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Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.

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Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.

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Bonjour! Thank you to the two awesome reviewers i've had these last chapters! I LOVE reviews and raters. Heres a deal, if I get two ratings before Firday,i'll post two chapters on one day! You know you want them, so doo it!!! Sorry this chapter is crappy, I had to go to the dentist and get my tooth pulled and it hurts like a femal dog. AND theres a giant forest fire outside my town, and we are on evacuation standbye. STRESSERZZZZ, R&R for the sake of my sanity and love, PLEASE

Chapter 5
Lady Madnesses POV

I looked into their leaders eyes one more time,and this time, I glared back at her. I wouldn't be afraid of her again. Even if it kills me.

Fun Ghoul walked over to the group. They had now lowered their guns and were huddling and mumbling among themselves.

I walked over to the newcomers.

"Oh well look who it is! Lady Madness! How've ya been?"One of them asked in mock friendliness. I recognized this one as Zone Zapper, she was strong, but I was far more stronger.

"You guys know each other?" Poison asked suspiciously.

"Yeah we go way back. Right Madness?" Viper Vixen asked me, again in mock friendliness.

I just nodded my agreement,keeping my pockerface on.

"Hey Lady Madness, why don't we go outside to talk, get away from all this commotion. I don't think Party Poison would mind, would he? Crimson Sky,their leader, said as she gave a side ways glance to Party Poison.

"Not at all m'darlings. Not at all." He said absent mindedly.

The three girls led the way out of the Diner with little ol' me trailing behind them.

Once we were outside they dropped their friendly face, and gave me a devilish grin.

"Wow Lady M! We never knew you had the guts to trap the whole diner!That was quite brave." Viper complimented.

"But I-"

Say no more, say no more. We get it..You can take them. We don't doubt it, but we need to stick together. Tell ya what, if you share with us, we can help you bring back Dragon. Sound good?" Crimson Sky asked.

She knew I needed help to bring back my old friend. I hadn't been friends or even really known another Killjoy whom could help me contact the dead, and Crimson Sky knew that's what I would want.

They were all staring eagerly at me, I wstarted to question myself.

I was kinda hungry, and it would mean bringing back Dragon. It was like a trade,the lives of the Killjoys inside the Diner, the ones who were willing to accept me into their family or Dragon, the already dead friend that i've been running with. Dragon wanted to end her life, and she never loved me anyways, shes told me that she would rather run with someone else.I then remembered my pact, I was never going to be afraid of them. Or give in.

"You won't touch them. They arn't my prey, they're my friends," at least I thought they were," They're nice people."

"Yeah, nice people. We, as vampires, arnt meant to be friends with them, We are meant to hunt them. Well, real vampires at least. Were willing to kill anyone who gets in our way." Crimson stated,the familiar fire powered by hunger coming back to her eyes.

"Now, bring us to your room and pretend to be showing us the note Dragon wrote to you. Do it, or we'll kill the little girl first." Zapper said pointing me towards the door.

I knocked on the Diner door and Party Poison opened it once more.

"Uh, hey, I have to show the uh, girls something in my room if that's ok?"I asked him. I probably sounded nervous which fed to my anxiety that something bad was gonna happen.

He just nods,his face emotionless. I walked down the hallway and I glanced out of the corner of my eye to see the ladies following me. Crimson Sky started to walk beside me, and I could feel her skin brushing mine.

She opened a door that said 'Food Supply' and it had a giant lock on the outside. She opened it and pushed me inside. I heard the latch close and knew I was in huge trouble. I also heard the sinister snickering of the two girls at what their leader had done.

I heard their footsteps go down the hall into the diner.And I knew,this could be the end of The Fabulous Killjoys lives.
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