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Chapter ten

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Do they find the other killjoys? And what is wrong with Bullet?

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So here it is. Sorry it took so long to update. So Bob WILL be in the next chapter, but the killjoys had to meet so in the naxt chapters they can plan the break in. Hope it wasn`t too long, but I was bored and didn`t really feel like splitting it into 2 chapters. Not a very good chapter in my opinion as not much happens but hey...I do try. Amnd I`ve been busy with coursework and familly shit. Umm I have the 11th chapter of I don`t love you like I did yesterday up, if you read that and may start some of the stories I said I might in the note thing I posted a few days ago. Like I said, hope you like the chapter,
The base in zone 4.
“ do?” Electric Static asked Party Poison in a shaky voice. “You know someone who can help us break in to BL/ind?” she held her breath, hoping he’d say yes.
“Well, we used to.” She ran a hand through his hair. “I dunno where they are now though. We haven’t seen `em for nearly a year though. For all we know they could be dead.”
“Don’t say that!” Kobra hosted at his brother. “They won’t be dead, they CAN`T be.” Poison rolled his eyes. Sure, he didn’t WANT them to be dead, but they might be. He`d forgotten how much Kobra had liked the other killjoys though.
“Well, um, do you know where they were last?” Dark Fire spoke, despite Bullet`s warning look. He didn’t understand what her problem was.
“Erm, yeah, but there’s no telling` if they`ll still be there.” Jet smiled apologetically.
“Well, it`s worth a try.” Crimson Rage said while grabbing her ray gun. “C`mon, let’s go!”
Everyone stared at her.
“Now?” Ghoul asked raising one eyebrow.
“Yes, now!” Bullet glared at her 3 friends. Why couldn’t they understand that they couldn’t just go around trusting everyone they met? Look where it got her. When were they gonna realise it wasn’t only BL/ind that was bad.
“I don’t see why not.” Poison smiled kindly at Electric Static, Dark Fire Crimson Rage and Bullet`s Embrace. Three out of four returned the smile.
“Bullet!” Static hissed in her ear when they were out the door. Raven, Sulphur and Willow had stayed behind. Grace did as well, on Kobra and Jet`s orders.
“Why are you acting so cold and distant?” Bullet just shrugged, like she was going to tell them.
“It`s almost like you don’t trust anyone apart from us, or something?” she turned away so she didn’t have to face Static`s piercing gaze. How was she supposed to tell her, or anyone else for that matter what had happened, what had made her so distrusting of people?
Kobra Kids pov.
Idiot. What the fuck did he say we knew where they were when we clearly didn’t? I know poison was just trying to help, but we were in a mess ourselves.
“Jet, hurry up and put the gas in the car so we can go!” Poison was getting impatient. Fun Ghoul was supposed to be helping Jet, but he was sitting on the hood of the car smoking a cigarette.
“ghoul, help me. NOW!” Me and Poison have to bite our lips to stop from laughing at his annoyed expression.
“done.” Jet says proudly after another 5 minutes or so.
“fuckin` finally.” Poison ignores the glares aimed at the back of his head and gets in the car.
“I Wanted to drive.”
“Grow up, Ghoul.” Says Poison as he so maturely sticks out his tongue.
“Yeah, they don`t let kids drive.” I add as I get in smirking.
The killjoy with long brown, purple and white hair whose name we knew was Electric Static glanced at us, then the car and then back to us again.
“What?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.
“where do we sit?” she had a point. Poison was in the driver’s seat, Ghoul was next to him fiddling with the radio and me and Jet were in the back. And outside the Trans –Am stood four killjoys; her, Dark Fire, Crimson Rage and Bullet`s Embrace.
“Erm, Poison, where are they all gonna sit?” I think I already knew the answer.
He didn’t even turn around. “Dark fire can sit between you and Jet. And the girls will have to sit on your laps.
“ha ha, Jet. Ha ha, Kobra.”
Poison smiled at him, it was clear Ghoul hadn’t done the math and realised one of them would have to sit on his lap as well. Poison seemed happy enough to break the news to him.
“no fair. Why can they sit with you?”
“because I’m driving, fucktard.”
I could feel Bullet glaring at us all without even looking at her. What was her problem? What did she think we were gonna do?
I could hear sighing form outside.
“Fine, “Dark Fire climbed in beside, me and Jet.
“Couldn’t have got a bigger car?” he`s smiling though, so I know he doesn’t mind too much.
Sighing, Crimson Climbs onto Ghouls lap, mumbling something about ripping his arm off if he tried anything.
“C`mon, Bullet.” Static calls out to her friend as she climbs into the car and perches on top of Jet Star.
“no. I`ll stay here.” She is adamant, her arms are crossed and she is glaring at me.
Everyone is looking at me, and I wonder why. Then I remember poisons words from a moment ago. “Dark fire can sit between you two. And the girls will have to sit on your laps.” Hell no.
Poison gritted his teeth.
“look, kid. Ya want to break in to BL/.ind right? So to do that we need to try and find some people. Ya with me so far?” Bullet`s glare grows even…deadlier? Scarier? I don’t know.
Poison continues as though he didn’t see it. “So to find our friends we need to travel.” He gestures to the car. “And `cause there’s no more seats you have to sit on someone’s lap, kay?”
“Like I said, I’ll stay.”
“Bullet!” her friends Shout at her clearly very annoyed. “We need them to help us rescue Bob.” Dark Fire said in a very tired voice.
Wait, did he just say Bob? Nah couldn’t have.
“Bullet, I don`t know what the fuck is wrong with you, but whatever it is you can tell me.” Static smiles encouragement at her.
Bullet shakes her head. “It’s nothing.”
“oh, and in the meanwhile, you can get your ass in the damn car!” Static continues as though Bullet hadn’t spoken.
“C`mon. Kobra isn`t gonna hurt ya.” Ghoul smiles at her. “it`s Poison ya gotta watch out for.”
"yeah, he`s my little brother, trust me, he don’t bite.”
Everyone is looking a t me again waiting for me to say something.
I sigh. “Look, Bullet.” She turns her glare on me now. I can’t help but feel a little afraid of her. And…a little bit sorry. The girl is clearly afraid of something, why else would she be so reluctant to speak to any of us, or to even sit with us?
“You don’t have to come with us, but I just want you to know, nobody here has it out for you. We ain`t gonna hurt you.”
She looks at her friends, who are all giving her encouraging smiles and finally agrees to get in the car.
“Touch me and your dead.” She hisses in my ear, but I can hear something else behind it, other than menace. Fear.
“Can we go now?” Jet asks, shifting in his seat. “It ain’t that comfy sitting with another killjoy on ya.”
Crimson glares at him, and lightly hits him on the head. “calling me heavy or something?” she tries to keep her voice serious, but fails.
“just go. Before there’s a fight.” I tell Poison, who starts the car.
“And we`re off!” he yells, scaring ghoul sitting next to him and making Bullet and Crimson Jump slightly.

Sometime later.
The afternoon was coming to a close and the temperature had dropped ever so slightly.

“Hey, Jinx!” Bee yelled at her friend who was busy painting her nails with black nail varnish. Her eyes narrowed at the use of her real name but ignored bee.
“Where`d ya get the crap for your nails?” Twisted Poison asks running over.
Screaming Revolver doesn’t answer but keeps painting.
“hello, earth to Jinx!”
“Shut it, Bee. And does it matter where I got it? No? didn’t think so.”
“happy” Twisted poison draws the word out, rolling s her eyes at her friend.
“do you think they`re still alive?” Screaming Revolver asked her two best friends. “Kobra, Ghoul, Jet and Poison, I mean.” She added, putting the lid on the pot of nail varnish.
“well, Bl/ind are still lookin` for `em, so I guess so.” Blondie Valentine replied.
“Do you remember Grace?” Twisted Poison asked, sitting down on the ground between poison and Revolver.
“Yeah, she was so sweet,” They both agreed with Bee.
“And how Jet always tried to make us all behave `round her?”
They nodded, that had been annoying.
“And the car, what was it again?”
“A Trans-Am, Idiot.” Twisted Poison laughed at Bee.
“oh my God!” Screamed Screaming Revolver. “The car! That’s it, isn’t it?” the 3 girls jumped up and ran over to the car, where four killjoys they didn’t know got out, followed by a very bored looking Fun Ghoul, an exhausted looking Party Poison, a slightly irritated Jet Star and a VERY disgruntled looking Kobra Kid.
“hey,” The four Killjoys they know wave. “We were hoping to find you guys here.”

so, how was it? Was it too long? Please let me know. xoxodakota
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