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How I Met Dave

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I made a beeline to Nikki's room, and found him sitting alone on the floor, his bass in hand, writing on some paper. I sat down on his bed and watched him curiously. He obviously didn't notice I was there, because he continued talking to himself.
"Keep your eye on the deal..." "No," He told himself, scribbling some words out. "On the money, of course! Keep your eye on the money, and on the dealer."
I cleared my throat, and he turned to face me. "Hey, Jessie," He said, flashing me a toothy grin before turning back to his work. "Need something?"
"Just some peace and quiet," I muttered. He laughed. "Had enough of our parties already? Why don't you go live with Mr. Cokehead instead?"
"Because all he does is talk about how he can't fuck anybody, and then rambles on about interior decorating. I tried that once. I couldn't take it. And I have nowhere else to go, so I'll just suck it up and stay here."
"I've always been meaning to ask how the fuck you ever met David," Nikki said, turning to face me. I rolled my eyes. "It's not exciting, believe me. I was attending high school in Pasadena and in walks this beautiful man. Long blonde hair as high as the girl's, black leather pants, white leather vest. The girls nearly died when he walked by. I was the only one not interested in him. He sat next to me in History, and he was always trying to get my attention. He was obviously not used to having a straight girl refuse to give him any sort of acknowledgement. Finally I snapped and asked what he wanted. He said, 'Why aren't you hot for me, like your classmates?' All I told him was he was a cocky asshole, and I wasn't in to guys who were prettier than I. He started laughing this insane cackle, which attracted the entire attention of the classroom. His laugh was so contagious, I had to laugh along. We were both kicked out for disturbance, and without even talking we both decided to cut school. We ran out the back doors and collapsed in a heap on the front lawn, laughing hysterically, clutching our sides and receiving smeared makeup from tears pouring from our eyes. He finally introduced himself as David Lee Roth, and I introduced myself. We then start talking for the rest of the time school is in session, and he tells me he wants to be in a rock band and such. I didn't figure out he was gay until he was with Van Halen. We kept in touch as he school-hopped, and he coincidentally moved next door to me while he was attending some college while working in a hospital for money. He told me about these guys named Alex and Eddie he met, and I went to all of their gigs once they were a band. And somehow, we ended up here."
Nikki was laughing hysterically. "That little asshole. Thinking you'd be interested in someone of the glam type."
I laughed along with him, agreeing. The only reason I had made it so easily living with these assholes was because I was not attracted to anyone, so therefore there was no promiscuous sex or swooning over guys who came to chill, at least anymore.
"I'm gonna go hit the hay, then. Peace, Nikki."
He mumbled a goodbye while I walked into the room I shared with Tommy and Vince. They only had two mattresses, so they ended up sleeping together, or one with me, or just passing out on the floor. I stripped down to my underwear and got into bed, covering myself with a disgusting sheet.
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