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chapter nineteen

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How is Gerard coping at the police station? How is Frank coping wihtout him? And what is Bandit doing?

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NOTE Hi, aren`t you all so lucky I`ve updated two days in a row?! (Not being serious) I don`t really like this one either, but next chapter will be more exciting. I have chapter seventeen of danger days:Bob`s story up and I might put the next one up later, so if you read that keep an eye out. Hope you like the chapter,XOXODakota
Gerard’s pov.
They slammed the cell door shut, enclosing me in darkness. It was cold in the cell, icy cold, very uncomfortable and more than a little claustrophobic. The day had been filled with interrogations; it was just question after question, only some of which I could answer. Due to the lack of sleep the night before (partly due to the nightmare, partly to…well, ya know) my mind was foggy and I was unable to think Cleary. I know that they thought I was guilty, it showed on their deep set eyes which were filled with hatred and disgust. Sitting here alone in the cell the words “innocent until proven guilty” keep echoing through my mind. That mixed with fear and overtiredness, made it impossible to sleep. I was innocent; I would never hurt anyone, not intentionally. Sure, me and Lindsey didn’t get along (Understatement of the century) But I would never hurt her.
From outside I can hear the whispered mumblings of the police officers, the whirring of some kind of computer and the heavy footsteps as one walks down the hall, probably checking on the cells. From the road outside the police station, I could hear the traffic go past; it was rather busy for his time of night. I could hear shouting and drunken slurs of people making their way home after a night out. (Which idiot decided to put a nightclub ten minutes away from a cop house?)
I wonder how everyone is doing without me. I knew Lindsey and Jamia would be over the moon when they found out where I was. I wonder if the bitch was telling the truth when she spitefully told me Bandit wasn`t mine. The thought hadn’t occurred to me at the time, but when Frank mentioned it to me the other day, I couldn’t help but wonder. Lindsey wasn’t known for her honesty and kindness.
From somewhere in the building I hear a clock chime half past three. I sigh and lay down on the seat provided in the cell. It was solid and very uncomfortable, but in my younger days, when I was still trying to get my life back on rack, I had been known to fall asleep on pavements and once even draped over a washing line. I would wake up with a massive hangover the next day, but that was the time when I was either completely drunk, or hung over. I tried my best not to think of those dark days though, but lying here in this dark, dismal cell, the depressing memories come flooding back.
I am dreading tomorrow, more questioning. Mikey had promised that they`d get me out of here, prove my innocence, but I didn’t see how. Sure, I had one of the best lawyers working for me, but if the cops thought I was guilty…
I eventually fall into a broken, dreamless slumber. I am only happy that it was dreamless, if reality was this bad, I was certain I didn’t want to see wha my twisted mind would make up.

Frank`s pov.
I stayed over at Mikey`s tonight, Alicia had said it was because we could all try and come up with a plan to help Gee, but I knew it was because she feared for my safety if I was left alone. Normally being surrounded by my closest friends (whom I thought of as family) always helps me cheer up. Not today. Just thinking about my poor, innocent Gerard being locked up in some police station alone was dreadful enough. But the thought of them finding him guilty and him going to prison frit hen me to death. He was innocent; he wouldn’t hurt a fly, why couldn’t they see that?
“Come on boys, time for bed.” Alicia told us standing up and yawning.
Mikey scowled, but followed her upstairs.
“C`mon, frank.” Ray held out his hand to help me up, but I ignored it. The only hand I wanted to hold at the moment was Gee`s, and he wasn’t here.
We both followed Mikey and Alicia upstairs, I was in the spare room next to theirs, Ray was in the one on the end of the hallway. Alicia had suggested I sleep here, because last time I stayed was with Gee in the living room, the night we had both left or been kicked out by our wives. It really was funny how quickly things changed. I glance down at the ring on my left finger; the one Gee had given me early yesterday morning. I hadn’t taken much time to admire it earlier, but now I realised it really was something. True, it was rather plain, not very extravagant, but I thought it was amazing. I switch on the beside light to have a better look at it and realise that there is something inscribed on the inside.
The only hope for me is you alone.
The words were engraved on the inside of the ring in a font that looked very similar to the black parade font. I had to smile-it was so typical of Gerard to pay attention to every little detail- he was, in my opinion, a perfectionist. Part of me wonders when he got the time to go out and buy this; I made a mental note to ask him when I saw him next. Then everything comes crashing down again and I remember where he is. I had to believe he was okay, and that they would find him innocent like he was.

“I love you Gee.” I whisper, sliding the ring back on my finger, unable not to smile. I really did love him, I had since the day I first met him, and I always would, always.
Bandit`s pov.
“I hate you! I want daddy!” I screamed at my mum, if you could really call her that. She was so mean to daddy the things she said about him. What had daddy ever done? Sure he was away doing musioc stuff quite a bit, but he always tried to take us with him.
I missed him, I hadn’t seen him for ages now, mummy said it was `cause he didn’t want to see me, but I didn’t believe her, not anymore.
“Brat! I sigh-Jamia my mum’s best friend was here again. Mummy liked her, but I couldn’t stand her. I don`t think daddy could either. She was franks wife, so we tried to be nice to her, though.
I liked Frankie, I even had a teddy with “X`s” over the eyes named after him. The one daddy got me. Frankie was funny-he made us all laugh. Daddy was a different person around him, a happier one. Then again, all daddy`s friend were really cool and always nice to me. They didn’t make you get them drinks and stuff like Mummy`s did.
I miss them; I hadn’t seen anyone for ages. Mum, made me stay in my room most of the time these days-I don`t know why.
“I’m fed up of this.” I mutter, grabbing hold of my teddy. Silently I creep out of my room, down the stairs (making sure to be extra careful of the third last one that creaked) and out of the front door, closing it quietly. If mummy wouldn`t let me see daddy, I`d go see him myself.
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