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Chapter seventeen

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Gerard asks Frank something and someone is at the door...

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NOTE sory it took so long to get this up, my best friend stayed over last night, so I couldn`t finish writing this. I hope you like it and that it was worth the wait. I hope that the bit between Frank and Gerard didnt suck, but I wasn`t going to write a sex scene - I`m 14. Bob`s story might be up tomorrow, so if you read that look out. And I`m sad to say, but I don`t think there will be too many more chapters for either of them. I mean, there won`t be another 20, not like 1 chapter and it`s done. But I will have some new stories up, if you`ve read the note things you`ll probably have a clue about what these new stories will be. If you have any ideas please let me know. Hope you like the chapter, leave a review if you do. Why? Why not? It encourages me to write faster.
Gerard`s poi
“B...but Frankie…” I couldn’t believe it- he didn’t believe me. How could he not believe me? He was supposed to love me, to trust me.
“No, Gerard.” He spat my name and pushed me away from him.
“I…I didn’t do it,” how could he think that I would actually do that to someone? Tars are beginning to form in my eyes, but I will not cry, I won`t. I won’t let him see how much he is hurting me.
“Please believe me….please.” I reach out to grab his hand, but he grabs it back before I can reach it. The rejection stung more than him not believing me. I chance a look into his usually warm, kind eyes, but see only pure hatred in them.
“Here, take this back.” I watch horrified as he angrily removes his ring and chucks it on the floor.
“I…I thought that you…loved me.”
He laughs at my hurt expression cruelly.
“Me, love YOU?!” he laughs again. “Yeah, right.” He gets up in my face and I would feel intimidated if it wasn’t for the pain that was consuming me. “Who could ever love a freak like you?” he storms out of the door, and slams it behind him.
Hearing the noise Bandit comes in running. “Bandit, sweetie...” I begin seeing the tears in her eyes, mistaking them for tears of sadness. Turns out they weren’t.
I go to hug her, but like Frank she pushes me away, angrily. “Get away from me! I hate you! You hurt Mummy!” she runs out of the room screaming, leaving me standing there, too hurt and shocked to do anything.
“Open the door! We know you`re in there!” angry voices shout up at me from outside. I peak cautiously through the curtains and freeze. It was the cops. They had come for me and I hadn’t even done anything.
“He`s in here.” I can hear someone opening the door and the sound of people running upstairs. For a moment I consider climbing out the window- it wasn’t far from the ground even if I did fall. But that would be cowardly-I wasn’t a coward and it would make me seen guilty, which I wasn`t.
The police storm into the bedroom, and roughly push me down to the ground and pull my arms behind my back, securing them with handcuffs. As `I`m being dragged out of the house I can hear everyone laughing, Frank, Lindsey, Jamia, Ray, Bandit, even Alicia and Mikey.
“AAAAARRHHHH!” I woke up screaming, covered in sweat.
“Shhhh…shhh it`s okay, Gee.” Frankie strokes my hair gently, pushing out of my eyes. “You’re safe, it was only a dream.” He presses a kiss on my cheek and reaches for a glass of water that was on the bedside table. “Here.”
“ was so…awful.W...what time is it?" I can feel myself shaking as I think about the nightmare.
“About two o clock in the morning.” He kisses me again and puts the glass back where it belongs. “And don`t worry, Gee, it wasn`t real.” True, but my awful dream was soon going to be reality. Well, the police bit was. I prayed Frankie wouldn’t treat me like he had in my dream, I hoped he`d love me, even if I was wrongly imprisoned. You need to trust him. I peak at him from under my hair, he looks genuinely worried about me, I can see it in his eyes, on his face, even the way he was sitting half shielding me with his body.
I don`t know what it was that made me make my decision, but I jumped up of the bed and frantically started searching for the jeans I was wearing yesterday.
“Where is it?”
“Need a hand?” I hadn’t noticed Frank getting of the bed. I just shook my head and continued m frenzied search. I felt my hand brush against a small box, and grabbed it. If he said no, I was pretty sure I would die- not just emotionally, but physically- my heart was beating a hundred miles an hour.
“Frankie?” I ask him nervously, getting down on one knee, making sure to keep the box hidden.
I was staring right in front of me, not up at him- I was too afraid of rejection.
“Yeah, Gee?” I took it as a good sign that he didn’t sound disgusted, shocked yes. But he like he didn`t sound like he was going to laugh at me.
“I…I love you, I have for a long, long time now. And…and I`m just so happy that you feel the same.” I pause for a moment, worried he would tell me he didn’t- even thought he had said it so many times in the past couple of days. I guess I was so nervous because I still couldn’t quite believe that he felt the same.
He placed his hand under my chin and forced me to look up at him. I couldn’t help but blush under his intense gaze.
“Go on, Gee.”
“I…you…” I took a deep breath. “Frankie, I love you with all my heart and I always will. Will you marry me?” he did laugh, but not in a cruel way, a happy one.
“I thought you`d never ask.” I took hold of his hand and placed the ring on his finger. Smiling, I stood up and he pressed a kiss to my forehead, and then kissed me gently on the lips. The kiss was innocent and sweet at first, but soon grew more heated, more desperate.
“Gee,” He breathed against my lips. “We…we can’t. N...not now.”
“I... I know.” despite what we both said, neither of us had any intention of stopping.
I moved my hands from where they were entangled in his soft hair, to his waist and lifted him up. He wrapped his legs around mine and we continued kissing.
“Love you…so much…” he breathed against my neck as he bit down on it gently.
I knew I had to say something before my mind was completely clouded with love and lust. Thinking was already becoming a very difficult task.
“Do you trust me?”I ask him, laying him down gently on the bed. I hoped he didn’t say no, and that he wanted this as much as I did, but if he didn’t, I wouldn’t push him. I loved him too much to do that.
“Yes, I trust you.”

Frank`s pov.
I woke up to find Gerard`s arms wrapped securely around me and my head on his bare chest. Too tired to get up, I snuggled closer, hoping I wouldn’t wake him, he looked so peaceful.
“Comfy?” I blush.
“Erm, yeah.”
“Hey, guys, get up. There`s coffee.” I groaned-Mikey. As long as he stayed on that side of the door, it`d be okay... Gerard had a different reaction though- he sat up as soon as the holy word had been uttered. As I heard the floorboards creak signalling that he had left, I let out a sigh of relief.
“Wake up, Cherry and Lilly have been fed and stuff, but probably want their daddy.” Alicia called knocking on the door once. I groaned again. Couldn’t they leave us alone five minutes? Just `cause they all wanted to get up, we suddenly had to?
“Go away.” Gerard mumbled, too quiet for Alicia to hear, and she too, and walked away.
“Want to get up?” please say no. I wasn’t lazy, but I was far too comfortable just lying here to move.
“Get up, Mikey`s going nuts.” Ray, really? I mentally roll my eyes- was everyone going to keep bugging us until we got up.
“We better get up.” I sighed, but knew Gerard was right. There was silence between the two of us for a couple of minutes as we both searched for something to wear and tried to make ourselves look half way presentable. Well, at least look as though we actually were sleeping last night.
“What?” Gerard turned to face me with a confused look on his face. I hadn’t realised I`d been staring at him and blushed in embarrassment. I felt like such a creep.
“Awww….does wittle Fwankie like what he sees?” he joked, whilst pulling on a slightly crumpled shirt.
I just stood there doing a very good impression of a tomato.
His smile son vanished however, when he saw me wince slightly as I pulled my jeans on.
“Are you okay? No, stupid question, it obviously hurts.” He rushes over to me, and gives me a big hug. “I`m so sorry I hurt you, Frankie.”
“I`m fine, Gee. My ass just hurts a little, but I`ll be fine.” For fucks sake! I had to admit, I kinda liked him fussing over me.

Mikey`s pov.
Ew… gross….yuck. I had bags under my eyes due to lack of sleep, my head was fucking killing me and Alicia was nagging (in a loving way) me to get Frank and Gerard up. I was happy for them; I really was, but seriously? Did they have to be so… loud?
I can feel Alicia giving me a warning glare as the two of them walk down the stairs and enter the kitchen.
“Morning, guys.” Frank said grabbing two mugs out of the cupboard and poring two cups of coffee.
“Here`s your coffee.”
There’s quit as we all sip our drinks.
“Where`s Ray gone?” Alicia asks, trying to make conversation.
“He went to the shops down the road to ge bread and more coffee.”
Silence again. It wasn’t exactly awkward, but-
“Hey, I`m back!”
I roll my eyes.
“Who want toast” Alicia asks us all, standing up and getting the bread off of Ray.
We all nodded.
“Well, make it yourself, then.” She said smirking slightly as she chucked it by the toaster. No one moved.
“YOU guys are so lazy!”
I was hungry, and I knew everyone else was, so being the kind person I am, I stood up and calmly made my way over to the new, shiny toaster.
“NO!!!!” everyone screamed, Alicia even ran over and picked the toasted up, protecting it from me.
“C`mon, It was an accident.” Everyone bursts out laughing, and I can’t help but laugh with them. We were all so happy that we didn’t hear the approaching sirens in the distance.
Out happiness soon evaporated with a sudden, sharp knock at the front door.
“Open up. We know you`re in there. Don’t make us kick the door in.” we`re all frozen and Gerard looks as though all the life has gone out of him.
“I said, open the door.”

ohh....I wonder who`s at the door? SO hard to tell, eh?
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