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just thought you should all know...

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Just read this, it tells you about a sequel and other important stuff

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HI, I said about a seguel and I`ve had a few reviews asking for one, so I`ve decided there most likely WILL be one. I Don`t know when, or what it will be called yet, but just keep a look out. And if you have any ideas about stuff you do/don`t want to happen in it, just let me know.

Other news.
So, I`l try and get Danger Days:Bob`s story up as soon as I can, like in a day or so hopefully. And that too will be over soon. :( But that may possibly have a sequel at somepoint too.
So, the bit you are all desperate to know (heavy sarchasm) What about any NEW stories!? Yeah, I ain`t givin` up just yet, poor people of ficwad.
So, I`ve got two chapters up for a story called "heaven help us" so if you liked this, why not give it a try, see if you like it? You dont have to, but I`d love you forever if you did. I won`t give too much away, but it WILL most likely be Frerard. I personaly kinda like the ideas I have for it, but hey, what do I know? I don`t think it is too cliche either, but again, what do I know.
I`Il also have some more Mini frerard one shot things up soon as they`ve had positive reviews and they are really fun to write. Alo, there will be some history fics as well, but I don`t know much about them yet. And ages ago I said i`d do a 9/11 fic after I asked everyone if they would be okay with that as I don`t want to offend anyone or anything.

possible auditons!
I`m not saying I WILL need any extra characters for any new stories, but if I did, would anyone be interested? Let us know, yeah?
So, I think thats that, thanks for reading and reviewing and all that stuff throughout this story, it means a lot to me. So, bye for now I guess, big hugs to everyone
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