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chapter twenty

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So where does Bandit go? Is she found safe and sound? Mikey and Frank go to visit Gerard.

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NOTE sorry this wasn`t up yesterday, but I did get up a one shot and the 1st chapter/intro to a new story I may/,may not continue with. If I do it probaly won`t be until I`ve finished at least one of my current stories. Maybe you guys could do me a huge favour? puppy dog eyes Maybe you could check out the new story and let me know what you think? I`m not too sure about personally, and really need some feedback. It is called "Heaven help us." You don`t have to, but I would love you forever if you did. Hell, I might even update faster. ( Bribary, god I have sunk so low.)
Well, hope you like the chapter, I know it isn`t my best, but most of it is in Bandit`s pov and she is about five in my story, so yeah it isn`t the best piece of writng I`ve done.
Bandit`s pov.
It was really nice and sunny outside today, so I didn’t have a coat with me, though I kinda regretted not bringing some water or money with me. As I walk down the familiar street I consider going to visit ember-my crazy, hyper best friend. I decide not to though, as her mummy might see my red, puffy eyes and ask me what was wrong. I didn’t know what was wrong. All I knew was my mummy and daddy weren’t like hers-they didn’t love each other.
I walk past their house and continue down the path, I get a few odd or disapproving looks from some people as they pass me, but I ignore it. Daddy always told me that if people started it was only because they were interested in you or they were jealous. I really can’t wait to see him again; I really missed him a lot. I missed him tucking me in at night and telling me all these really funny stories of being on tour or when they were recording. The stories often consisted of him and Frankie goofing around and Ray and Mikey trying (and failing) to get them to concentrate. Daddy`s eyes always lit up when he mentioned his band mates, especially Frankie. Mummy didn’t feel the same way about Daddy’s friends though, she often yelled at him for hanging out with them so much, or that he didn’t want me with them as they were bad influences. She particularly didn’t like Uncle Frankie, I don’t know why.
My feet are starting to hurt a little, so when I see Uncle Mikey and Alicia`s house, I break into a run.
I knock on the white front door, laughing as I always did at the plaque on the wall next to it. It read “Unicorn believers only.” And underneath the black writing was a painting of a beautiful unicorn.
“Uncle Mikey! Alicia!” I call and knock on the door again. When no one answers I grow worried-what if daddy wasn’t here? I had been so certain that he would be here that-
“Hey, bandit.” Alicia opened the door, picked me up and span me round till I was dizzy.
She puts me down and looks around. “Err, Bandit, where’s mummy?”
I can’t meet her eyes. “Erm, well…I erm, walked here.”
Her eyes widened. “On your own!?”
“Kinda, yeah.” Alicia is angry and I feel really bad for making her angry. I only wanted to see my daddy.
“Does your mother know?” she asks me. trying to control her voice to stop it shaking in anger. I have a funny feeling she isn’t angry at me though…
“No, Jamia was round and they…I’m sorry!” thinking she was going to yell at me I burst into tears.
“Oh, shh, baby, it’s okay. Not your fault.” I am surprised when I feel her lift me up again and carry, me inside, but I don’t complain. I know by the tone of her voice that she is blaming someone though, even if it isn’t me.
“Here.” She hands me a tissue and sit me down on the couch.
“Whe…where’s daddy?” I ask in a quiet voice. My face stung from all the crying I had been doing recently.
Alicia looked away, not wanting to answer me.
“Why won’t you tell me?” she sighed.
“He loves you Bandit, okay?” I nod slowly. Of course my daddy loved me- he was daddy.
He always said I was the most precious thing in his world.
“And, he`ll, um be back soon.” It wasn’t like Alice to not know what to say. She always spoke confidently, with a huge smile (or smirk, depending who she was talking to) on her pretty face. Something was wrong.
“I’m gonna go call Mikey, you sit here, kay? I`ll even get you an ice cream when I come back in.”
From the kitchen I can hear Alicia’s hushed, urgent whispers. If I listen carefully I can pick out some words like “Gerard” or “Bail.” What on earth was bail? I even pick out my name a couple of times, though mixed in with words I didn’t know made everything confusing.
“Mikey will be back soon.” Alicia tells me, walking back in holding a strawberry ice lolly.
I thank her and start licking, the ice momentarily freezes the back of my throat but the coolness is welcome as I was still really warm.
“Where is everyone?” I ask in between licks.
“Well, Ray is erm, shopping, Frank is erm, being Frank somewhere and Mikey is, erm, visiting someone.” Well that cleared things up. Not.
There was an awkward silence for a while after that until Alicia broke it. “So, it’s your birthday soon, right? What is it, next week sometime?” I knew she was only asking me that to try and make conversation-Daddy had already told me what they had gotten me.
“I`m back!”
“Hey, Bandit!” Ray picked me up and spun me round just like Alicia had done. I couldn’t help but wonder if they were actually trying to make me dizzy.
“Bandit, why don`t you go put the lolly stick in the bin and go pick out a DVD from upstairs we can all watch?” I knew that they both wanted me out of the room, but I also knew it had to be for a good reason-they never tried to get rid of me, unlike my mother, they actually liked having me around.

Alicia’s pov.
“How did she-“
“She walked here. On her own.” I cut Ray off, not meaning for the words to come out as sharply as they did. I was just so infuriated-how could Lindsey let her five year old walk all this way on her own? Okay, it was only about a ten minute walk, but she was five!
“Good parenting skills I see.”
“Sure is Ray, and the worst mother of the year award goes to: The biggest bitch ever-Lindsey!” Ray smiles sadly.
“Bandit needs out of there, away from Lindsey.”
“Well, did you find out anything?” I ask, changing the subject.
“Not much.” Ray admits, biting his lip. “But you said Mikey told you they`re gonna bail him?”
“Yeah, tomorrow, probably.” I tell him, pouring him a drink and sitting down.
“Well, that’s good.”
“Yeah, the court case is scheduled for two weeks time-“
“Court case?” Something tells me I forgot to tell him about the court case.
“yeah, he`s being released on bail, he ain`t been proved innocent yet.” Honestly, it’s a good thing Ray never wanted to be a lawyer- he`d off sucked.
“What about custody?”
“Well, obviously Gerard`s gonna apply for full custody of Bandit, but as for now-“

“She can stay with one of us.” If only it was that simple.
“But Lindsey, despite not giving two shits about her own daughter, won’t want that. And we can’t keep Bandit here without her permission.” I explain to Ray, who sits there for a moment, digesting what I had just said.
“Fuck what that bitch wants.”

Frank`s pov.
“We`re here to visit Mr. Gerard Way.” Mikey tells the wastes of space that were keeping my Gee here, my Innocent Gee.
“And you are?” I can feel them all glaring at us, and I clench my fists.
“His brother and his-“
“Fiancé.” I cu Mikey off. The guards and Mikey all turn to stare at me (Well, they glared Mikey`s jaw just kinda dropped open)
They show us to the cell where they were keeping Gerard, and after telling us we had twenty minutes before we had to leave, the guards walk away.
“You`re getting married?!” Mikey screams excitedly at the news and hugs me.
“Well, yeah, when everything is sorted and we are both, ya know, divorced.” I tell him.
“Oh, my fuckin God!”
“Shh,” he glares at me, but stiops talking, well screaming.
“Gee, sweetie?”I hesitantly ask the huddled figure sitting leaning against the wall of the cell. I hated seeing him like this, trapped like some poor animal, weak and broken.
He mumbles a short hello, but doesn’t look up at us.
“We heard they`re gonna bail you.” I tell him and he nods once.
“Erm, look, we only have about ten more minutes, but if you want us to go-“
“Don`t leave me.” it hurts me hearing how weak he sounds. His voice was barely more than a whispered croak.
“Gee, I heard the good news.” Mike excitedly tells his brother, jumping up and down on the spot.
“Yeah, I’m getting bailed, Frankie just said.”
“No, you two are getting married!!” for a split second I fear that he has changed his mind, but he smiles.
“So ya told everyone?” he sits up slightly so w can see his face. I honestly wish he hadn’t. He had huge dark circles under his beautiful eyes which were all puffy and bloodshot. His usually pale skin was even paler that normal, it was a waxy, chalky colour and his soft, bright hair was all dishevelled and greasy.
A guard came over and told us we had to leave. Thought about protesting, but realised that would probably make things worse for poor Gerard.
“Bye, Gee, love you.”
“See ya soon Bro.” we would get him out of here, we would prove his innocence. And Jamia and Lindsey would pay for what they had done.
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