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Moving on,is a simple thing. what it leaves behind is hard...

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Moving on,is a simple thing. what it leaves behind is hard...

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The 4th chapter! Sorry its a little short, and kinda rushed. More sooon!

Party Poisons POV

I gently put my hands on her shoulders. "Lady Madness? Lady M?" I asked gently.

I noticed her knees were wobling and she was swaying from side to side. She started to fall and I swiftly caught her. She was way lighter than I thought, so it was easy for me to scoop her up by the legs and back.

"Is she out?" Jet asked.

"Like a light." I replied.

Although she was the one who lured me to her cave,possibly kidnapped me, she was also the one whom saved my life. I felt like I knew her from somewhere,which was extremely weird.

I carried her back to the Trans Am and climbed into the back seat and laid her on my lap. Jet was driving which menant it would be a slow,relaxing ride, Ghoul was in the back with me and Kobra was sitting shot gun. She must've fell asleep because she curled up against my chest. We drove back to the Diner in silence, not wanting to wake her. It was up close I noticed her striking features. She had long dark brown hair with the ends looking as if they were singed. She was wearing a bright yellow shirt with a logo that ironically quoted Live Strong. Her skin was as pale as powder, but her cheeks had a bit of red on them.

After hours of going from zone to zone in silence, Jet pulled to the front of the Diner. She stirred in her sleep and her eyes fluttered open. She looked straight into my eyes and widened them in fear.

"WHERES DRAGON!" She yelled. I watched her face fall as she remembered what happened. I could see the sadness in the intelligent orange brown colour of her eyes.

"Are you gonna kill me?" She asked, trying to make her voice sound emotionless. She failed, I could hear the sadness in her voice. Although most was sadness, I could her something else. Longing?

"You saved my life, I don't see why we should kill you." I replied.

"She's really dead?" She squeaked, I could tell she was gonna cry.

"I'm sorry."

By this time the guys had left us alone in the car to talk.

She was holding back tears, I could tell from many years of experiance. I held her to my chest, not in the i'm-so-heroic-i'm-holding-a-teenager-to-my-muscular-chest kinda thing more like a loving father would.

"WHY WON'T YOU KILL ME!? IM A MONSTER! I DESERVE TO DIE!" She shouted in her outburst of anger.

I drew a deep breath before talking.

"No one deserves to die. I know what your thinking, if you die you'll be with her. It's not like that. If you die, you wont die with her, you'll just die. You get one chance. You're beautiful, and it would kill me to loose something else so beautiful." I told her.

She began to cry, huge monster tears, staining my jacket. I began to rock her and sing sleep.

"Some say, now suffer all the children
And walk away a savior
Or a madman and polluted
From gutter institutions
Don't you breathe for me
Undeserving of your sympathy
Cause there ain't no way that I'm sorry for what I did

And through it all
How could you cry for me?
Cause I don't feel bad about it
So shut your eyes
Kiss me goodbye
And sleep
Just sleep

The hardest part is letting go of your dreams

A drink for the horror that I'm in
For the good guys, and the bad guys
For the monsters that I've been
Three cheers for tyranny
Unapologetic apathy
Cause there ain't no way that I'm coming back again

And through it all
How could you cry for me?
Cause I don't feel bad about it
So shut your eyes
Kiss me goodbye
And sleep
Just sleep"

Her eyelids began drooping,until finnaly they were closed. All the osounds coming from the Trans Am were her shallow deep breaths.

I carried her inside bridal style once again and laid her on the bed in the spare bedroom.

I walked out into the Diner part of our hide away and was greeted by Grace. It was nice to see her smiling face as she ran over to tackle me, hug style.

"Party!Your back! How was your friend?" She asked.

My friend? I had no idea what she was talking about. So I went along with the 'friend' thing
assuming it was an excuse so she wouldn't be scared about the whole, getting kidnapped by possibe vampires, whom one was now sleeping in the other room of our diner.

"Uhhh, she's great. Shes ummm, in the spare bedroom sleeping. I have a feeling she will be here for a while." I told her half truthfully. I didn't know if Lady Madness was considered to be a friend, but I was pretty sure she would be staying here for a while.

Grace's grin spread wider. "It's a SHE!?" She asked me anxiously.

"Uhh,im pretty sure it's a she." I looked past Grace and saw the guys trying not to laugh as they sat in a booth and listened to our, well, interesting, conversation. Ghoul's muffled laugh now turned into burts of giggles.

"How do you know Party Poison?" He laughed.

"Know we know what was happening in the car!" Kobra Kid finished Ghouls sentence. I swear my face turned a deep tomato red.

Grace's face crinkled in confusion. "What are they talking about?"

"Nevermind Grace. They're just being, umm, stupid." I told her.

"When can I see her?" She asked curiously.

"Well, maybe if shes feeling ok, when she wakes up."

I quite honestly,wasn't looking forward to it as much as she was.
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