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Dangerous Days

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The new and improoved Dangerous Days! Lady Madness and Dragon find themselves facing many dangers as the war with BLI rages...

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hi :3 this is the new and (hopefully) improoved Dangerous Days story!! Auditions are STILL open, they will close at 9:00 my time (I think its mountain time, its 4:00 right now, but dont take my word on mountain time) and no one from auditions is in the first chapter. I will hopefully introduce some by the 2nd chapter,but again, Do NOT take my word for it. I tend to make alot of mistakes. Thanks for the auditions so far, audition,rate and REVIEW!!!!!

Lady Madnesses POV
I loved the rush of hunting. Even if it was of my own kind.

We were at a club with some band playing. The sea of bright colours was starting to kill my eyes. We better pick one fast.

I looked up to see the lead singer whom had electric fire engine red hair and a dead pegasus jacket screaming bloody murder into the mic. Not that I didn't like it,but after months of hearing punk bands every single week,sometimes even all week, it does get old.

This band kinda suprised me though. They were so lively and they looked like they made eye contact with every single person in the audiance.

'Oh well. Not that it matters. Its not like we want to capture a whole band!' I thought.

Suddenly the lead singer locked eyes with mine. They were such a beautiful hazel eyes that I could understand why so many girls were head over heals with him. Its not like I had a crush on him, hes just hot. Probably abnoxious like all the other killjoys.

They were now singing some song that was about singing for something. I looked over at Dragon whom was now flirting with some guy. The song about singing for something was over and the band was taking their final bow. The crowd went wild and I knew I had to hurry up and pick some freakin pray already. The band was now getting off the stage and mingling with the crowd. I took this as my chance to snatch up the singer for myself.

I took confident Strides over to the man and looked him straight in the eyes. I knew my eyes would surely wow him as they were such a brilliant orangey brown. Before I knew it I was getting lost in the beautiful hazel eyes that he had.

'I am NOT falling in love with his eyes. NONONONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!!!'

Before I lost my grip on the hunt I made the first move.

"Hi. My names Lady Madness." I said in a cutesy little girl voice. Sure I was a newborn, but I knew how to win over peoples hearts.

"Hi my names Party Poison. What is someone as young as you doing in a horrid place like this?" This Part Poison had guesses my age. How rude.

"How young do you THINK I am, Party Poison?' I sneered.

"I'm sorry, I really didn't think that through before I said it. Do you want a drink?" He asked. This was going better than I thought.

"All is forgivin." We were making our way to the bar. I flashed a glance at Dragon whom was now at the bar. She glanced at me and held up five of her fingers. Five minutes,she mouthed. Now it was time to slip something into his drink. I grabbed the tiny bottle of pure alchohal, Everclear, Pure alchohal! the bottle read.

"It would be my pleasure to get us the drinks." I offered.

"Of course, m'darlin." He laughed.

God his laugh made my insides melt.

I walked over and grabbed to shots of tequila and mixed it with the whole bottle of Everclear. If this didn't make him the least bit drunk, it was sure to make him tipsy and stupid.

I handed him the yellowish orange tequila shotglass.

"The sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead." He said as we clashed our glasses for cheers. Of course this made him make a bitter face as he swallowed the drink. After more alchohal he began to slur his words. I had matched every one of his shots, but this didn't affect me at all because- never mind.

I grabbed his hand and led him through the crowd of Killjoys.

'Say goodbye ,Part Poison!' I thought bitterly to myself.

I led him towards the exit and into the cool desert air where Dragons jeep was waiting. Her pray, a muscular medium heighted man was already passed out. He had blonde hair that was down to his chest. I led Party Poison whom was now slurring some song about running away with someone, it was called Bullet Proof Heart or something. I shoved him into the back seat and climbed into the front with Dragon.

"How'd it go Lady M?" She asked.

"Too simple D, too simple..." I muttered as she burst into a fit of giggles as she watched the blonde haired man start talking in his sleep about bunnies and rainbows.

I looked at Party Poison whom was now sleeping off the alchohal. I felt a surge of pain go through my heart as I knew I probably had to kill the angel whom was now sleeping peacefully before me.

We sped through the desert as we listened to Dr.Ds broadcast. I was quite frankly not as mad as I thought I would be about killing this poor man.

Sorry the chapter was kinda short! I'll make it up to you in the next ones, I PROMISE!!!!
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