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chapter eighteen

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Who was demanding to be let in the house?

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Note. I don`t like this too much, but the next couple of chapters WILL (hopefully) be better. Lindsey and Jamia WILL get their comeuppance, but not quite yet. Also, being English I know very little about American law, so appologies if it is completley wrong. I have an idea for how this will end and there is a slight chance there could be a sequal. Maybe. I put up a oneshot yesterday called "My chemical art" if anyone who hasn`t read it wanted to check it out and let me know what they think of it, I`d apreciate it. Danger Days: Bob`s story might be up later or tommorow. And if you read that, please check out,"comin out of this place in a Bullet`s Embrace." And I`ll have some new stuff up when my current stories are done, so if you like this, keep an eye out. Hope you like the chapter, let me know what you think,
Gerard`s pov.
Shit. Shit. Shit. They had come to take me away. Everyone in the kitchen was staring at me and Alicia did something very un-Alicia like- when she heard the door knock, she actually dropped the toaster. It was normally Mikey that had…problems with toasters (or any kind of electoral appliances).
“We said open the door. Don`t make us kick it in.” I was frozen in place so I couldn’t try and make a run for it even if I wanted to. I felt like I was going to faint, be sick and scream all at the same time. The feeling of dread that had momentarily vanished when Frank said yes to me had reappeared again, much to my dismay. It seemed as though time had reached a stand still since the knock at the door, when it had only really been a few seconds.
“O…open the…door.” My voice was shaking, but I was just glad I could still manage to speak.
Alicia nodded and walked into the hallway to open the door. I heard hushed voices muttering words I couldn’t quite make out, then Alicia re-entered the room, followed by two grim looking, tired police officers. I couldn’t control my shaking and my coffee cup slipped out of my grasp and onto the tiled floor. Everyone had a reaction, but me. I was still sitting there unable to move.
“It`s all gonna be alright, Gee.” Frank tries his best to reassure and takes hold of one of my pale, cold hands. I don`t believe him. They were going to lock me up and throw away the fucking key, and I hadn’t even done anything.
“Gerard Way. We are arresting you on suspicion of Rape. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” The first one, a middle aged balding man with deep set, blue eyes and a lot of wrinkles told me in a calm, almost uncaring voice. I knew it was his job, but still-I wasn`t guilty of anything! “You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning.” The second officer, this time a slightly younger looking man with brown, greasy hair and greyish eyes pulled me roughly from my seat and handcuffed my hands behind my back. Unlike the other man, his face showed emotion, one I knew very well from living with Lindsey-pure hatred.
“If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense.” The first man paused. |”though, I doubt you’ll have any trouble affording one.”

“Stop! He`s innocent.” Mikey tried to plead with the two officers. “Lindsey is a liar.” He yelled, grabbing hold of one of my arms.
“Mikes, you`ll only make it worse for him.” Ray stood up and gently pulled my brother away, shooting me an apologetic smile.
“Gee, we`ll get you out of there, don`t worry.” I force a smile at Mikey. I didn’t believe him. Hell, I didn’t know if he believed himself.
“Gerard.” I sigh; I knew that voice so well. I knew this was going to happen, I just wish Frank didn’t have to see it.
“Gee, I love you, no matter what happens. You`re innocent, they`ll have to let you go.”
I`m dragged out of the house in silence. I don`t try and struggle, I have accepted my fate. I had done no wrong, but it was me against her. She had won. Who was going to believe my innocence? When a kid killed themselves we got the blame, and we didn’t even know her. Now I was accused of raping my wife, I was doomed.
I was shoved roughly into the cop car, red hair falling into my eyes, obscuring my view of the house, one I probably wouldn`t step foot in again. the last thing I saw before we drove away was my friends all standing looking rather shell shocked but trying at the same time to put on a brave face to reassure me.
“Frankie, I love you.” I mouthed, hoping he would be able to lip read. Tears drip down my face; I am unable to hold them back.
Frank`s pov.
They took him. They fucking took him. That was it; I had had it with that bitch. This was all her fault. Gerard was fucking innocent.
“HE WAS FUCKING INOCENT!” I scream, running inside my house, punching the wall repeatedly as soon as I get inside the hallway. Gerard was innocent, but I wasn’t going to be, not for much longer anyway. Lindsey had to be stopped, and I was going to be the one to stop her.
“Frank, he`ll be-“
“If you fucking value my sanity, Ray, you will not say FINE!” I yell the last part, and punch the wall again. I would have felt the sharp pain in my hand, if it wasn’t for the pure rage coursing through my entire body. Lindsey had done this to him, so had Jamia, my wife. They were going to pay.I`d make sure of it.
“Frankie, don`t.” Alicia walked inside, reading my mind as always. “You’ll regret it.”
That’s where she was wrong. “I won`t! They deserve it!” I run to the front door, but Ray gets there first and blocks it. Damn my short legs.
“Calm down.” Alicia speaks in a soothing voice, but it had no effect on me. In fact, it made me angrier knowing that she was so calm at a time like this.
“How can I be calm, they`ve arrested Gerard! He is innocent, but they took him anyway!” my anger ebbs away slowly and is replaced by tears. “They…they took him.”
“Shh…He`ll get out of there, don`t worry.” Alicia comforted me like I had done for Gerard in the early hours of the morning after his nightmare. He had looked like a terrified child and a small part of me wondered if I looked the same.
“Frankie, Mikey`s gone to get a lawyer, they`ll get him out.” Having decided I wasn`t going to run out the house and go looking for Lindsey or Jamia, Ray came and sat down on the floor next to me and Alicia. I don`t know how it had happened, but my head was in her lap and she was stroking my hair, something my mother always did when I was a child. Speaking of kids, from the living room I could hear the fait cry of my two beautiful (and oh so loud) daughters.
“I`ll go see what they need.” I stood up and made my way into the room, thoughts of how Gerard, my…fiancé and how he was coping never left my mind.
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