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Time for a Party

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"Jessica!" I heard a voice say, enunciating every syllable. I knew who it was before I turned around and looked Dave in the face. He was famously holding a bag of cocaine in his hand, and was obviously going to hog it all. Cheeky bastard. "Hey sweetheart. Wanna go make sure nobody's in there? Don't want them seeing my coke."
"Sure," I said, biting my cheeks to keep from yelling at him to just share his mountain of cocaine. Nobody was in the room, and he bombarded past me and collapsed on the ground, his nose already covered with drool and coke.
I rolled my eyes before sitting down next to him, making sure the door was closed and locked, just like he liked it.
"Jessie, let me tell you. I came this close to getting a hot piece of ass tonight, but he flipped me off and called me a fag. What gives? You'd think with my looks and charm I'd be able to find at least one gay guy to fuck for the night. My right hand and me are going to end up marrying, for Christ's sake!"
I sat quietly, already knowing that he was just going to ramble on, not caring what input I had to say. So I kept quiet.
"I tried to bone a chick the other day, I just couldn't handle not having sex for so long, but it didn't work. I couldn't get hard. She got pissed and left. I mean ever since the AIDS thing blossomed you can't get a good guy who just wants a good time anymore! It was so much easier in the 70s, believe me on that one.
"And don't even get me started on what I have to tell the girls when they come into my room..."
I interrupted him. "Buddy, I'm gonna go to the bathroom. Have fun with your cocaine."
He nodded and shut up. I looked down to see his nose being stuffed with cocaine. What an asshole. I left the room and almost got run over by this huge, overweight guy with tattoos up and down his arms.
"Hey sweetheart, how's the night treating you?" He said cockily, blocking my way. I pushed him aside, surprisingly. "Get out of my fucking way, you pig."
I wish I had seen his expression. It must have been priceless. I chuckled to myself as I walked to the bathroom. Nobody was in, so I walked in and sat down on the toilet. While I peed, I listened to the rowdy behavior coming from the other rooms. I could hear several people moaning. I sighed, knowing already that there was probably another orgy or something. I pulled my pants back up and flushed the toilet. Not wanting to deal with that bullshit at the moment, I turned the faucet on and washed my hands, and then reapplied my makeup, using half-empty bottles of mascara and broken eyeliner pencils strewn across the vanity.
Someone started pounding on the door with a serious urgency, and I sighed. I opened the door and Vince was there, with two girls behind him giggling like idiots. He smiled sheepishly. "Gotta get it in, Jessie!" He shouted, pushing me out of the bathroom. I groaned and went out the window, and a blast of fresh air greeted me. I sat down on the stoop by the warped front door and lit a cigarette. I didn't notice anybody around me until he tapped me on the shoulder and waved, a cute little grin on his face.
I gave him a tired smile. "Hi Sebastian. How are you?"
"I'm doing good, Jessica. It's just pretty fucking loud in there," He squeaked. I shook my head. "Why don't you go home, then, Sebastian? You know how much I hate you being around these lunatics. You're too young and too sweet to be sucked into this debauchery. For me, then?"
His face turned red. I knew I struck a nerve; everybody could tell he had a little kid crush on me. He muttered something and then started walking away. "Will you call me tomorrow afternoon, Jess? To uh, tell me how the party went?"
I laughed. "'Course, sweetie. Go home now, and please go to school tomorrow."
I watched him cross the street and run on home. I hit my head against the ripped shingles on the side of the house. I heard someone attempt to open the front door, and then opt for the window instead. I saw Razzle crawl out, his spindly legs getting caught. He fell face-first into my lap, and he turned a shade of pink. "Sorry, there, Jessica," He said in his thick British accent. "Gazing at the stars, then?"
"Guess you could say that, Nick," I whispered. He sat down next to me and lit a cigarette, gazing at the stars. "I wonder what it's like, to die and go up with the stars? Must be so fascinating."
I took a drag on the cigarette. "Why are you thinking about that, Nick? You're too young to be thinking about that."
He smiled at his cigarette. "My, this fag tastes weird. You American's have nasty fags."
"You didn't answer my question, Nick," I said, looking at him. His smile fell a little bit.
"I'm just scared, so I guess I console myself with a good old joke."
I rested my head on his thin arm and put the cigarette butt out. "I think we're all scared, Nick. You've gotta live in the moment, though. Can't be worrying about shit that's not gonna happen for many years."
He put his cigarette out next to mine. "Guess you're right, then. Guess it's time to go back in, then. Don't wanna miss the bollocks those blokes are doing."
I watched his long legs go back into the window, amused by his English accent. I stood up myself and followed him in. Truth be told, I think I might like Nick a little more than as a friend. But he's got other priorities.
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