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twenty one

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What does Mikey think about the wedding? Does Gerard get released on bail?

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NOTE so very sorry it took so long to get this up. I`ll try to get next one up much quicker. Danger Days:Bob`s story might be up later and yesterday I put up another oneshot simmilar to "My chemical art" and all the others
hope you like it,
Gerard’s pov.
“Bye, Gee, love you.” I open my mouth to try and tell him that I loved him too, but was too weak. By the time I managed to whisper the words, Mikey and Frank had gone, leaving me alone in the dark, dismal cell. I listened s their footsteps and voices faded away into nothing. I don`t think I have ever felt so alone.
“Fuckin` freak.” I can hear one of the cops mutter as he passes by the cell, kicking the bars for good measure. He must of hear what we had been discussing-the wedding. I clench my fists even though I can do nothing about it. Who was he t judge us? So much for the world becoming more accepting. Me and frank both knew what lay ahead of us, we knew that not everyone would be as kind, accepting and supporting as our friends had been.
At least I was getting out of this shit hole tomorrow. I was counting down the minutes until I was free, well partly free, in my head. I knew that I was to go to court in a couple of weeks, my lawyer had reassured me that there was no way they could find me guilty of something I hadn’t done, but I had my doubts. Firstly, I had no evidence to back me up; although everyone had said that they would do everything they could to clear my name. Second, Lindsey was one smart bitch. She hadn`t given a certain time or date when I had supposedly raped her, meaning no one could say that I had been with them at the alleged time. But everyone else was confident, my brother, my best friends, my lawyer and my…Fiancé. I still wasn’t used to calling him that, I still felt as though it was just a dream that he had said yes. But he had, we were going to get married. I smile to myself, not caring if I looked a bit insane. (Which I probably was) We were in love and we were going to be together forever. We were going to get Bandit back; we were going to be a proper family. For the first time in a long, long while, I actually felt happy and confident that something was finally going right.
Mikey`s pov
It was going to be just fine, it was. Gerard was getting let out on bail tomorrow, then he was going to attend a trial and he was going to be proved innocent. His lawyer was pretty confident of that anyway. Then he and Frank would both get divorced and then married. Everything was going to end like one of those crappy fairy stories they both read to their daughters. They were finally both going to get their happily ever after, something they both really deserved.
“Erm, Mikes?” Frank asks hesitantly, getting into the car.
“Mm?” I start the car and out of the corner of my eye I see him fiddling about with the CD player. He eventually chooses a Cd of The Cure`s greatest hits and sits back in his seat slightly, though he is still on the edge of it.
I sigh. “Spit it out already!” I shout a little louder that I had meant to, but some asshole had just cut us up. I give `em the finger and try to calm down so I can listen to my friend.
“ you, um, mind?”
He fidgets in his seat. “You know... the wedding?” I laugh, how could he possibly think that I minded? I only wanted to see my brother and my fiends happy and if that was with each other, I didn’t honestly give a damn.
“Why would i? Anyone can tell how much you love each other. Plus, your both pretty insane, so-“
“I`m not insane.” I raise one eyebrow. “Maybe a little bit.”
There was silence until we arrived back at the house that I shared with my loving, amazing, beautiful (I could go on forever.) Alicia. I could tell instantly something wasn’t right; there was just something in the atmosphere surrounding the house.
Ray walks out of the living room and into the hallway. Nothing unusual about that-we all often just dropped to visit everyone. Seriously, we all treated each other’s houses like our second homes.
“She`s upstairs with Bandit.” Mine and Frank`s jaws drop. What was Bandit doing here?! Lindsey hadn`t let any of us near her since she had kicked Gerard out, why would she be here?
“She ran away from home basically. Showed up here about an hour ago and refuses to go back.”
“Has the bitch came round to pick her up yet?” Frank asks Ray through gritted teeth. I glance over at him and see that his fists are also clenched. If Lindsey or Jamia came round here, they`d probably end up six feet under if he had his way.
“Not yet.” his voice is strained and I can tell he is really worried. He tries his best to hide it though.
“Cherry and Lily and up there too, I think Alicia put on some Disney movie for `em to watch.”
“Poor kids.” I grin and Ray looks at me confused and Frank just glares. “Hell, poor Alicia.”
“The old Disney movies aren’t that bad.” Frank says, though I know him well enough to know he`s lying. Seeing my grin he hits my shoulder lightly.
“At least you don`t have to watch `em.”
“Are they really that bad?” Ray asks us.
“Let`s put it this way,” I tell him, ignoring the glares I am receiving from Frank. “They are aimed at little kids who enjoy really shitty cartons and have very small brains.”
“So they`re perfect for Frank, then?” He flips the two of us off and storms upstairs to check on his daughters.
Frank`s pov.
I sulked upstairs to see my baby girls, but my thoughts were elsewhere. To be honest they had been ever since Gee had been taken away. The image of him sitting there broken in the cell, hair limp and eyes sunken haunted me. And knowing it was Lindsey and Jamia that had done this to him made me angry. Really angry.
“Frankie!” I am suddenly attacked by a small, hyper five year old child also known as Bandit Lee Way.
“Hey beautiful!” I pick her up laughing at her excited face, worries momentarily set aside.
I seriously loved this kid, just as much as I did my own two baby daughters.
Speaking of the two, they were happily sleeping in two cots that they used whenever they were over here, under their covers.
“Hey.” Alicia smiles at me and pauses the film that she and Bandit had been watching.
“Hi.” I put Bandit down, and sit on the floor next to her. She wraps her little arms around me and rests her head on my chest.
“Love you Frankie.” She tells me closing her eyes. She must be pretty tired if what Ray had said about her walking here was true.
“That little girl really loves you, ya know?” Alicia says a little while later when Bandit was asleep.
“I know.” I gesture to the child that was contentedly sleeping curled up in my arms.
“Oh, by the way Lilly puked on my new jacket.” She bends over and speaks directly in my ear. “You are so buying me a new one.” She half jokes and walks away, probably to go see what Mikey was doing.
Next f=day.
Franks pov still.
I barely slept last night, worrying about poor Gee and because I couldn’t wait to see him again.
I got Cherry and Lily fed, bathed and changed (luckily without getting sicked on) and then hastily showered and dressed myself. Then bandit had wanted me to brush her hair, then complained and got Alicia to do it. Seriously, why couldn’t Gee have had a baby boy? Kidding, I love her, but still. I was a rock star, not a hairdresser.
“So when is he getting out?” Ray asks, getting up to put his empty mug in the sink.
Alicia shrugs. “Not sure, today.”
“We don’t have to pick him up from-“
Ray was cut off by a sharp knock at the front door.
“Daddy?” Bandit asks standing up. “Is it daddy?”
“Frank, get the door.” Alicia tells me, taking hold of Bandit’s hand and pilling her into her lap, despite the child’s protests. We didn`t want Bandit to see her dad just yet. We didn’t know what state he would be in and he didn’t even know she was here.
I run to answer the door and almost freeze when I see who was there.
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