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Chapter twelve

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SO do the killjoys return to the base safely? And how is poor Bob Coping at BL/ind? What have they done to him?

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I don`t like this as much as the last, but in the next chapter the break in will be planned and you`ll find out more about Bob. So please bear with me. Ummm....I don`t love you like I did yesterday MIGHT be up later, but if not it will be up tommorrow if yu read that. Hope you like it and thanks so much for reading.
Toxic Rose`s Pov.
“What the fuck are yo doing?!” I scream after them, trying to break the metal bars of the cell.
Toxic Faith pulled me away, so I wouldn’t hurt myself.
“Let go of me, idiot!” I push him of me. Didn’t he understand? They had Bob.
“Where are they taking him?” Skyler asked me, trying to hold back tears. He was scared for Bob, but he also felt guilty because Bob had gone in his place.
“I don’t know.” I pulled my little brother in for a hug. “But he `s gonna be fine. Your gonna be fine.” I hug him tighter. I could tell he didn’t believe me, but I couldn’t tell him the truth.
He fell asleep shortly after that. I was grateful, as it meant me and Toxic could speak without the fear of him overhearing.
“Do you think he`ll be dead?” in all honestly, I hoped he was. That had to be a better option than what we thought they had planned. I doubted it though, BL/ind were cruel, and didn’t care who suffered. Bob was probably hooked up to all kinds of wires right now and being drugged up.
“Yes, he`ll be dead.” Toxics answer threw me off guard.
“What!? You said they were planning on testing new drugs on us and-“
He held up his hand, telling me to be quiet. “Yes, but he will still be dead, in a way at least.” Seeing the look of confusion on my face he continued.
“The Bob we knew.” To hear him using the past tense hurts. “Will be gone. He won’t be himself anymore.”

Bob`s pov.
I could hear voices. They were whispering things, but it was muffled and I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. I hurt everywhere and I couldn’t move. I didn’t have a clue where I was and couldn’t open my eyes to find out. A part of me didn’t want to find out. Wherever I was, I knew it couldn’t be good. I can hear the voices growing louder slightly, but I still can’t fully understand them. This time though, I can hear the actual words, although they mean nothing to me.
“Sir, Experiment 501 will need taking of the drip in about an hour. Then we must get these drugs into its system.” Experiment 501? Was that me? Where am I? Who am I? Why didn’t I know who or where I was? I groaned. I felt as though my head was going to explode from thinking so much.
I heard footsteps, they were getting louder, so I assumed whoever, or whatever it was, was getting closer to me.
“Wakey, wakey.” A cold, venomous voice says.
I just groan in response, too weak and too pained to do anything else.
I can feel someone fiddling with something in my arm. Whatever it was they were doing, it hurt like hell. I only wished I had the strength to tell them to stop, or at least be able to open my eyes to see where I was and what they were doing.
“It has been an hour sir.” I recognised the voice from earlier, but again the words make no sense to me.
“Take him of the drip then.” I can feel more pain in my arm; I presume that they are removing a drip. Whatever the hell that was. I try to struggle with them, but they do not seem bothered.
“Has it worked, sir?” I can feel the people staring at me.
“One way to find out.” The cold speaks again. I can hear movement beside me, and a sudden pain in my other arm makes me jolt up slightly and start shaking.
“It`s alive. So for now I`d say overall it’s been a success. Just run some checks on the heart and we shall commence the next step.”

Back in the zones somewhere.
“Please.” Crimson Rage stared right at the 3 girls. “Please, he`s our friend. Help us get him back.”
Blondie Valentine and Twisted Poison turned to face Screaming Revolver.
“Well, are we gonna help `em?” Bee asked her.
“I think we should.” Twisted Poison went to stand next to Bee, who was standing in between Ghoul and Kobra.
Everyone was looking at her, pleading with their eyes.
“Why are you all asking me?” jinx raised an eyebrow.
“`Cause your oldest.” She narrowed her eyes. Nineteen was NOT old.
“I`m NOT old.” She crossed her arms.
“No, but we`re only fourteen.” Blondie and Poison were starting to get on her nerves. She knew the only way to get them to stop annoying her was to agree to help, even though she doubted there was anything they could do for the other killjoy`s friend.
“Fine we`ll help.” She sighed, giving in and joining the others.
“Thank you.” All of them, including Bullet, who was still standing on the outskirts of the group, tanked them.

A while later. Back at the base.
Grace`s pov.
What was taking them so long? It was getting dark outside and all kind of horrible scenarios were being played out in my head. I look up at Raven, who smiled reassuringly at me.
“They`ll be fine.” I knew she wasn’t so sure.
Where are they? I move closer to Raven and she pulls me in for a hug.
“It’ll be fine, Grace.” She ruffles my hair, something I usually can’t stand, but know it just makes me feel comforted, probably `cause that’s what the guys would always do. At least, they did do, until they found out how hard I could kick.
Deciding I needed to take my mind of off the fact that none had returned yet, I look over at the others. Willow, was sitting at a makeshift table, singing under her breath. Sulphur was sitting next to Raven, drumming his hands on the table and she was staring fixedly at the door like I had been for the past four hours.
“We`re back!” I jump up and run to the door, hoping I hadn’t imagined the voice. I was met by a huge group of killjoys.
“Gracie!” I recognised that voice. It wasn’t just the guys who called me that.
“Bee! “ I scream and wrap my arms round her slim waist. Screaming Revolver and Twisted Poison enter the room after her, they too get a big hug.
“What are we, invisible?” I can hear Ghoul mutter and the others laughing at him.
“Did you hear something?” I ask everyone. They all just shake their heads; I even notice Bullet shakes hers slightly. I smile at her and I can’t be sure, but I think she smiles back slightly. I really hoped she was okay, I had only known her a short while, but I could tell something rather big was troubling her.
“Come here.” Jet says picking me up and spinning me round until I was a dizzy.
“Miss, us, Gracie?” Poison smiles when Jet released me.
“Course she did.” Kobra said, laughing slightly when he notices I was still dizzy.
“Okay, Okay. So it’s late and we need some sleep.” Dark Fire says as he sits down. “We got a lot to plan before the break in, so we all need to rest.” The others from his group agree with him and take a seat next to each other.
“Willow?!” Static Willow turns around to face the person who had called her name. “Yeah, wha-“she blinked a few times to make sure she wasn’t seeing things.
“Guys?” she asked Blondie Valentine, Screaming Revolver and Twisted Poison uncertainly.
“Why are you here?” the four girls asked simultaneously.
“We came to help break into BL/ind.”
“I found the base the other day and was about to leave but these idiots.” She pointed to the other killjoys, smiling slightly to show she didn’t mean it, “Wouldn’t let me go.”
“Well, we`re glad.” Twisted Poison told her old friend.
“Yeah, we missed you.” The four of them gave Willow a hug and for once the girl didn’t protest. Despite being very independent and not that fond of people, she HAD missed them.
Bobs pov.
More muttering, it was really starting to be annoying. After the drip had been removed I had started to feel my strength return slowly. I was now able to open y eyes and look around a little. I was secured down onto a bloodstained metal table in a brightly lit room. I could only hope that the blood wasn’t mine.
“Ah, you’re awake. Good.” The owner of the cold voice turned out to be a bald very sinister looking man.
“Who are you?” he asked. I could sense he was waiting for a particular answer.
The thing was though; I didn’t know who I was.
“I…I don’t know.” He smiled.
“Do you know where you are?” I shook my head.
The man kept smiling. “And do you know what a killjoy is?” the name seemed vaguely familiar, my brain tried desperately to place it, but couldn’t.
The man wrote something I couldn’t see down on a clipboard. “You are at Better Living Industries.” He paused, as though waiting for some kind of response. When he realised there wasn’t going to be one, he wrote something down again. “We help people. Do as we tell you and everything will be fine. Alright?”
I don’t know why, but a small part of me wanted to say no. I didn’t think I could trust this man, or better living industries. But my body hurt, and my mind was foggy.
I could see a black haired woman appear behind the man. She was holding a needle in one hand and…scissors and a box of something in the other. Slung over her shoulder was what appeared to be an article of white clothing.
As she neared me I tried to struggle, but it was useless. Whoever these people were, I was at their mercy.
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