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The affections are like lightning: you cannot tell where they will strike till they have fallen.

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Romance and a flash from the past

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Hello! a very sad and happy chapter. if your reading this Loran, I hope I the part done right. R&R PLEASE

Chapter 6

Lady Madnesses POV

I heard their footsteps go down the hall into the diner.And I knew,this could be the end of The Fabulous Killjoys lives.
I just sat there for a moment, wondering where this was going. What was I going to do? I knew eventually they were gonna kill me, and I suprised myself by realizing that I wasn't scared anymore. I wasn't scared anymore, so why didn't I figure out a way to save The Killjoys? I decided to try ram the door down.

After many attempts and almost killing my shoulder completly, I got a running start. I ran as fast as I could and turned my body sideways,football playerishly. I felt the old boards break at the side where it was locked and I felt the familiar smell of the musty Diner wash over my face.

I ran through the hall and into the Diner area. I saw The Killjoys draw their guns and Viper and Zone Zapper tense up, ready for a fight.

I looked over just in time to see Crimson Sky start to pounce over to Poor Gracie. I jumped into action, my senses taking over. Just as her arms collided with Grace's shoulders, I jumped onto Crimson Sky. I had to admit, I was impressed with myself.

I wrapped my hands around Crimson's neck and felt her hands claw at my face. I felt blood drops coming out of my eyes as she clawed at them.

The rest of The Killjoys burst into immediate action. Fun Ghoul had now picked up Gracie and ran out of the Diner, I assumed into the safe arms of Dr.D. Party Poison,Jet Star and Kobra Kid were in a gun battle with Viper, and The rest of the Girls were fighting with Zone Zapper.

In my little battle with Crimson as I was choking her, I had a flash back.


France,Medeival Times

I looked at Mummy then back at Aunty and Loran. Loran smiled and we walked out of the room in our pretty dresses and into the study. Our mansion was huge, with two seperate buildings. One was for my family and the other was for my Mothers Sister and her daughter. We were always Best Friends, but considering we were not aloud to leave the mansion, she was my only friend. Every week my Mother arranged for a private tuto to come and teach us. Momma said that her and Daddy had a special job, and the police were badmen and we had to hide. I didn't know what he emant, but you should never question Daddy, he doesn't like it.

Me and Loran went to explore the new passage Mummy had told me that was in the basement. Mother and Aunty followed us through and showed us how to get in and out in case of emergancy.

Mother was explaining how to unlock the door, and we heard a gun shot and a big thud! coming from upstairs where Daddy and Uncle were. I looked over to Mummy who had tears in her eyes and she was whispering frantically to Aunty. I looked at Loran whom looked back at me.

"Darlings, go into the hide out, we will be right there," I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, I froze there. Who was that and where was Daddy?" GO!Now!" She yelled and Loran and I opened the passage door and climbed through the halls. Something felt wrong,terribly wrong. I heard another gun shot and another. Me and Loran were sobbing onto each other.

Mother and Aunty stobbled into the room. Mother came over to me and Aunty over to Loran.

"I'm so sorry mon chére. But I must do this." She whipered into my ear. I could see a red stain covering her heart. Her breathing was rigid and she looked horrible. i felt a sharp pain in my neck. It lasted for a few seconds and then it was gone. I felt faint but I hugged my Mother and decided not to sleep. My Mother broke the hug and looked into my eyes. Her skin was now stained with red, and I realized this was blood. My blood. She unclasped the necklace she always wore. A Pure black orb with silver wings around it. She slipped it onto my neck.

"Au revoir Mon Chére.Vous voir dans le afterlife." She whispered and she fell onto the cobblestone ground.

"Mamam! Se réveiller!S'est réveillé, s'est levé!" I told her, in our language. Father made us speak English, but I knew my Mother loved French more. I looked over to see Loran, with a huge bite on her neck and the necklace resting around her neck.

The men came in and glared at us. They raised their guns and fired a bullet. The world went black.

France, the 17th century

Me and Loran woke up at the exact same time. We brushed our hair, brushed our teeth, the usual. This Orphanage was finnaly different, not to many rats, personal space and our own bed. For Loran and I, this was luxary.

We walked down, helped the cooks cook breakfast and ate. Apparently there was two families here to see us. They were from a small village in the middle of no wear and they were good friends. Loran and I could keep in contact, which is why we decided to put on our best dresses and do our hair up.

After breakfast came the interview.

"Jenna Boutilier." Mrs.Bonsur called. My name was weird, and I hated it.

"Loran." Mr. Bonsur called with his thick french accent making it sound like Lore-ahn.

the family was nice and so was Lorans. They decided to adopt us both, and we moved to a far away land.

Little did we know this place was formed into North America. Me and Loran had stayed looking no older than 16, so when our caregivers passed, we were always given new ones. We figured out what legacy our Mothers really did pass on, and that was the Legacy of vampires.

End Of Flashback________________________________________________

I felt Crimsons pulse underr my hands as I continued to choke her. She began tearing at my arms now and she was slowly wearing me down. Finally she gained control and flipped the situation around so she was choking me, until finally she dropped. I knew she didn't die, She would only lay there, sleeping for a few years unless she had given her gift of immortality up, or she gives it to someone else.

I shoved her lifeless body over to the side and stood up. I had clawmarks littering my arms, but they would fade soon.

"Are you okay!?" Party Poison asked me, his eyes filled with concern.

"Yeah." I said panting. It apparently was tiring chocking someone.

Something felt odd, it was like I was forgetting something.

I saw Party Poison staring into my eyes. It was like he could stare into your soul or something, but I kinda liked it.

"Your neckalce fell off." He said. I looked at his hands, where he was holding the old,beaten down necklace. I snatched it from his hands, so fast he could hardly blink.

"Thanks." I mumbled.

I fumbled with the chain and struggled to put it on. Damn, I never knew how to put it on properly.

"Do you want some help?" He asked. I only nodded, but my stomach was full of butterflies.

He held out his hand and I gently dropped the neckalce into it. He slid my hair bakc and I felt his soft hands brush my neck as he put the necklace on. He turned me by the shoulders and admired my necklace. He brushed his hand on my face as he looked into my eyes. He turned away and went out the door, probably to check on poor traumatized Gracie.

Voila! and thanks for reading :)
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