feed the twins.” I pull myself up, and walk over to their cots that stood about a metre away from the bed that I used to share with Jamia.
“I`ll help. Last time they were sick all over you.”
“Yeah, good idea. Most of my clothes are in the wash or in the bin, so if they`re sick on me I`ll probably have nothing to wear.” I nearly jump out of my skin when I feel his cold arms wrap around my waist.
“What a shame that would be.” He whispers against my neck, causing me to shiver. Smirking, he presses a quick kiss against it and backs away. I suddenly feel so cold without his arms round me.
“Come here baby.” He coos into one of the cots at one of my daughters. I know its stupid, but I feel a little jealous.
After they had both been fed and bathed and changed, we collapsed back down on the bed.
“Gee?” I ask, running my hands through his silky red hair.
“Mmm?” he mumbles, opening his eyes.
“Do you miss Bandit?” I don’t know what made me ask him, I already knew the answer.
“I need to tell you something. Bandit isn’t…” he trailed off.
“Go on. You can tell me anything.” I encourage him.
“Lindsey told me she…isn’t mine.” as he say the words I can feel the life go out of him. He suddenly looks like a scared, innocent little child. Feeling very protective of him I wrap my arms around him. Then I realise what was wrong with what he had just said.
“Gee. Do you know what is wrong with what you just said?” he shakes his head, looking completely defeated. I guessed that this was partly the reason why he didn’t return the other day after going to see Lindsey.
“Lindsey told you that. We can’t trust anything she says, Gee. Not one word.” I skis him on the cheek and stand up.
“We are going to get her back, don’t worry.”
Mikey`s pov
“Open the fucking door!” I yell, banging my fists on it repeatedly. This caused me to receive some dirty looks from an old couple walking past, but I didn’t give a damn.
“Mikey, maybe they-“
“Alicia, we need to tell them, now.” I stop banging on the door, and pick up my phone and call Gerard.
“Why aren’t you opening your door?” I`m angry, not at him, Lindsey.
“Oh. Well umm…” he`s embarrassed. “Me and Frank…were um…”
“I don’t want to know.” I tell him, and I`m pretty sure I can hear a sigh of relief on the other end of the phone.
“Um I`ll let you in.” a minute later, the door opens to reveal my brother and one of my best friends and his now boyfriend. About time, too.
“What’s wrong?” Frank asks, seeing my face. I probably looked a state. I hadn’t brushed my hair, had a shower and I was wearing the same crumpled clothes from yesterday. Alicia at least had clean clothes and her hair had seen a brush.
“The news.” I push past them and run into the living room and grab the TV remote.
“Mikes, what the fu-“Gerard stops when he sees the headline-“Idols or monsters.”
“We are joined live by two of today’s most talked about women-Jamia and Lindsey. Now, tell us more about your decisions to file for divorce.”
“Well, obviously I have a young child and don’t want her around a rapist.” Lindsey was “Upset” and trying to speak though “tears.”
“I`m sorry, it’s just so hard.” That lying bitch, saying that about my brother.
Jamia put an arm round her friend. “And Frank, well…what can I say? He`s been cheating on me with his band mate and Lindsey`s Husband- Gerard Way!” she spat out the two names in disgust.
About an hour later, the news reporter said goodbye to the two of them. “Well, we are now going to talk with our legal correspondent- Lisa Brown. Tell us, Lisa, what is going to happen to the stars. Those are some pretty serious accusations.”
“Yes, they certainly are. Of course having an affair isn’t exactly going to get Frank Iero imprisoned, however, Gerard Way might not be so lucky.”
I glanced over at my brother; his expression was half way between disbelief, anger and disgust. Frankie kissed his check, and whispered something in his ear, trying to reassure him that everything was going to be okay, probably.
“If Way is found guilty of rape he could face many years in prison.” I heard him gasp and turned to look at him again. Tears were filling his eyes, and he was muttering over and over again that he didn’t do it.
“We know you didn’t. And they’ll find out that bitch is lying and then we’ll get Bandit back.” Said frank, trying to reassure him. I didn’t know what to say, and for once neither did Alicia.

Note (again)
So, I am going to write some history fics (Don`t know what yet) And a 9/11 one. I also don`t know when they`ll be up. I have an idea for one history fic, it is set during tudor times and based on henry the 8th rule (Don`s ask, the idea wouldnrt leave me alone) I won`t say much about it, but does anyone have any idea what I should call it? "History fic feturing MCR" doesn`t really have a nice ring to it, does it?
Anyway, tell me what you think of the chapter.Hope you like it
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