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Times Change, And So Do People

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"For Everything You Have Missed,You Have Gained Something Else,And For Everything You Gain You Lose Something Else"

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Chapter 3

Lady Madnesses POV

Just as she said that Party Poison woke up and pointed his gun straight at my head.

"WHO ARE YOU!?WHERE AM I!? WHOS THAT DEAD GUY!!!" He screamed at us.

"Im Lady Madness, that's my friend Toxic Dragon. You're at our cave, and that dead guy is our supper,and if you don't stop pointing that ray gun at my head,you will be also!" I said with a over the top cutesy smile.

I was of course bluffing, I was just going to suggest we NOT kill Party Poison.

"If you don't let me go this minute I swear to God i'll pull the trigger." He warned,with his eyebrows raised, he talked almost like he was warning a teenage girl that he would take away her cellphone. I thought he would have thought i'd say, 'Oh no, not the trigger!' and beg for my life. But just as I thought she would, Dragon pounced on dear Party and held him to the ground face down.

"Now listen here Party Poison," she said bitterly," Our girl here Lady M, she doesn't want to kill you. Soon, you can go to where ever you stay after we have our celebration.A little blood,not enough to kill you, alright? I'm sure you've had worse scrapes with death before,your almost number one on the exterminate list.So take this as your chance to shut UP!! You youngens are giving me a terrible headache."She said,even though we were the same age and Party Poison was probably older.Finaly she glanced up to see my suprised face.

We then tied up Party Poison and locked him into the broom and utilities closet. Yes, our big old scary vampire cave has a broom and utilities closet.

We continued on with our wonderous dinner till the sun began to set. I glanced at the wrist watch I always carry. Dragon calls me a nerd for carrying it, but it will come in handy someday. Someday.

It was about 8:30 now. Me and D decided to clean up the dishes and just sit around drink some wine.Chill out, like normal people. Of course when we did the dishes,we had to have a bubble fight so by the time we finished,we forgot about my minor problem with Party Poison whom we also forgot was stuck in the closet, until he spoke up.

"UM! IM STILL IN THE CLOSET AND WOULD APPRECIATE A LITTLE AIR." This polite statement from Party Poison made us laugh even more.

We were suprised to hear the sound of engines outside our cave/hideout. We grabbed our guns and got ready for a fight.

We took the roof exit from our caveish place and climbed out onto the sandy roof. We saw three men looking around the cave and trying to find a way inside.

"Go inside. If they get in you know what to do." She whispered to me.

I swooped back into the cave and hid behind the door. Of course as soon as they got in, Party Poisone decided to shout. Just our luck.

"ANYBODY OUT THERE!? IM TRAPPED IN THE BROOM CLOSET OF THREE POTENTIAL CANNIBOLS OR VAMPIRES!"He screamed. Shoulda ducktaped his mouth when we got the chance.

"Party!" A man about six feet feet tall with an awesome brown afro ran into our cave. I pointed one of my guns at him and he stopped halfway through our cave. Next came in a small man, I was the same height, with raven black hair and I pointed my left gun at him. One more man with slicked back sandy brown hair came in and pointed his gun straight at my head.

"Drop the gun and I won't shoot you." I dropped my gun and slid it across the sandy desert ground of our cave to him.

"Good. Now tell us where you hid him."

"In the closet." I said while giving him my death glare. I pointed to the dusty rundown door.

He flung open the door while the other two stood there and pointed their guns to me. He saw his redhead friend tied up and sitting beside a mop. He untied his brother and helped him get up and dusted off.

"Walk." Gigantor Afro Man demanded as he pointed his gun to the back of my head as I followed the other three.

They lead me to outside to the desert where the sun was slowly fading. As we walked over to the vehicle that was a couple feet away, I saw the lifeless corpse of my best friend. It pained me to see, I felt a stab through my heart. They killed her.


"We didn't kill her. She gave us a paper, then told us to give it to the girl inside. Then she shot herself." Blondey told me with a frown on his face as he explained the last sentence.

He handed me a folded up piece of paper he had in his hand. I read it and my vision blurred. My knees felt shaky. She had really done it. She killed herself,and any bit of insanity I had built up since I was changed. I became dizzy and soon the world was spinning and my feet wouldn't work.

"Lady Madness? Lady M?" Party Poison stopped the group and put his hands on my shoulders. At that point, i'd decided it was my chance to pass out. He caught me when I fell.
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