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chapter twenty two

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Who was at the door?

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NOTE. I really am not sure about this chapter as I wrote it when I had a huge headache and severve stomach cramps. Mother Nature is a bitch. I pdated Bob`s story yesterday in case you read that and haven`t seen it yet, and might get another baby mcr oneshot thingy up later or over the next day or so. This will probably be up the day after tommorow if I get Bob`s story up tomorrow, so just keep a look out, kay? I`m really sorry about he cliffhanger last chapter, It wasn`t mmy intention.My mum made me log of `cause we were taking the dog for a walk ans had to go Asda. So, sorry. I was proper pissed off at her too. Hope you like the chapter, let me know what you think. And I just wanna say a HUGE THANK YOU to evryone who has read this and left a review. It really means a lot to me that you like this, so yeah.

“Mr. Way, do you understand the terms of bail?” my blonde haired, middle aged lawyer looks up at me, nodding slightly.
“Yes.” I was only allowed out of Mikey`s house during certain times and I was to report to the police station at specified times. If I failed to keep to the terms of my bail, I would be re-arrested.
I was led out of the cold, gloomy cell and down a long corridor which was just as dark and then finally we came to the exit.
The eyes of all of the cops and my lawyer were on me. The coppers looked more than a little annoyed but my lawyer was smiling slightly at me, trying to put me at ease I guess. I hated the way I was being looked at, like I was some evil, twisted criminal. I was fucking innocent! Why couldn’t they see that?
Either way I was free of there, for now at least. I would go back to Mikey`s, get to see Frankie, tell everyone else who I presumed still hadn’t been told about the wedding and I`d try and prepare as best I could for the upcoming trial. I knew I would never be calm or confident about going to court, but I wanted to at least have some kind of idea of what to expect. Then I would get divorced from the bitch I was unlucky enough to call my wife, try to get sole custody of Bandit, that is if she even was my daughter. Frankie had told me not to believe anything that came out of Lindsey or Jamia`s mouth, though, so for the meantime at least I would thick of her as my daughter until proven otherwise.
“Mr. Way? Your free to go, for now.” The balding copper that had taken part in my arrest was stood behind me, glaring as though I was a piece of dirt on the bottom of his shoe. I hadn’t realised I had been standing there, staring into space. He must think I was mental if he hadn’t done so before.

Frank`s pov.
After getting over my initial shock my eyes that had been lit up in excitement thinking that I was going to see Gee turned cold and unforgiving. I hadn’t known Satan`s little helpers were visiting us today.
“If you want Bandit back you ain`t got a hope in all of hell.”
“Whatever freak.” Lindsey Way, the kindest most loving person on earth spoke in her venomous voice. “Get me the little brat and I`ll be gone.”
“Some mother you are.” I bit back, trying to keep as calm as I possibly could. Alicia had just swept up in the hallway and I didn’t think it would be fare if I got bloodstains on the clean floor.
“Frank, is he here?” Ray walked into the hallway beaming, but upon seeing who, or should I say what was at the door, his smile turned into a glare.

“What the fuck are you two doing here?” He spat at Lindsey and Jamia who were standing on the doorstep, disgusted looks on their faces.
“Lindsey wants her daughter back.” Jamia told us, narrowing her eyes as she noticed the ring on my finger.
“What the fuck is that?!” She demanded, grabbing hold of my left hand a look of disgust on her face.
“A ring.” I mutter, not wanting to look at her. Who was she to look at me like that? She was an ungrateful, twisted little bitch who openly admitted she hated my guts, why did she even care?!
“We`re not even divorced yet and you go and-“
Lindsey cuts her off. “You`re getting married to it, aren’t you?” she hisses spitefully. “Well I already told that useless, faggot that I so stupidly married that he shouldn’t start planning a relaxing honey moon yet.” She actually spits on the floor next to me.
“Shut the fuck up!” I really, really want to hit her, to smash her face I so I don’t have to look at it, but I don’t, knowing it wouldn’t end well for us if I did.
“Now get me my daughter so I can leave!”
“She fucking hates you! Your no mother to that kid, you treat her like a slave!”
“Get the fuck away from my house, now!” I hadn’t realised Mikey standing behind me, but suddenly he was there.

Bandit`s pov.
“Alicia, is it daddy?!” I ask her while still sitting on her lap, Alicia had a tight grip on me much to my annoyance. Didn`t she get it? I wanted to see daddy.
“Sit still, please,” I squirm some more, hoping that she`ll give in and let me go see him. I missed him; I really missed him a lot. I didn’t get why everyone wouldn’t tell me where he was, or what was going on. They all kept using big words I didn’t understand like “Arrested”, “Custody.” And some other, shorter ones like “bail.” I just didn’t get it.

I wonder what was taking Frankie so long at the door. I can hear shouting now, and a voice I recognise as my mum`s. I cower slightly in Alicia’s arms, hoping she wouldn’t know I was here. I wasn’t going to go with her, even if she wanted me to.
Ray and Mikey stand up and mumble something to us about going to see what was going on and they both rush out of the room. The yelling s louder now and I hear my name being screamed. A single tear escapes from my eyes, I feel so bad. I didn’t know what I had done, but it was all my fault. They were yelling my name that meant I had done something. It was all my fault daddy wasn’t here.
Alicia rubs my small back gently in circles, something Daddy did whenever I was upset because it always calmed me down.
Alicia stops rubbing, but her grip in me is a lot looser than it had been.
“Bandit no!” I jump up off of her lap and run into the hall, desperate to see my daddy and to find out what the noise was all about.

Franks pov
“Bandit, sweetie.” Lindsey smiles a huge, fake smile at Bandit, and speaks in an over the tip sugar coated voice. It completely sickens me.
“Bandit, come here!” Alicia runs out after her, yelling.
“Don`t touch my child.”
“She hates you!”
Everything is blurred as we all try to grab hold of Bandit, who is screaming for her daddy.
“I don`t wanna go, please!” Bandit is kicking out as her mother tries to drag her away, tears running down the child face.
“Don`t let her take me, please! Daddy! I want daddy!”
“Oh, shut the fuck up brat.” Lindsey and Jamia drag her away, screaming and lashing out blindly.
She tries to run but Jamia slaps her face and Bandit falls silent.
“Get the fuck away from her bitch.” We all turn to face the person who has spoken, jaws wide open. Jamia and Lindsey freeze, clearly shocked as well.
“I said; get the fuck away from her.”
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