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chapter thirteen

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So what are they doing to Bob? The other killjoys begin planning the break in.

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NOTE. Not a good chapter, I know, but the next one should be better as you`ll find out more about what they are doing to Bob. But they chapter will probably for the most part be in his pov, okay?
Hope you like the chapter anyway, even though it may be confusing `cause you don`t know what thye are actually doing to him yet. I don`t love you like I did yesterday might be up later, even though I updated yesterday.
“So, what’s the plan?” Electric Static was sitting at the table waiting for food and kicking the floor under her feet.
“Well, when we broke in last time, these guys.” Twisted Poison pointed to Kobra, Jet Ghoul and Poison. “Distracted `em and kept `em busy while we.” She Pointed to Bee, Screaming Revolver and Willow. “Just kinda snuck away from the main fight, and got in a back way.”
“Was it heavily guarded?” Dark Fire asked, anxious to find out as much as he could before the break in.
The girls shrugged. “Well, we suppose it would be normally.” Willow spoke through a mouthful of food. “But `cause they were causing trouble for `em, the entrance was nearly deserted.”
“Yeah, there were about four, five Dracs tops.” Bee said, sitting down next to her friends, holding a can of food.
“gross.” She made a disgusted face but continued eating anyway-she was starving.
“So, basically, we need to work out who`s gonna be the distraction.” Crimson said, sitting down by Bullet.
“”Here, Bullet. Food.” She handed her a can, but Bullet ignored it.
“You need to eat.” She just shook her head and picked up her silver sharpie and starting drawing on her shoes.
“Well, we don’t mind distracting them.” Kobra said. “But we`ll need more people to help us this time. Security on that hell hole has tripled since the last break in.”
They all nodded.
“They might have more than one.” Everyone turned to ace Bullet, shocked that she had spoken.
“She speaks!” Static hugged her friend tightly.
“You speak?!” Bullet gave Ghoul a really dirty look.
“Yes, I do.”
“What do you mean they might have more than one?” Screaming Revolver asked Bullet.
“Bob might not be the only Killjoy they have captured.”
Everyone was quiet for a moment, digesting what she had told them.
“Who did you say?” Poison could have sworn she` d said Bob, that wasn’t a killjoy name.
“Did she just say Bob?”Ghoul asked him.
It couldn’t be…
“Yeah, so? He didn’t have a fixed Killjoy name. He kept changing it, and eventually said that we were to just call him Bob.” Crimson shrugged. “Don`t know why.”
Jet, Kobra, Poison and Ghoul were all trying to say something but failed. They all looked like they had seen a ghost.
“Erm...Guys?” Grace waved a hand in front of their faces trying to get a reaction. “Hello?!” she snapped her fingers. Feeling slightly afraid she walked over to Jet Star.
“Jet?” she pulled on his hair lightly, that normally got a reaction out of him. Nothing. She sulked over to where Poison was sitting frozen, in-between Ghoul and Kobra.
“NEEDLES!” she yelled, waiting for him to flinch. He didn’t.
“I…it can`t be.”
“N…no. He’s dead.” Bob had left them years ago, and they were almost certain he had died years ago. They had all spent months searching. And even if he was alive, why no killjoy name? Why would he stick to Bob?
Grace was a smart kid, and had figured out that this Bob person was probably the person that they had been talking about missing the other day.
“Earth to idiots!” She yelled at the top of her lungs, causing everyone in the room to jump.
“Gracie, why`d ya do that?” Ghoul glared at her whilst rubbing his right ear. “That hurt.”
“Oh boo hoo.” Kobra muttered under his breath.

“Ermm, okay…you all normal again?” Willow asked the four killjoys, sounding rather uncertain. “Well, as normal as you were before anyway, which, to be honest, wasn’t very.” She smiled though, letting them know she didn’t mean it. She`d been on her own for so long and it was nice to have…Friends again.
“Yeah, we erm, just recognised the name from a long time ago.” Jet explained to the others.
“Do you really think they`ll have more of us locked up in there?” Bee asked, feeling sick. How someone could be so evil she didn’t know.
“Well, it’s possible.”
Bob`s pov.
“Get off!” I scream as the woman approaches me with the needle. I try and break free of the binds, but they are not budging. She injected me with whatever was in the needle and put it back on the metal table. I watched, full of fear as she picked up a small surgical instrument and moved towards me with it.
“Now, you won’t feel a thing.” She smiled at me. Yeah, like I didn’t feel a thing last time.She makes a small cut on my arm and draws some crimson blood from it. I just lie there helpless, praying for this to be over soon. I knew that when my death finally came, it would be a welcome escape from this torture.
The woman lets my blood drip into a small vial and hands it the bald man.
“Excellent.” He places it down by his side.
The woman once again turns towards me, this time with the box from earlier in one hand. In the other is a pair of plastic gloves. She puts them on and takes what appears to be hair dye out of the box.
“Just dye the Blue steaks back to the natural colour.” The man instructs her.
“No, get away!” I scream loudly, hoping someone would hear and rescue me, even though I knew that help wouldn’t come.
I can feel her running the mixture through my hair, which had grown out slightly and had blue streaks through it. Nothing happens for a while after that, and I try and break free again, but it only earns me a death threat and another cut on my arm. After a painful half an hour I can feel the dye being rinsed out. I am glad of this, as it stunk, but when I see the woman pick up the gleaming metal scissors, all feelings of gratefulness vanish. She snips away at my hair, while I lie there, unable to fight her off.
“Done.” She removes the plastic gloves and sweeps up the hair.
“Now all that needs doing is to dispose of the killjoy outfit he is wearing.” Baldy spits the word "killjoy". “And he needs to be given this.” He holds up yet another needle. “And we shall then see if our experiment has worked.” He laughs manically.
Experiment. I feel as though I am going to be sick. I was a lab rat. A human lab rat.
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