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"Sisters in arms, Forever"

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Sisters In Arms, as they say....

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Ni hao! View, the newest installment of Dangerous Days! It explains who Radioactive rose is. Also to Loran if you read this: Call me on my cell!!!

Chapter 7

Radioactive Roses POV

I stood up proudly, conquering this giant hill that I was climbing. I stood proudly,took off my bandana and smelt the sweet radiated air. I put my mask on and bandana on and set off towards the bottom. I jumped down many rocks and finally made my way to the bottom. As I took my first step off the hill, I felt my pendant fall off my neck. I grasped it up quikly and thought of Jenna. Was she even alive? We had gotten seperated when we escpaped BLI, but I would never forget her. She meant the world to me, and I regret making those rash decisions that we made that seperated us. I have only seen her exterminate posters, which meant the closest thing I had to family may still be alive. She kept her hair the same, the usual long dark brown/black hair (but not nearly as long as mine) with singed ends. I laughed at how she would singe them. She would take a lighter and hold the flame over the ends. Sometimes they would catch fire, and it would burn and she would freak out when it got close to her ears and then she'd either put it out with her hands or I would have to get water.

My hair was much easier to tame, although it was almost down to my knees. It was a pure,snowy white with blue bangs, and not the kind of white that old people have in their hair, the kind of white that the buildings of Battery City had been painted. I added the blue streak to proove I was a killjoy, and because I loved blue.

I slipped the pendant back onto my neck and took a look into the tiny compact mirror I kept. I looked at my eyes. They went from dark blue, to lighter blue, to purple and to deep purple. This was weird. The only time they ever turned that coulor was when I was around Jenna, but I knew that this was probably coincidence and I was probably just dehydraded.

I looked around the desert and realized I was starving once again. I started to walk, and I walked for a really long time. In the distance I saw a Diner. I began to walk toawrds it, Killjoys or not. I loooked up to see the old lights. The d, I and e were the only ones lit up, so I decided to call it the DIEner.

I walked up to the Diner,putting my mask with a blue rose and desgins around the eyes on. I knocked on the window, and I peered inside. I saw a group of three girls and a child and a male Killjoy. Their heads peered at the dusty window then they poited to a whole bunch of boards which I assumed was the door. I stood outside of it and a mans voice came through.

"The future is bullet proof!"

"The aftermath is secondary!" I yelled into the door wearily.

He opened the door and three girls pointed their guns towards me.

"I was only wondering if you had water. I mean no harm."

They all glanced at each other. One girl still kept her gun out, but the others relaxed a bit and put their guns in their holesters. The girls looked like typical Killjoy A little girl around 7 or 8 came out from under a crate and looked at me with wide eyes.

"Is she a bad guy?" She asked a man, he had dark skin and a slight downwards afro.

"No, Gracie sweetie the bad guys are gone. Lady Madness made them go away, remember?" My head snapped up. Lady Madness? Wasn't that Jenna?

She simply nodded, but I couldn't resist the urge to find out.

"Lady Madness? Did she have dark brown,almost black, singed hair?" I asked.

He nodded and crinkled his eyebrows as he was deep in thought.

"What's your name?" He asked me.

"Radioactive Rose."

"Would you like some water?" He asked , his eyes were full of concern and confusion.

I nodded and watched as one girl with brown hair and blue streaks got me a water bottle and tossed it. I caught it with one hand, even though I wasn't really paying much attention to catching it. The man with the fro raised his eyebrows even more.

"My name is Jet Star,this is Grace and Blue Flare, Artistic Accident and Battery Imploder. If you don't mind me asking, how do you know Lady Madness?"

My answer was so simple and I had said it so much, I instantly replied, "She's my Sister."

I swear his eyes bulged out of his head. He walked out of the Diner.

"He's going to talk to Dr.D."She explained. I just nodded and stood there. She motioned to a booth and I sat down on the old dusty cushion.

After minutes of akward silence, Jet Star came back into the Diner.

"They'll be back soon."

Lady Madnesses POV

After cleaning up the remaints of Crimson Sky and laying them outside a random cave to boil (and hopefully rot while she's sleeping) and also grabbing some of my stuff, we decided to go for a joy ride. It was myself, Fun Ghoul, Party Poison and Kobra Kid. They were blasting a song, and singing along to it, and going fast, but not as fast as I would go. After a song with many Na's in it, Dr.Ds voice came up.

"Listen up! We gotta 'nother Crash Queen here with us at the good 'ol Diner whos, uh, how can I say this a 'sister' of our new Crash Queen Lady Madness. So if you, Lady Madness, We'd like you to come back to the hideout and sort this whole mess out. Thanks for listening Killjoys, and remember, die with your mask on if you got to." A song about partying came up, and they immediatly stopped the car, turned down the radio and focused all their energy on me.

"YOU HAVE A SISTER!?" Kobra finally broke the silence.

"Sisters in arms,as they say." I replied nervously. In fact, thats what me and Loran say. After our childhood, we grew up as sisters. Not cousins, sisters. In fact, Loran and I have a tattoo that says 'Sisters In Arms' as well as our pendants.

Party Poison was looking at me with a emotionless face, as usual. I waited for a couple more seconds, then motioned for him to continue back to the Diner. I was thankful for the joy ride and chance to grab my mask, my gun and bow and quiver and my hiking backpack full of clothes and other survival gear. I was good at shooting with ray guns, but I hardly ever missed with a bow. The only bad part about it was, that I only had a limited amount of arrows (they take forever to make) and it was more to prone to mame then to kill.

I was wondering what this whole 'sister' thing was about. The only one whom had actually known me as a full Killjoy was Dragon, but she had never ever called me or considered me more than even close friend. They days she was happy were the only time she'd admit being close to me. So I was generally suprised when I heard the whole 'sister' thing. I knew it wasn't Loran, she was dead. I had stopped thinking she escaped when we split up a long time ago, and I wasn't going to start thinking that now.

Kobra Kid had turned the music back on, but quitely now. Fun Ghoul continued to stare at me, while the tohers had turned away. I could see him from the corner of my eyes, and it was starting to irritate me. I turned and faced him and gave him a death glare back. His eyes met mine and his beautiful hazely eyes turned the size of marbles when they met mine.

"Dude! Your eyes! WTF!?" He yelled in shock.

I looked into the dahshboard mirror and saw that my eye colour went from dark blue, to lighter blue, to purple to dark purple. This made me nervous, it happened whenever I was near her. I tried to let go of those thoughts, weird coincidence and I was full of anxiety and stress. Yeah, that's all it is.

After my mind raced and I had tuned out everything else. Soon enough the car stopped, and back to the Diner we went. We all filed in, and that's when I saw her. Loran.

We raced the streets of Battery City. Sirens were wailing, and people working night jobs now closed their shutters or pur the 'open' sign to closed. After a couple of minutes we lost them. There were now two ways to get out into the Zones. A left one,through a brigde and tunnel, or the right one, trough a gateway. We stopped for a second and turned to face each other.

"I'll take the left." I offered. She nodded and turned to the right. Apparently most Dracs chose her, because she didn't go nearly as fast as I liked to go. I made my way through the tunnel and only got about 20 Dracs. I sped through the streets and brigde that outlined the tunnel and sped through the gateway. I watched laser beams skim by me, and I could feel myslef letting go and letting my bravery,and immortality fade away. If I let go of hope, or if I wanted to die or gave away my gift of immortality to another person, I would die. The same for Loran.

I kept speeding through Zone 1. Me and loran made a place to meet. We heard of this cave from people who go in and out of the Zones and we decided we would meet there. I took one last glance around me, and I saw Loran, and alot of Dracs on her tail, speeding out through the right exit. She saw me and motioned for me to go, so I did.

I've never seen her since.

-----------------------End of flashback--------------------------------------------------------------

We both ran to each other and we embraced. My eyes were filled with tears and I wanted to never stop hugging her. Finally we broke the hug and stared at each other. She had the same snowy white hair, but now it was longer and she had a blue streak in it. She always loved blue. I glanced at her eyes and they were the same as mine.

Finally we broke apart and looked at the Killjoys who now had a bewildered look on their faces.

"You two have some, SERIOUS, explaining to do." Party Poison told us sternly.

Voila! (Wow, I end almost every chapter with 'Voila!', next chapter thery'll be somethin new :) and a link to the angel pendant is here ------> and another note to Loran and anyone whom wants to check out what our band MIGHT be covering first: I garentee youll LOVE it!!! RATE AND REVIEW!!!
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