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Chapter nine

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Meet the last killjoys and find out what happens at Raven and Sulphur`s base in zone four.

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NOTE. So, in the next couple of chapters, they will ally meet and start planning the break in. And I know it seems there is a lot of killjiys, but in the next few chapters some will go their seperate ways. Sorry for taking so long to introduce `em all.
Party Poison`s pov.
“Anyone in there?” there was silence, just great. What the fuck were we supposed to do?
“Poison, I heard something.” Kobra stands still, listening.
“Yeah, it sounds like whispering.” Said Jet, moving to stand in between me and Ghoul, but still standing in front of Grace.
The building was old, and looked like it hadn’t had any work done to it for years, but we could hear voices and there was spare ray guns hanging on the wall. We turn a corner, and come to a wooden door. The whispers seam louder now and I can hear floorboards creaking slightly. Whoever it was was in here.
“Show yourself!” Me and Ghoul kick the door in, holding our guns in front of us. Jet and Kobra cover Grace.
“Don’t shoot!” Grace yells, pointing across the room. “Killjoys.” She walks out from behind Jet, smiling at them.
“What are you doing here?” asks a girl, with black and red hair.
“Yeah, were you trying to give us a fuckin` heart attack?” asks another with long brown, purple and white hair.
“No, we just need some help. Our car ran out of gas, and we knew that there were some killjoys out here somewhere so.” I trail off, hoping that they`d understand.
“Okay, we`ve got some fuel in the other room.” Says a boy that looked about two years younger than the girl. They both looked fairly similar, and I wondered if they were related.
He smiles at us, and nods. “Yep, I`m Raven`s lil` brother.” He walks into the other room and comes back about 5 minutes later carrying a load of crap that looked meaningless to me. I guessed it was for the car. By now everyone had introduced themselves, even one hazel eyed girl who very reluctantly said her name was Bullet’s Embrace.
“Thanks, dude.” Jet smiles at the killjoy appreciatively.
“No problem”
“So, you’re like, the best of the best, right?” asks Electric Static, who was standing in the centre of the room next to grace and Kobra.
I shrug, we weren’t THAT good. We did our best, but we knew our day would come eventually. We were just gonna take as many of the BL/ind bastards out as we could before then.
“Why are you asking them that?” Bullets Embrace turns to glare at her friend from the other side of the room. It’s very clear she doesn’t like us, or trust us.
“Well, have you ever broken in to BL/ind?” she asks, staring right into my eyes.
“No.” her face falls.
“But, we know some people who have.”

Somewhere. Next morning.
“Bee, shut it!” said a killjoys with straight black hair that was tipped with red.
“No. I`m bored.” Replied Blondie Valentine kicking up some of the sand underneath her feet.
“Make her shut up, Jinx!” Twisted Poison turned to face her other best friend, Screaming Revolver.
“Shut it.” She spoke in a very bore tone, not even lifting her head.
The three were sitting on the outskirts of zone four, relaxing after a fight the night before with some dracs. There really had been a lot more of them out in the zones recently. The girls wondered why, they knew it couldn’t be for a good reason.
“What do ya think Willow`s up to these days?” Twisted Poison blurted out randomly. It had been over a year since the groups 4th member, Static Willow had left them. She hadn’t been much of a people person, nut the 3 girls still felt close to her and missed her.
“Not a clue. She`ll be alive kicking ass somewhere though.” Blondie Valentine (or Bee, as she was more commonly called) smiled, remembering the good times they had before her departure.
The others rolled there eyes, even though Bee made a good point.
“Jinx, can we-“Twisted poison began, but was cut off by Screaming Revolver.
“Don’t call me my real name, idiot!” she shouted, then covered her mouth, shocked at how load she had yelled.
Her two friends were trying to hold back their laughter.
“Whatev. “
“Ya, know, I kinda miss them.”
“Who, Poison?” Bee and Screaming Revolver were confused by Twisted Poison`s sudden change of conversation.
“Them! The Fabulous Killjoys of course.” She looked down. “They really helped us, when we broke in tryin` to find your sister.”
The two nodded their agreement, Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul and Kobra Kid had been a big help. Even though they didn’t find her, they now knew how to get in and out without getting caught.
“Yeah, they distracted `em, while we got in. And they helped fix us up when we got hurt.” Screaming Revolver smiled at the memories.
“I wonder where they are now…” the two other girls shrugged, both thinking the same thing….
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