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chapter twenty three

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Who was it?

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NOTE. So, here it is. And I`m afriad this story will be over soon. :( But I will write more, ya aint gonna get rid of me that easily. I had some people saying they knew who it was last chapter, were you right? Let me know, I know I made it so hard to guess. Hope you like the chapter,
Frank`s pov.
“I said; get the fuck away from her.” All of us, including the two bitches Lindsey and Jami turn to face the speaker, mouths agape and disbelief clouding our eyes.
“ can`t be here.” Lindsey tries to sneer at him, but her voice lacks the usual amount of venom. Don`t get me wrong though, it was still cold and the look on her face would have made birds drop in midair.
He ignores her and walks towards Bandit who was sitting in her mother`s car sideways so that her pink and black plimsoll clad feet were dangling out of the car. He makes his way over to her slowly, ignoring Lindsey and Jamia`s protests and demands that he was to get away.
“D…daddy?” Tears fill the little girl’s eyes, clouding them over so that her vision is blurred. I couldn’t tell if they were tears of joy or ones of sadness. I think that it was very possible that it was both.
I honestly couldn’t blame Bandit for looking like she did-shocked, happy and maybe even a little bit frightened as her father moved towards her, treading along the cracked pavement towards the curb, trying not to move too quickly as though she was a wild animal that would be spooked by any sudden movements.
Gerard was pale, unhealthily so, he was much paler than usual and even paler than he had been when I had visited him yesterday with Mikey. Dark circles and bags surrounded his tired eyes, which lacked the usual gleam or sparkle, his clothes were the same as they had been on the day of his arrest-an old pair of scruffy jeans, one of his favourite, old Misfits tee shirts and a pair of beat up looking trainers. His usually bright red, soft slightly messy hair was limp and dry looking, desperately in need of a wash and you could see his dark roots starting to show through. But that wasn`t the worst of it though. He looked as though he had gone through hell, which he probably had.
Although his appearance shocked me and everyone else it was the look in his eyes and the way he was stood that that worried me most, it seriously pained me to see him looking like this. I had thought that when I had seen him last he had looked broken, but right now he looked positively destroyed. The way he was standing , slightly bent over probably due to sleeping on the hard, uncomfortable bed in the cell, made me angry. But the horrifying look in his beautiful eyes terrified me. The look was one of pure terror, defeat and yet somehow there was still the slightest bit of…hope or determination in them as he stood there looking at his only child as though he hadn’t laid eyes on her in years.
“D…daddy?” bandit couldn`t believe her eyes, never, in all her life had she seen her daddy, or anyone else look so…hurt, so hopeless, so utterly, completely…destroyed.
“Bandit…” He breathed, wrapping his arms around her tightly, hugging her as though he never wanted to let go.
“Get the hell off of her. NOW!” Lindsey tugs on her five year old daughters arm, trying to get her away from Gerard. The young child kicked and screamed at her mother, desperately trying to force her to let go.
“I really think you should go now.” Alicia glared at Jamia and Lindsey, the strength behind her usually calm, cheerful voice scared me a little. Anyone who knew her well knew Alicia rarely got angry, but when she did it was advisable to not be on the receiving end of her anger, or not to be anywhere within twenty miles of her.
“Lindsey isn`t leaving without her daughter.” Jamia turned to face me, her expression unreadable.
“I hope you`re happy now, Fag, but just remember this: your precious little Gerard.” She spat his name and ray had to hold Mikey back who struggled with him, waning to punch her for talking about his brother like that. I wanted to as well, but I didn’t want Bandit to see any violence, the language was bad enough, I felt.
“Is going to go to court, and when they find him guilty.” She smirked as we all shouted out things like “He isn`t guilty, bitch!” and continued. “He`ll be imprisoned, for a long, long time. And who else would want you?” Jamia pushed Gerard who was still holding on tightly to Bandit out of the way and sat down in her friend’s car.
“Bandit, we`re leaving.” Lindsey ordered her daughter to get in the car, but Bandit refused profusely, glaring at her mother.
“She wants to stay here. Let her.” Gerard spat at his wife through his teeth.
The look on her face was priceless.
“Fine, you little brat!” Bandit winced at her mother’s harsh words and Gerard squeezed her small, delicate hand gently, trying to comfort her.
“I think you`ve said enough!” We all yell at her, ready to defend Gerard and Bandit.
“Stay here with your waste of flesh and blood father! I don`t honestly give a damn-I don`t even want you!”
“Shut it bitch” I scream at her, screw trying to keep calm. “She is better off without you!”
“And as for you, Fag, marry him for all I care! But I bet you it`ll last a year at the most. Then he`ll find someone else.” Lindsey grabs something out of her handbag and chucks it at Gerard furiously.
“Take your fucking cheep ring back!” she opens the door on the driver’s side and starts the car, speeding away into the distance.
“Fuckin` finally.” Gerard mutters, hugging Bandit again then walking over to me, despite everything when he looks at me his face lights up. I can’t help but smile back.
“Daddy?” bandit speaks through her tears. Bending down to her level we all reassure her that everything will be okay, even though we know we can’t guarantee anything right now. All we could do was hope.
“C`mon. let’s go inside. Gerard can get clean clothes and we can have something to eat.” Alicia smiles warmly, her earlier anger completely vanished and her usual calm, almost motherly attitude towards us is back.
“Just one thing though, guys.” She tells us as we all sit down in the kitchen. “I am NOT cooking.”
“Take out?” Gee suggests as he makes his way upstairs to get a change of clothes and a shower.
“Yeah!” Bandit cheers, jumping up and down in her seat.
Alicia rolls her eyes and picks up the phone.
Later that night.
“Frankie?” Gee asks me, wrapping his arms round me.
“Mmm?” I was exhausted. Looking after two kids that were still in diapers was hard enough, but adding a third older one into the mix was even worse. And everyone said I was hyper!
“Nothing, I just wanted to say thank you, for everything.”
“No problem. I`m always gonna be here for you.” I tell him, closing my eyes.
“And, I also wanted to tell you that I love you.” I don`t open my eyes, but I smile.
“I know, Gee. I love you too.”

NOTE. So, were you right? I`m just curious, you probably wer, not that hard to guess.xoxodakota
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