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chapter eleven

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What does BL/ind have planned for Bob? And what will haooen when they talk to Screaming Revolver, Twisted Poison and Blondie Valentine?

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NOTE so, hope you like the chapter, I worked hard on it. Like I promised you found out a bit more about how Bob is doing. If you read I don`t love you Like I did yesterday, it might be up later, but if not tomorrow, even though I updated yesterday. Aren`t you all so luckey I`m home schooled so I can update more often? (Sarchasm) Oh, and yeah, if syphiel is reading this, I would LOVE to run the two stories together.
Bob`s pov.
Fuck. What had I gotten myself into? One of the dracs pulls my arms behind my back and grabs hold of my wrist tightly. I wince slightly from the pain. I am dragged out of the cell, and down a long white corridor. I can still hear Toxic, Rose and Skyes yelling and screaming profanities after us. As I am dragged I can see doors in the walls. Some are labelled as offices, some look like labs and some…I gulp. Are used for executions. As I walk past one of these I notice a light above the door. I watch as it flickers from red, to green than it goes black and I watch horrified as a body bag is dragged out.
There is no way I can escape. I couldn’t use my arms, my legs still hurt, I had no weapon and I was surrounded by Dracs. All of whom were armed. Not to mention Korse was in front of us, wearing a very excited smile.
I shivered, the fact that he was happy about something, couldn’t mean anything good for me. I struggle trying to get my arms free again, but the action only earns me a death threat from Korse and a kick in the back from the Drac restraining my arms. Ow. I grit my teeth, but do nothing else. I won’t let them have the satisfaction of knowing they hurt me.
I was going to die. I knew that. Well, I HOPED I was going to die. If what Toxic said the other day was true, death would be the better option. I am led through a door, and down another plain corridor. With every step I feel my heart sinking a little more. I wasn’t afraid of dying, but I WAS afraid of what they would do to my body afterwards. And that was even if they killed me.
I only hope that Toxic, Rose and Skyler escape from here before they suffer the same fate I will be subjected to in a minute. Whatever it was. Although I had only known them for a short while, I felt lose to them, I cared for them. That was why I had offered myself up to save Skyler.
We come to a plain white door at the end of the corridor. Korse swiped the identity card he wore round his neck across the length of the door, and it opens. The room was brightly lit and reminded me of a mix between a hospital and a science lab. In the centre of the room is a metal table, similar to the one I was on when I first woke up here. I am pushed onto it and even though I struggle, my arms are secured tightly above my head. My legs too, are secured.
Korse orders the Dracs to wait outside, and strolls casually over to me.
“Prepare the drugs.” He orders the black haired woman who does as she was told. I don’t want to look at what she is doing, but cannot look away. She wheals a metal table over to where I am and fiddles about with some of the things on it. I can recognise needles and some surgical equipment.
Trying to slow my heart beat and take my mind of what was happening, I think of my friends. Rose, Toxic and Skyler. Then the group i ad been with for the past…I don’t know how long. Bullet-I really cared for her, Static-crazy and hyper as she was, I cared for her too. Then there was Dark Fire with his impulsiveness, and finally there was Crimson Rage. I hoped they were all alright without me.
Out of the corner of my eye I can see the woman preparing a needle. This reminds me of someone I haven’t thought about for a long time. Well, TRIED not to anyway. But, seeing as I was likely going to die or not be myself ever again, I decided there was no harm in thinking of them now. By them I mean Ray, Frank, Mikey and Gerard-the idiot who was afraid of needles. They were my closest friends, we did everything together and we even were in a band. I really missed them. I remember after 2012, I often spent the whole day searching for news about them, but to no avail.
“Don`t worry.” The woman walked over to my right side holding a needle. “You won`t feel a thing.” She smiled and stuck it in my arm. I have never feared injections, or felt pain from them, but this was excruciating. Whatever was in it seemed to be poisoning me slowly. It felt as though I was being burned from the inside out. I could feel whatever it was slowly travelling throughout my body, burning as it went.
I started shaking, and blacking out. I bit my lip though, despite the pain I wasn’t going to scream.
“Is it working?” the woman asked Korse who was watching intently.
“Oh, yes.” He smiled turning away. “I would say so.”
Back at base in zone 4.
“For fucks sake, what’s taking so long?” Sulphur asked the other killjoys who were just as bored as he was.
“They`ve ditched us.” Static Willow said while inspecting the wound on her leg. She had to hand it to Raven, she`d done a good job of cleaning it and putting a bandage on.
“Of course they haven’t.” Grace knew that Poison and the other would come back soon. And hopefully they`d of found Twisted Poison, Screaming Revolver and Blondie Valentine. It had been a long while since they had parted ways, and she missed them. She loved Poison, Jet, Kobra and Ghoul, but it had been nice to be around some other girls for a change. They had all fussed round her, saying how sweet and cute she was, ruffling her hair. Okay, Grace didn’t miss THAT.
“If you’re sure, kid.” Willow responded, poking at the bandage which blood was just starting to seep through.
“Leave it, willow!” Raven swatted her hand away.
“Hey,” she said noticing something on her wrist. “Cool tattoo.” Static Willow smiled at her.
“Thanks, I got that one in honour of the Rev,” she pointed down to the one Raven had noticed. The word foREVer was inked there.
“And this one.” Willow lifted her other arm to show everyone her tattoo of a Japanese cherry blossom. “To remind me to stay strong and keep going, even when life is pretty shitty.”
Raven smiled. “I got one too.” she said, showing Static hers. It was a love heart on her hip with devil horns and a halo the words 'It takes horns to hold up my halo' written round it.
“It represents the different side to my crazy personality.” She explained.

Back in the zones somewhere.
“Hey, we were hoping to find you guys here.” Jet, Poison, Kobra and Ghoul wave.
“Guys!” the 3 girls screamed and ran over to them. They each got a hug from their friends.
“We missed you!” Twisted Poison says while letting go of Fun Ghoul.
“We missed you all too.” Jet says while running a hand through is hair. ”We got some people we want ya to meet.” He points to the four killjoys next to them.
“This is Dark Fire, Electric Static, Crimson Rage and Bullets Embrace.” Kobra points to each of them in turn. All of them waved and moved closer except Bullet, who waved once and stayed on the outskirts of the group.
“Hey, I`m Screaming Revolver and that`s Twisted Poison and Blondie Valentine, or Bee.”
“We need some help, guys.” Poison said after the introductions had finished.
“One of our new friends has had a friend captured by BL/ind.”
“He`s probably dead then, sorry.” Screaming Revolver smiled apologetically at them.
“No, haven’t you heard what they`re doing to some killjoys these days?” Crimson asked.
They all shook their heads.
“We think that they`re keeping them alive, and basically using them as lab rats.”
Bee and Twisted Poison had to swallow back vomit at this. You think they`re using your friend to experiment on?” Twisted Poison asked her. Crimson nodded.
“We think so.”
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