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“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.”

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“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.”

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Chapter 5

Lady Madnesses POV

I woke up curled up in white sheets and wooly blankets. It didn't matter how many blankets he put on me, I would always be a cold blooded killer.

I stretched my arms and slowly rose up to a crosslegged sitting position. It was then it finaly dawned on me, I was in the Fabulous Killjoys hide out. Dragon was dead. I had no f-ing clue where I was, they could rape me, torture me, they could even work for the industry for all I know. I was finally gonna be completely dead. At least I would be with Dragon, somewhat safer. We could adventure, be reckless,hunt all we wanted just like old days. This idea didn't sound to bad actually. It was surely better in what the Killjoys were probably planning.

'Might as well go face my death.' I thought as I climbed up from the stiff matress and onto the cold wood floor. I pulled on my black cowboy boots. Luckily for me, whomever this 'Party Poison' had slipped them off for me? He so far didn't seem like a killer, and it gave me a glimmer of hope after our discussion in the car truck thing. That's how skilled I am at knowing cars, I had resorted to calling things that car thing or that truck car thing. Nice.

I walked down the narrow boarded up hallway and opened a door that led to a old fashioned diner like room with booths covered in a think layer of dust, along with everything else in this old shack.

Inside the diner there were 8 people whom stopped their chatting and turned my way to stare at me.

"H-hi?" It came out as a question. Silence. Great.

I took this moment to take a good luck at all their faces. The first one Party Poison, emotionless. The second one was Gigantor Afro Man, the third was blondey and the fourth one of one of the booths was shorty raven dude, and he had a kid on his lap. She looked around eight. She had brown frizzy hair like gigantor had. She was smiling and her eyes were gleaming. Next I looked to the other group where three girls were smiling to me. One had blackish dark brown hair with blue on part of it. The girl next to her had kinda short blonde hair and glasses, but her side fringe was covering her left eye. There was one more killjoy sitting opposite to them ,and her hair amazed me. She had blonde roots,which faded into black which faded into a dark brown and she had chocolate brown tips. The girls looked pretty nice,but the boys showed no emotion at all. Only shorty raven haired boy, who had a slight smirk.

"Wow, so the guests have to introduce everyone?" The blueish haired girl laughed.

"Yeah guys!" The blonde haired girl asked.

"Well, I'm Artistic Accident,this is Blue flare" She said as she motioned to the brownish blue haired girl," and this is Battery Imploder." She said as she pointed to the blonde haired girl.

"Artistic Accident, Blue Flare and Battery Imploder. Got it." I repeated.

"Good. We don't live here, but we visit from time to time. It seems as if the cats must have the guys tounges,because they arn't usually like this. Care to share why?" She said, side glancing at the guys. No reply.

"C'mon, anyone wanna introduce their group?" Finally the girl raised her hand.

" Can I?" She asked Artistic Accident.

" Yes please, for the sake of my sanity."

"I'm Grace,this is Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul and Kobra Kid."She said as she pointed to each of them.

Ok, so Gigantor was Jet Star, Raven Hair was Fun Ghoul and blondey was Kobra Kid. I think I could remember that.

"Well, i'm Lady Madness." I said nervously.

"So were all caught up here?" Battery Imploder asked.

Just after she said that, the door to the Diner swung open,and a man in a wheelchair wheeled himself in.

" I'm Dr.Deathdefying,but you can call me Dr.D. I run the radio station, so I do that most of the time. Gotta go, nice to meet you Crash Queen." He said in his golden radio voice.

"Nice to meet you too." I mumbled.

I went over and sat down beside Artistic Accident. She smelled like grease and oil which was a lot better that me liking the smell of her blood.

"So, Lady Madness, tell us a bit about yourself." Battery Imploder said.

"Well, before the bombs went off, and Better Living took over North America, I lived in Canada. It was nice there, and my parents were really involved in the oil production," All of the smiles from the group grew wider at the mention of oil," and I had a great life. I was more on the darker minded level, but people liked me none the less. When the bombs went off my family moved to America, where the only sign of civilization was being rebuilt. Of course, that was Battery City. The pills had no affect on me, so I was always a rebel. It had a wierd affect, it made me kinda crazy. I had two friends, one whos name came to be as Toxic Dragon. The other, we don't know what happened to her. Still," By now they were half smiling, half in shock," but then me and Dragon escaped. We were reckless teenagers. We went to clubs and bars wherever we saw them." I knew I should stop now, they would probably scream if they heard the awful truth.

"But...Uhhh, we got caught in some bad situations and the situations changed our lives completly. Soo ya, we were better at living and we got along. She was happy, but just recently she ended her own life. Thats about it." It technacilly wasn't a lie.

"Do you have any other friends or family left?"Battery asked, frowning after I finished my story on my tragic past.

I shook my head. "Only my old best friend. She wasn't my best friend, she was like my sister. It was always me Toxic Dragon, my self and her before we planned our escape. It was during the escape when we lost her. Toxic and I had one more friend before she ended her life. Toxic Heart."

"Toxic heart!?" Blue yelled.

"We know her! She has a campsite near ours! You'll have to come see her and our campsite!" Blue exclaimed.

"Sounds good!" I replied. I smiled, not a fake one but a real one, I had begun to make friends.Then I realized that they were only guests, and i'd be staying with the emotionless guys, and the other smirky one. And the kid, I hated kids. They always looked at me funny. Kids were so cruel to me during my childhood, I've hated them ever since. And they annoyed me, if I complained the way they did nowadays, I was sure to get in huge crap for being so ungreatful.

We continued on chatting for a bit, I was really happy. Until we heard a knock from the Diner doorish thing,it was a boarded up door from the outside and you could only open it from the inside. Everyone grew silent. Apparently no one had been on watch, me and Dragon never had to worry about it though. Together we were like unbeatable. We could take on 20 Dracs no problem, and that was being modest. Of course we had speed, agility,naturally super teeth, and bloodlust on her hands, but oh well. That covers most of the advantages of being a vampire.

I watched as everyone drew their guns out and Grace tiptoed over to the corner and hid there.
They all climbed out of the booths and Party Poison walked over to the door and shouted,

A tired voice replied "The aftermath is secondary." I shuttered. I recognized that voice, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Party Poison signaled that he was opening the door, the group pointed their guns towards the door.

I saw the three girls, more like ladies whom were coming in, and gasped. I could feel the tears in my eyes, and my vision went blurry.

"Lady Madness. Are you ok?" Fun Ghoul lowered his gun and moved my head so I was looking into his eyes. They were such a brilliant hazel, twice as gorgous as Party's.

"I-it's them G-Ghoul." I stuttered. They were gonna kill him. They were gonna kill us all. I turned my head and looked straight as the Girl who was talking to Party. The other two were standing there,eyeing each and every Killjoy in the room. I saw it in their eyes, the hunger. I looked over to their leader once more, and she met my eyes. She looked into my eyes, and I saw it again. The hunger.

Fun Ghoul turned my head se we were looking at each other again.I couldn't let this happen. They weren't gonna kill them without killing me. (Which I was certain was gonna happen at this point).

"I'm okay. I promise. I uh, just had a bad thought." I said,my voice sounding frail.

"If you say so. Tell me if theres anything wrong, ok?" He still sounded worried, he obviously didn't believe my lie one bit.

I looked into their leaders eyes one more time,and this time, I glared back at her. I wouldn't be afraid of her again. Even if it kills me.

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