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Cliche much?

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The most cliche thing that happens in love fanfics,

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Second chapter of my maybe successful vampire fic, enjoy it peeps!

Frank's POV
I sat next to Gerard, and I was kinda surprised on how FUCKING SEXY he was!!! His hazel-green eyes made me drown in awe, his pale skin matched mine, jet black hair that hovered a few inches above his shoulder and eyeliner. This guy is the complete package!

Aya's POV
I sat in the empty seat next to Mikey, and DAAAYYUUUMMMM he is SHMEXXXEH!!!! His long-ish mousy brown hair framed his face perfectly, he had a long side-fringe which he swept and it covered his eyes a little. He had black and white rimmed glasses on, and hazel-brown eyes with a few flecks of honey. His facial structure was unique, his jaw was strong and he had kissable lips.... I'm falling for a guy I met a few minutes ago, I am such a teenager!

Gerard's POV
Frank slumped in the empty chair next to me while Aya sat on the chair next to Mikey. So the seating order was Frank, Me and Ray, Aya, Mikey and Bob. God Frank was gorgeous, he flashed me a smile. "Hi, as the teacher said, I'm Frank Iero." he said, his smile growing wider. "And I'm his twin, Aya Iero." Aya said, giving a toothy grin. They both looked rough on the outside, but they were so graceful. "I'm Gerard Way, 'fro boy here is Ray Toro, Blondie is Bob Bryar and this guy here is my bro Mikey Way." I introduced. "I like your boots," Bob said. Frank gave a chuckle. "Well that was random, nice way to welcome us in the group." Aya joked. "Ha ha, thank you fair maiden of beyond." Bob said mockingly, giving a small bow. "By the way, Ray, Bob and Mikey are just nicknames. Bob is Robert, Mikey is Michael and Ray is Raymond." I chimed in, Frank and Aya looked at me. "Same here dude, I'm Franklin and Aya is Saskia." Frank said. "Nice taste in clothes by the way, I like your style." Mikey said, blushing. Aya blushed as well, a rosy pink colour.

Mikey's POV
ShitShitShitShit!!! I can't believe I just said that, great now I'm an object of teasing. "Thank's Mikey. It's more like a crossover between Goth, Emo, Scene and Lolita fashion." she said, giving me a warm smile. Her plump lips were so enticing. Her purple eyes held amusement and surprise. "When did you move to our lovely neighborhood? And where do you live?" asked Ray, entwining his fingers to look like this evil mastermind... his afro killed the image. "We live in Cemetery Drive, number #9." Aya replied, "Cool! Gee and I live in #8, Bob lives in #7 and Ray lives in #6. We live so close!" I exclaimed. We all smiled at that, "Hey I've heard people saying that tomorrow there is no school, why?" asked Frank, his face held curiosity. "Oh it's a free day, since all of the teachers are going away for the day to do something we can bunk school." Gee explained. "Cool, thank's Gee." Frank said, then his eyes widened at what he said. "U-um sorry for calling you Gee." Frank mumbled, his face red while the rest of us howled with laughter.

Frank's POV
OHMYFUCKINGGAWD!!! I can't believe I just called Gerard Gee!!! "It's ok Frankie, I like it." He said, and smiled at my nickname. Frankie, I loved the way he said it. I giggled a little, gettin weird looks from the others. The bell rang and we all jumped, turns out we all had the SAME classes, ACE!!!! we walked down to... SCIENCE!!! Let's just pray I don't blow up something

Aya's POV
Science is next, oh joy. Let's just hope Frank doesn't blow or destroy something. Like last time... "Frank! Be careful this time!" I warned, he nodded while the others had questioning glances. "In our last school, Frank blew up his desk and got suspended." I explained while laughing, Mikey smiled and laughed. God his laugh was so deep and sexy, his voice rings around my head like a music solo that one liked. It's official, I'm inlove with Mikey Way. It's such a cliche thing but who fucking cares? You can't stop love~ and it looks like I'm caught on the roller coaster of life. I mean he's a human and I'm a goddamned vampire! well Hell!

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