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Balance of Three: Three Doujutsu

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[AU]Naruto balances nin, gen, and tai jutsu with the kuro[nin], aka[gen], and aoi[tai] doujutsu which he acquires by performing the ritual of the forbidden bloodline.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. If I did own Naruto though, i'd be rich and Naruto would be dating Hinata right now during the manga and the series. I wish I owned Hinata though. She's cute, both 12 year old and 15 year old versions of her.
Summary: .AU. Naruto balances nin, gen, and tai jutsu with the kuro, aka, and aoi doujutsu, which he acquires after reading the forbidden scroll of seals after his second failed attempt at graduation.
Chapter 1: Kinjutsu scrolls and the Hokages of Konoha
Naruto leapt atop buildings as he tried his hardest to get away from the Hokage Tower, grinning widely as he recalled how much blood gushed out of his Hokage-jisan's nose when he asked what he was doing there in the middle of the night.
"Heheh! I can't believe I just beat the Hokage with my sexy no jutsu!" he thought as he moved away from the village proper into the forested training grounds that almost took up half of the village's area "hmmn...mizuki-sensei said that if I learn just one skill from this scroll I can graduate and finally be a genin..." his musings broke as he felt the large scroll bump him slightly as he landed on one of the training areas
"Let's see...mizuki-sensei said he'd meet me on the furthest training ground out here, but if I want to study all the techniques on this scroll, I don't want to be found out soon, ok...time for Plan B" he said as he ran into a denser forest ground where 'his favorite spot in Konoha' was.
He found that everything in his makeshift tree house was untouched. "Good, the animals haven't touched this place yet." he said as he pulled out a regular sized, but thicker scroll, an inkwell, an ink block and a small-sized brush from a box. Wetting the ink block he dabbed the brush, which readily absorbed the ink.
"Ok, now to copy the techniques in here. Iruka-sensei doesn't realize it, but my calligraphy's better than all of my classmates combined." taking the tabs off the forbidden scroll, he started to copy the information stored in the overly large paper.
"I guess they made this scroll as large as it can be because the techniques in here are important, and easier to read, heheh, no one can read my calligraphy other than myself so the info I write here on my scroll is safe." he broke his thoughts as he continued to copy the techniques and the theory behind the techniques, as he wrote Naruto's eyes widened
"Damn, he tricked me! This scroll's techniques and theories are forbidden! When I catch that bastard I'll...I guess I better bring this back to jisan as soon as I'm finished." Naruto sighed to himself as his hands still worked at writing the techniques
"Forbidden or not, this scroll has some interesting techniques, besides it would be handy if the village had a copy." he reasoned as he wrote in fast, but deliberate strokes, the script wouldn't make sense to anyone who would read it, except to the one who wrote the scroll. For two hours he wrote, after writing the shiki fuujin he read what he thought the last technique, but all he saw was a note and a small seal. Reading the note he was surprised that all four Hokage's have signed it letter style
To the one reading this scroll that is not a Hokage,
We, the Hokages of Konoha, have been keeping the last note of this scroll updated as time wore on. If you are reading this then we fear that dark times are ahead for our village, old and new enemies will show themselves to endanger Konoha, and the other Shinobi countries' peace. We four have sealed in this note a scroll with instructions to awaken a forbidden bloodline. This bloodline will only be unsealed in time of great peril. But if someone other than a Hokage is reading this then we fear the time has indeed come. To the savior of Konoha, please protect the scroll contained within this seal, because if it falls in the wrong hands then all is lost. However, if you are not the savior of Konoha then you will notice that your body has frozen with no chance to move at all, we now implore the one reading this scroll to move his arm and cover the center of the seal in blood, if you don't do this in 3 seconds you will be incinerated by a kage-level katon technique that will turn your body to ashes instantly."
Shodaime Hokage,
Nidaime Hokage
Sandaime Hokage
and Yondaime Hokage
of Konohagakure no Sato
At this Naruto's eyes widened, moving his arm he bit his thumb and covered the seal in his blood, closing his eyes as he waited for the searing heat of flames to cover his body. When nothing happened for a minute he opened them again. In front of him where the ethereal forms of the four Hokages. He recognized them from the books; he then realized Sandaime's form was somehow more solid than the others, and somehow more youthful looking than the one he looked up to growing up.
"Of course, he updated the scroll in his prime, and he's still alive" he thought to himself as Shodaime spoke
"What is your name, young leaf of Konoha?" at this Naruto kneeled on one knee and bowed "Uzumaki Naruto, Shodaime-sama. Eleven years old, academy student" Shodaime then nodded as Nidaime stepped forward
"How did you come in contact with the forbidden scroll, Naruto?" Naruto, still bowing, narrated how Mizuki tricked him into stealing the scroll and how he copied it in his own script, which rendered it unreadable except for himself. Nidaime kept a neutral expression and stepped back, Sandaime had a frown as he studied his near-solid form.
"So Naruto-kun, I take it I'm still alive aren't I? How did you steal the scroll from my office when I sometimes sleep on the bedroom just to the side of it?" Naruto couldn't help but grin, thanking kami he was still bowing low as he told him how he defeated the Sandaime's old self with the sexy no jutsu Sandaime had a pink tinge to his youthful features in embarrassment, Yondaime chuckled, his cheeks pink as well. Shodaime and Nidaime looked at Sandaime as though he had sprouted a second head.
"Told you Saru would turn out as a pervert when he grew older aniki." Nidaime said while grinning as Shodaime smirked. Sandaime scowled back at them "Lucky for you two you died in the middle of the Shinobi wars, or you'd have turned worse perverts than I do." This time the brother Hokages scowled at the third. Yondaime broke the scowling match by speaking.
"No time for that you three, now Naruto, if Sarutobi-sensei's still alive and I'm not, then how did I die?" Naruto then related the events of Kyuubi's attack almost eleven years go. As he told what he knew in the history books the Hokages' faces turned grim. After some minutes of whispering and murmuring among the Hokages, Yondaime spoke.
"Alright Naruto, stand up and show us your stomach." Naruto complied and opened up his orange jacket, shrugging out of it to remove it completely and lifted up his undershirt. Yondaime looked at him intensely "Now, mold some chakra." Naruto complied again and looked at his stomach, his eyes widened as a seal, or series of seals appeared on his stomach. Yondaime's dark blue eyes saddened "As I suspected, Shodaime, Nidaime, Sandaime...The seals on him are of my own work, I'd recognize that script style anywhere..." Naruto looked up at the Hokages with confusion
"What work? What did you do to me...what you did to me killed you didn't it?" Yondaime nodded as he approached Naruto slowly, placing an ethereal hand on his shoulder. "Sit down, you may not like what I'm going to tell you."
Naruto nodded and sat down on a bench, the other Hokages sat down as well. Yondaime sighed as he began speaking "Naruto is the newborn child I used to seal Kyuubi." at this Naruto felt tears running down his whiskered cheeks
"Kyuubi? You sealed Kyuubi in me?" "So that's why...all those hateful stares and the cold looks...especially when they say 'Demon!'" Yondaime nodded in silence
"Now, what I'm going to explain will shock all of you, but I'll try. Fortunately when the real Yondaime wrote Fuuin Jutsu: Shiki Fuujin, he updated the forbidden scroll before he fought the Kyuubi, at that time though, he knew he was going to die, I'm just absorbing the new info.
A demon's chakra is totally different in form and purpose from our chakra. It's infinitely more powerful than our own chakra as a demon's chakra doesn't depend on its body for the resource; a demon's chakra is entirely dependent on it's soul.
I've found out from pouring into ancient history scrolls and text that the Kyuubi's body had been destroyed on several occasions, but it's soul always comes back to reclaim it's body, making it more resilient to damage. Of course the Kyuubi's body also helps it to produce chakra, but it doesn't depend entirely on its body.
I don't know why Kyuubi attacked Konoha, but I would have thought a few ways on how to defeat it. But in the end I could not, so my last resort was a modified version of the Fuuin Jutsu: Shiki Fuujin, which ended my life. I knew that the Kyuubi couldn't be sealed in me or another grown person, because it was too powerful for even the shinigami death god who I summoned to help me with the sealing.
I found out I needed a child, a newborn child, who just barely minutes before entered this world. I needed a newborn because it's chakra coils have not formed yet, enabling it to adjust to the demon's chakra system as it grew up, and if the child dies Kyuubi will be taken to the afterlife with him.
Then I added another seal so that Kyuubi's chakra would be siphoned out of its soul and absorbed by the child as he grew up, adding to his own stamina and chakra reserves. I also added another seal so that if the child attempted to call on the Kyuubi's chakra or the Kyuubi attempted to overload the child with his chakra, he won't be overwhelmed with the Kyuubi's natural instincts...and that child was Naruto."
Yondaime sighed loudly "This is what I know at this point, I may have added extra seals as I went along, and I guess your living self knew what they were Sarutobi-sensei." Yondaime finished as he looked at Sandaime, who nodded in assent.
"Well then, I guess this confirms Naruto-kun's identity as the savior of Konoha." Naruto looked confused as his eyes darkened. Shodaime answered Naruto's unspoken question.
"Before Konohagakure was formed, we Shinobi lived a nomadic lifestyle. Moving from place to place while avoiding other Shinobi groups and/or clans dictated our way of life. I, as the leader of my own group decided to settle down to one place where we could build a home for ourselves.
Before I built Konoha we had a clairvoyant Shinobi in the group whose descendants formed the clan with the surname of Yamanaka years after. He said that after four generations of Hokage rule our village would be besieged by an evil, which will weaken it.
The rise of the savior of the known world will come after defeat of that evil which will give the savior it's first burden, the savior must be capable of carrying multiple burdens as his path will not be an easy one, the road to his victory against the coming evils will be long and hard.
Thus the past and present leaders of Konoha shall ease his burden when he reveals himself." At this Naruto absorbed the information and slowly nodded. The four Hokages nodded in agreement and bowed in front of Naruto. Speaking in sync.
"Uzumaki Naruto, academy student and the vessel of the nine-tailed demon fox, you have been given a burden to save Konoha and the known world, as well as keeping Kyuubi at bay, will you accept this responsibility?"
With the questions Naruto bowed low as well, his voice solemn "Shodaime-sama, Nidaime-sama, Sandaime-sama, Yondaime-sama. My dream in life is to become the strongest Hokage of all. If this helps me to get stronger, then I accept the responsibility. I will not give up. Nor will I take back my words, as this is my Nindo." hearing his words, the Hokages smiled and stood up, and in front of them a medium-sized scroll materialized. Yondaime approached the scroll and grasped it.
"You may now stand up, Naruto." Naruto stood up and flashed his foxy grin, which the Yondaime returned with equal strength. "Inside this scroll is the ritual on how to unlock the forbidden bloodline of Konoha." Naruto looked at Yondaime with a confused face.
"Don't be confused, a Bloodline limit is different from a Bloodline. You'll also find the differences of a Regular bloodline from the Forbidden bloodline on the scroll." at this Naruto's confusion somewhat lessened.
The Hokages then began sealing and approached Naruto, Shodaime and Nidaime on the left, Sandaime and Yondaime on the right. They then pressed two fingers each on his upper arms. Naruto then felt a burning and carving sensation on his arms as he fought back the pain. The Hokages finished and stepped back. Naruto's arms now had the Kanji for Sho and Ni on his left arm, while he had the San, and Yon kanji on his right. A few minutes after this Sandaime spoke.
"Ok Naruto-kun, the kanji now tattooed on your arms contains a scroll with our personal techniques inside, all you have to do is spread your blood horizontally against any tattoo and perform the summoning technique..."
Sandaime then showed Naruto the seals for Kuchiyose no jutsu a few times. Naruto nodded after memorizing the seals.
"The tattoos also summons our imprints from the forbidden scroll, if you want to talk to one of us just place two fingers on any kanji and we'll answer. You can also perform a Kuchiyose to summon us, just spread the blood vertically on the kanji instead of horizontally." Sandaime then held up his hand, and a letter somehow materialized on it.
"This is a letter addressed to the current Hokage of Konoha, signed by the four of us and the current Hokage him/herself. This letter will bypass the council's powers to give you the highest-level access to the jutsu scrolls on the Konoha library, and most of the scrolls on the Hokage's office. My technique scroll has Kage-level fire and earth techniques which I think you'll find useful, I also have some theories on there on how to combine jutsus into successive attacks."
Naruto's eyes then widened and grinned. "Sweet! I've never entered the library before!" after hearing this Sandaime nodded soberly and stepped back.
Shodaime then approached Naruto and began sealing again, pressing his hand on Naruto's forehead, Naruto felt something like a plant growing on his head, but the sensation faded just as quickly. The Kanji for Mokuton appeared in black on Naruto's forehead before fading away completely. "You have now inherited the techniques for the wood element Naruto, now if I'm correct the scrolls for this Element have either been lost or damaged irreparably, you are the only one in Konoha who can now replicate my techniques. My scroll has all the jutsus for wood element, use them wisely" The blonde fox nodded at Shodaime seriously.
Shodaime stepped back as Nidaime stepped forward and began sealing just like his brother, this time pressing his hand over Naruto's chest where his heart was supposed to be. Naruto then felt a sensation like ice-cold water washing over his heart. Nidaime then smiled. "Back when I was still Hokage, I perfected a way to gather water molecules in the surrounding air and turn them into huge amounts of water. I favored water techniques like aniki favored wood techniques, and now you have the same ability as I did. I also had a sword, which became as legendary as much as I did; it was named as the raijin no ken, a lightning elemental sword. I also have some kenjutsu techniques listed on my scroll for the raijin no ken, and since I have no more living descendants, the sword is yours if you can manage to acquire it. As I have no clue where it is at the moment."
Nidaime then stepped back as Yondaime approached Naruto, his face had a nostalgic smile on it. "You look so much like her..."
"Who?" Naruto asked as Yondaime shook his head. "Sorry, I was thinking of someone else." as Yondaime repeated Sandaime's actions and held up a scroll. "With this scroll, I am recognizing you as the legal heir to my techniques and assets."
Naruto's eyes then widened and bugged out. "WHAT?" he shouted. The Hokages winced at his volume. Yondaime then smiled a foxy grin, which faded quickly.
"It was my fault that you were orphaned, and it was also my fault that you now hold a burden that even a 'Kage like us would shy away from. The fact that I recognize you as my heir is my way of asking your forgiveness. You should have lead a normal life if it wasn't for the Kyuubi's shadow looming over you, and the hate of almost all the villagers. The scroll also has a note telling my sensei Jiraiya, one of the Legendary Sannin, to teach you ALL of my techniques. It also has a map telling you where the clan houses of the Uzumakis and Kazamas are, and how to find them."
Naruto's eyes widened once more. "Uzumakis? Kazamas? I have a clan? I belong to two of them?!" Yondaime chuckled and nodded.
"Yes are both a Kazama and an Uzumaki. But keep this a secret ok? Uzumakis and Kazamas have powerful enemies, both here and abroad. Sadly, you are the last link to both clans." Naruto then became sad and nodded solemnly. Yondaime spoke again. "I also have a map there on where to find the training gear I used during the time when I was a chuunin, until I became Hokage. You'll also find instructions there on how to forge my special 'Thunder god kunai' and other useful weapons. As well as a scroll on how to make seals and their theories." Naruto nodded as all the Hokages shimmered and distorted slightly.
"Our time is fading." Shodaime said.
"Remember what we told you." Nidaime joined in.
"You have the potential to become the greatest Hokage of all, we all agree on it." Sandaime smiled as he held his chin.
"We, the Hokages of Konoha, acknowledge you and your potential Naruto, become Hokage and make us proud, we will always be watching over you and this village." Yondaime spoke with a foxy grin as the four Hokages nodded.
The Hokages were then bathed in a natural light as their forms faded. The light seemed to seep slowly back into the scroll of seals, in a few seconds darkness returned to the tree house.
Naruto had a smile, a true smile that reached his eyes as tears fell from his cheeks onto the wood floor. "They acknowledge me, the Hokages of Konoha who I looked up to while I grew up with hate, and they acknowledge my potential to be Hokage." He smiled as he wiped his tears with his arm; he then looked at his tattoos.
"Well, with the Hokages of Konoha acknowledging my strength, I can do this! I will become Hokage! It's not just a pipe dream anymore!" he then looked at his clothes as he absorbed all they told him in his head.
"They never said if I was to keep this a secret from Hokage-jisan, I guess I'll just tell him everything that happened and then I'll ask for advice. And since I don't have any reason to be loud anymore, I think it's time to change my outfit. Orange was fine as an attention-grabber. But I think I'll be a moving target if I continue to wear this on then, let's finish the scroll and learn the 1st technique!" he said out loud as he returned to work copying the Hokages' last note and the seal, as well as learning the 1st technique on the scroll, which was 'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu'.
Closing the forbidden scroll of seals after learning the technique, he sneaked back to the Hokage's office and left the scroll on his desk, along with a note that he will talk to him tomorrow. For the meantime, it was time to confront Mizuki.
End Chapter 1

A/N: In the manga and the anime series Naruto had already failed 2 times and then failed his exam on his third attempt, that's when Mizuki tricked him into stealing the forbidden scroll of seals. This is AU as Mizuki decided to trick Naruto after he failed his second graduation attempt.
A/N2: No pairings yet as I don't know how this story will go. I'm leaning towards Naru x Hina as I am an obsessive fan of said pairing, maybe I won't even put any pairings at all...but we'll see what happens as this story progresses.
Mind though, I'm a chronic procrastinator and this story may not get updated regularly despite the reviews.
As this is my first attempt at writing a multi-chapter story, so please go easy on me. Please?
Any questions, suggestions, flames, angry angst-ridden remarks, violent reactions can go to the e-mail address on my profile page or on the Review page.
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Preview of chapter 2:
Sandaime gathered his thoughts as he looked at Konoha's proud Green Beast. "What would you say if I said to you that you're going to be part of an experimental training program to teach a four-man cell of genin, instead of the usual three-man cell?" Gai proudly beat his chest and raised his arms.
"Of course I world accept, Hokage-sama! This is a fine opportunity for me! But first they would have to pass my test! It is true that teaching a four-man cell of genin will not be an easy task, but I will be delighted to teach them! I will also have a victory over my eternal rival Kakashi, as he has never passed a team! Given time and my exceptional training methods, they will in no doubt, grow to be the strongest genin in the village! Because I am Maito Gai! The Proud Green Beast of Konoha! And I never fail a task assigned to me!" Gai shouted as he struck up the nice guy pose and smiled, the glint of his teeth mildly blinding the Hokage for a second. Kakashi turned a bored eye to his 'eternal rival' who once again diverted his attention to the book he was reading, labeled 'Icha Icha paradise vol. 3'
"Hn? Did you just say something Gai?"
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