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Oh Where Oh Where Did Our Little Party Poison Go?

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Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.

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Chapter 2

The Next Day-----

Kobra Kids POV

I woke up early in the morning on my dusty matress with the sun shining straight into my eyes. For a few minutes I just stared up at the ceiling peicing together what had happened at the previous night.
Suddenly the all the memories of last night came back to me and hit me like a load of bricks. Us coming home and not knowing where my brother, Part Poison, was. We had left the club without him because he had probably just been caught up with some friends whom could drive him back to the Diner or he could stay at their camp. I got up knowing he would probably be outside in the kitchen smoking his cigarettes and drinking his coffee. I tried to stay to this mindset but I still had a feeling of worry.

We all sleeped in our clothes,because you never know when theres an ambush,so it took me about twenty minutes to do my hair and I was ready. I walked in to the kitchen to see Blue Flare,Battery Imploder and Artistic Accident in one of the booths wispering among themselves. They all had looks of worry on their faces,which was unusual for the gang. They were one of the mpst happiest gangs EVER. This immediatly fed to my worry.

As soon as they saw me they stopped whispering.

"Hi Kobra!" Blue Flare said cheerfully. Although she looked happy, I knew somethimg was on her mind.

"Hey Blue. Wheres Poison,hes usually up by now?" I asked.

"About that..." Artistic Accident said with a huge frown on her face.

"We kinda don't know where he is." Battery Imploder finished.

"Wheres the rest of my group?" I asked a pit of worry and frustration settling into my stomach.

"You were the last one up, and the rest of the guys said we could stay here last night after we saw a group of Dracs near our camp so when we woke up they made us stay here and wait for you to get up. In their words they wanted us to tell you this, 'we'll find him, so calm the hell down. Don't tell Grace he's gone, just hang out with her for a while. Tell her we are visitng old friends.' Blue told me.

" Had Dr.D heard yet?"I asked them as I sat down in the booth beside Accident.

"Yeah, hes broadcasting all over the radio that hes missing. So we'll have lots of helping hands. If the guys don't come back after about 8:00 they said you could join them." Accident said.

"Does anyone know who he was last with?" I asked trying to dig memories up from my brain. I knew he had been drinking with some girl.

I tried to think of the girl. I remember looking at her for a second. She had orange brown eyes and dark brown hair with the ends of her hair looking singed. She had a black laced head band on and she kept looking at Poison while he was singing. She kept looking at another girl who was flirting with some guy. She couldn't be old at all, no older than about 16ish. Her and Poison got drinks after the show, which suprised me. Poison hardly ever got drinks with someone he just met,much less a girl so young. The only girl hes ever actually DRANK with, was Lynz,but she was long gone.

"I don't know who he'd actually drink with except for one of us..." I trailed off deep in thought.

My thoughts were ended as Grace woke up from her sleep and walked in. Her face lit up like a christmas tree as she saw our visitors. She had been at the diner with Dr.D,so she had no idea Poison was missing.

"BLUE! ARTISTIC!BATTERY!!!" She yelled as she ran over to the booth and gave each of them a hug. She sat on Batterys lap and grinned as wide as the Chashire Cats grin.

"Wheres the guys?" She asked,her grin slowly faded into a scrunched up worried face.

"Visiting old friends. They should be back soon..." I lied, hoping that maybe Poison was JUST visiting an old friends......

Lady Madnesses POV

We had just finished another glass of wine laced with Dragons prays blood. We were laughing and talking like normal Killjoys, eating some nice speghetti that actually tasted decent. Normal, except for the blood in the wine and possibly the speghetti sauce.

"Ah, this is sooo worth the hunt!" Dragon said.

"It really is." Party Poison was still asleep on the couch, we had let him breath a couple breaths of Chloroform to ensure a nice dead sleep. For some reason I didn't want to kill him, he was so handsome and friendly and---I needed to stop thinking about him that way.

"Dragon, I have to tell you something..." I was just gonna tell her the truth.


Just as she said that Party Poison woke up and pointed his gun straight at my head.

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