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Does Gerard get locked up for something he didn`t do?

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NOTE. Just so you all know, I`m typing this through tears right now. I`m so sorry to see my first ever story on here end, but hey, it means I can start work on some new stories which I have already got plently of plans for. Also, on another happier note, if asked, I may consider a short sequel to this, so let me know whay you think. I do have some ideas for one, but won`t write it unless asked as I can`t read minds as I`m not a lame ass "vampire" NO OFFENCE TO TWILIGHT FANS! PLEASE DON`T KILL ME! So, hope you like the last tears chapter, let us know what you think of it and a sequel. P.s I know this is a bit long, but I didn`t really want to make this two chapters, I felt that would just be prolonging the inevitable (SP?)
Gerard`s pov.
Times skip to night before the trial.
“Gee, it`ll be fine. They`ll find you innocent, then it`ll all be over.” Mikey smiles at me, but it looks more like a grimace to me. I hated how he was so sure, o confident when I couldn’t even stop thinking the worst. How did he know everything would be fine, who was he, God?
“C`mon, let`s go to bed.” Frankie takes hold of my hand, and pulls me up from where I was sitting on the couch, head on his shoulder.
“Night, guys.” Alicia yawns even though it was only just after ten O`clock. The last two weeks or so had been so hectic that we had all counted ourselves lucky if we had gotten five minutes to ourselves a day. We had all been spending even more time with each other, if that was even possible, in the days leading up to the trial, wanting to be as prepared as possible. In fact me Bandit, frank and his two daughters, had moved in with Mikey and Alicia, at least until after my trial tomorrow anyway.
“Night, Alicia, Mikey, Ray.” They nod, and Ray stands up and grabs his jacket, saying it was time he should be getting home, but not before double checking the time we had to arrive in court by in the morning.
“Bye.” I whisper shakily, as he walks out of the living room.
“Bye, Mikey`s right, you`re innocent they have to let you go free of charge.”
“He`s right, Gee.” Frank squeezes my hand. I only wish that I could be as confident as all of my friends were, but I wasn`t. As nine `clock tomorrow morning loomed closer, I could feel another drop of my already nonexistent confidence vanishes, it felt as though the hands on the clocks were taunting me, like time had sped up just for me.
Nest t me I hear Frank sigh, something he had been doing a lot recently, I was actually starting to worry.
“Frankie?” I ask as soon as we are settled down in the guest room we had been staying in. it wasn`t anything over the top, that wasn`t Mikey and Alicia’s style, but it was nice, cosy even.
“Yeah?” he breathes in my ear, casing me to giggle slightly, which was probably what he had done it for, to cheer me up, take my mind off of wha was happening tomorrow.
“No regrets, right?” I had to know, I was desperate, I doubted he would have changed his mind, but with all that had happened recently my trust levels weren’t exactly what you could call high.
“`bout what?”
“The wedding.” I turn away from him, unable to look him in the eye.
“Of course not, Gee.” He places his hand under my chin and tilts my head up so I am looking directly into his beautiful, warm eyes.
“So, erm, do you know when you want to, ya know, start planning?” he smiles at me, his teeth sparkling in the dark room.
“The wedding can be held in a broom closet and Ray can be the one performing the ceremony for all I care.” He tells me.”Just so long as `m with you, I don`t honestly give a damn.”
Next morning.
“We find the defendant, Gerard Arthur Way.” The old guy who was apparently the best thought of judge in the business tells the brightly lit, old fashioned court room in a very cal, almost bored tone of voice. Then again, I suppose someone who’s been in the same job as long as him, he must be pretty tired of the same kind stuff every day. The room is silent, waiting for him to read the verdict, my heart is racing, I fear if he doesn`t tell me soon it will burst out of my chest. Time drags on and on, and I can’t help but wonder if he is purposefully taking this amount of time to tell me, if he is enjoying my suffering, like I could tell Lindsey and Jami who were sat across the room clearly were.
When he opens his mouth to speak again, my heart fills with even more dread, something I thought would be impossible. This was it, I was going to go to prison, for something I had never, and would never do.
“Not guilty of raping his wife, Lindsey Way.” I can`t believe it. I was so sure they would find me guilty, that my jaw dropped and I could figure out how to close it again, so I just sat there gawping at the man like a fish.
“He is free to go.”
Outside the court.
“Congrats, Gee!”
“We knew it!”
“Told ya so!”
Outside the court huge crowds had gathered, I could tell that many, if not the majority, were fans, clearly almost as elated as we all were at the good news. Some were carrying banner, shouting and screaming. Some had even started chanting words of encouragement and happiness that I couldn’t quite make out. Of course, the media were there too, lots o `em. Vultures, that`s what they were, vultures, not caring about who their lies and half truths hurt, as long as it made the front covers of tabloid magazines. They were screaming our names, wanting to hear what we all had to say. At first I wasn’t going to say anything, we had all agreed that no matter what happened, we wouldn`t say anything to the media.
Frank was standing next to me, holding my hand, grinning his trademark grin, pushing cherry and Lilly in their double stroller along. Mikey was on my other side, one arm draped around my shoulder loosely, the other holding Alicia’s hand much like I was holding Franks. Ray was next to Frank, with Bandit, we hadn’t wanted her to be in the court room, but we equally hadn’t wanted her to be looked after by some babysitter.
“Mr, Way, a word on the now proved false accusation made by your wife and Mr, Iero`s?”
I turn to face each of my friends in turn, who nod once and I turn back to face the brunette vulture grinning.
“I think you mean my soon to be Ex-wife, and my Fiancé.” Frank squeezes my hand, his already wide grin growing even bigger. “But as it happens, yes, I do have a few choice words I’d like Lindsey and Jamia to hear, as I`m sure Frank does.”
He nods furiously, before trying desperately not to laugh, we yell into the microphone held out to us, “Fuck you, bitches!”
The look on the reporters face was absolute priceless.
As we all made our way to the car, I spotted something evil lurking in the crowd.
“Gee, ya coming?”| Mikey asks me, pointing towards where the car was parked about five metres away.
“In a sec, hold on.” Alicia looks at me, then over to where i was staring, then back at me.
“What do you s-“ Mikey glares. “No, we`re through with them.”
“I know, I just want to tell those bitches something.” I give my little brother the puppy dog face and he sighs, signalling him giving in. He probably knew I was going to do what I wanted despite what he said.
“Five minutes.” He tells me and heads over to his car with Alicia, Bandit, and Ray, who had taken the stroller off of Frank.
“Aren`t you going?” I ask Frank who hadn’t budged from his spot next to me.
He shakes his head. “I`m always gonna be there with you, and there for you.” He smiles at me, one of those smiles that makes my stomach do back flips. “Plus,” He adds almost as an afterthought. “I have a few things to tell them bitches too.”
“What do you two want?” Jamia asks us, while both she and Lindsey glare at us.
“Yeah, go away fags, you`ve won, for now.”
I roll my eyes, threats would get them nowhere. “Just thought I’d tell you that I`ve been granted full custody of Bandit.”
Lindsey raises one eyebrow. “And?”
“Bandit wanted to say that she is really happy loving with us.” Frank smiles at the two of them, not his usual happy grin, but not a “ha ha, in your face” grin either.
“Also, we`ve arranged the date of the wedding.” I tell my soon to be ex wife. “We`d invite you, but we don`t want to upset Bandit, or any of our other gusts for that matter.”
“Yeah,” Frank agrees. “Just looking at you two sour faced bitches is enough to cause someone to die of fright.” We walk away, leaving the two of them standing there, the expression on their faces enough to turn fresh milk sour.
“This isn’t over!” Jamia yells after us. “We`ll still ruin you, just you wait.”
We walk hand in hand away from them, ignoring their threats and all the curse words they fire after us. We were happy, we would soon be divorced form Lindsey and Jamia, we would soon be married to each other, we have our children, our friends and our fans. Sure, everything wasn`t perfect, that was one word I honestly never fully understood, due to the fact that I didn’t believe anything could ever be perfect. But we were together, we were happy. And we both knew that after the recent events, we could get through anything, for we had each other. I can`t remember feeling this elated, this at peace, this…loved for a long while. It was most definitely something I could get used to.
“Gee, I love you.” I smile, remembering what he had said to me a few weeks ago.
“I know.” I reply then kiss him gently on the cheek. Cameras flash all around us, but we don`t care.
“I love you too.”
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