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"Bloody Hell!"

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The new kids Aya and Frank, they're vampires. They befriend the rest of the gang, how long can they keep the secret? Bit of Frerard in the side!! Watch the story unfold

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-05-27 - Updated: 2011-05-28 - 573 words

Hi! This is my first vampire fic soooo I may need help on some things. ENJOY IT MOTHERFUCKERZ!!
Oh and one thing, I like using the name Aya since I don't see it often and it's my nickname ^_^

Aya's POV
I looked up to the HUGE building in front of us, my stomach turned to knots as the smell of blood grew stronger. Frank gave my hand a reassuring squeeze. "It's gonna be alright sis, besides, the blood is bad blood. I can practically smell the drugs and pot." he said, wrinkling his nose. I nodded ad gave him a smile. We both took a deep breath and walked inside. We both went into the principal's office who gave us identical timetables, Mom asked for it, and led us to out form classroom

Mikey's POV
Class... FUCKING BORING!!! Ms Henson is just reading a magazine and I'm with Bob, Gerard and Ray. I started tapping my pencil on my desk, glaring at the clock. We heard a knock on the door and my head snapped up, I just stared at the door. The door swung open to reveal Mr Klodine, the principal, and two people in the back. "Ms Henson, I have the new students here. Class please welcome Aya and Frank Iero." said Mr Klondine. The two stepped in front of the class and received whispers. The boy had a black and white striped shirt with a hoodie that looked kinda Gothic, skinny jeans and black boots that were laced up. He had a fringe that kinda curled around his right eye and the sides were shaved and dyed red, he had a lip piercing and a stud on his nose. I also noticed he had a few tattoos. He had deep brown eyes outlined with eyeliner. I switched my gaze to the girl, who I assumed is his sister, and gave a soundless gasp of amazement. She had a black off-shoulder New! Punk shirt,black and red pleated skirt with a belt, the buckle was in the shape of a Lolita skull? She had skull flats on her feet and fingerless fishnet gloves that went to her elbow. She has a side-fringe that also curled around her right eye, which were a hypnotizing purple and her eyes were outlined with eyeliner. They were both as pale as my brother and THAT is something cuz Gerard is as pale as a piece of paper!!!

Gerard's POV
I watched Mikey gape at the girl, she was pretty but too bad I'm gay. Her brother on the other hand, was gorgeous!!! "Alright! Enough looking! Aya and Frank, please sit in Gerard's table," Ms Henson said. They exchanged a quick glance and gracefully made their way here. Aya sat on the empty seat beside Mikey and Frank sat next to me. So the order of seating was Aya, Mikey and Bob, Frank, Me and Ray. "Hi, welcome to our wonderful school!" Bob muttered sarcastically. They both gave small identical smiles. First period was form time so we just got to know them better. But what I didn't know, is that meeting them will turn our lives into a bloody hell

U guys like it? Hate it? TELL MEE!!! and srry for the long clothes description but I was looking through some Gothic clothing. No I am not Gothic, I just kinda like their style but I'm a random/scene/emo/fun-loving girl R&R BITCHES!!!
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