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The Devil's Embrace

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I wasn't asleep for long before I felt something fall on top of me.
I looked up, and even though it was really dark in the room, I could make out Tommy, who was laying across me. "Get up you asshole!"
Tommy was as still as a board. I had to use all of my strength to move him away. "Motherfucker!"
I got out of bed and went into what was supposed to be the living room. A few people still dwindled around, not knowing whether they should leave or crash here for the night. "Go on, get out," I told them, waving my hands in their direction. They filed through the warped door and the smashed window, and everything was silent. Vince was slumped on the couch, an empty bottle of Jager near him. Nikki was probably in his room. I went over to what was left of the telephone and sat down next to it. It was a dilapidated piece of shit, but could still make and receive calls. I dialed Dave's house. He was no doubt coked out of his mind, so he probably wasn't passed out.
"Yeah. Hey Dave. Can I come down? Tommy just like, attacked me and fell asleep on top of me. I can't take their constant partying. That's saying something, coming from me. I can tolerate anything. So what do you say?"
"Sure, sweetheart. Of course. Want me to come down and get you?"
If he really was still coked out of his mind, that probably wasn't the best idea. "No, it's alright. You live just down the block. I'll be there in a few minutes."
I placed the phone back onto the base and gathered up my spare clothes, which consisted of a greasy tank top, a pair of jeans, and a beat-to-shit pair of Converse. I slipped through the broken window, dodging a few lingerers from last night's party, and made my way up the street to the better half of LA. Dave's house looked out on lush greenery, and was not surrounded by many houses. I lied when I said it would take me a few minutes. It took more like an hour. Dave looked like he was about to have a heart attack when I finally answered the door. Whether it was cocaine-induced or stress-related, I'll never know.
"Come on in, darlin'. Put your stuff down there, you can come in bed with me. It's nice and warm."
I rolled my eyes and followed him. I watched his hips sway while he walked. It always cracked me up. "Fuck you, I walk normally," He sneered at me. I bit my lip to hide the laughter. He was being generous, after all, letting me crash at his place. He smoothed the comforter out and patted it, indicating that I should sit there. "Come on in, don't be shy. It's not like I'm gonna rape you at night. I'm gay."
"I fucking know you're gay already, honey. You tell me multiple times a day," I said, clenching my teeth together. He was really getting on my fucking nerves.
He smiled to himself, obviously pleased about something. I climbed in next to him and wrapped myself in the blankets. His bed was so soft, it felt like a cloud in comparison to the shit mattresses that Tommy and Vince called sleep-able. "Night, sweetheart," Dave cooed into my ear. "Night," I said, finally falling into a deep sleep.

I woke up to Dave pushing against my shoulder. I groaned tiredly at him before he shoved his telephone in my face. "Phone call!"
I picked the phone up and put it to my ear. "Hello?"
"Uh, hey. You didn't pick up at Nikki's place, so I figured you'd be with David."
I smiled when I heard Sebastian's voice. He must have just gotten home from school, then.
"Hey sweetheart. Did you go to school today?"
"Yeah. I just got home, actually. Why are you at David's?"
"The guys were too fucking annoying to fall asleep at all, so I walked up to Dave's and crashed. I'll probably go back tonight. Are you staying home tonight, sweetie?"
"Um, I was thinking of coming up, Y'know, just to see the guys. Just hang out for a little while. But then I'll go back home, so I can go to school tomorrow."
I smiled widely. "Sounds like a good idea, kiddo. I'll see you then."
"Bye, Jess. Iluhou."
"Huh?" I didn't hear the last part. "You're gonna have to talk slower, honey, I didn't hear that."
I could hear the embarrassment in his voice. "Um, I just said I love you."
I chuckled into the receiver. "I love you too, buddy. I'll see you later."
I hung the phone up and watched Dave prance around, skipping aimlessly. "Dave, what time are we going to the Crue house?"
He stopped short, a look of panic on his face. "Shit! I forgot to order more coke! Let me call my dealer. And probably nine or ten. I don't know. Whenever I get some coke."
I left it at that and rolled out of bed, deciding to go back to the Crue house early. I left my spare clothes next to Dave's bed and hitch hiked down to their shitty building. I climbed through the broken window to find Vince and Nikki sitting on the warped couch, a beer in each hand. Tommy was laid out flat on the ground, and an overweight redhead was bouncing up and down on top of him, naked. Vince and Nikki waved to me, and Tommy gave me a grin. I walked over the two of them and squeezed myself between Vince and Nikki, where I lit a cigarette. We stared in awe at the two of them humping each other, until finally Tommy called out his orgasm.
The chick got up with a big smile on her chubby face and sighed dreamily. "That was the best sex I've ever had."
Tommy buttoned up his pants and started rubbing his hands together like a weird praying mantis. "Alright, now, car keys, please?"
The girl threw him a set of car keys, and before she could pick up her clothes, he was up and out of the house, the ignition on the car started. She took the time to go through the door, probably because she couldn't fit through the window. I sat back and started laughing, and Vince and Nikki joined in after me. There were definitely some quirks to living with these assholes.
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