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Home Is Where The Heart Is

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A permanent home?

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Chapter 9

"You two have some, SERIOUS, explaining to do." Party Poison told us sternly.

We both looked at each other and we both knew the drill. We would talk in french,get our stories straight and explain it to the others.

"Ok, allons-nous leur dire que nous sommes vampires?" She asked me.

"Partie Poison sait déjà, im assez sûr que les autres pense que oui. Permet de se contenter de leur dire,ses pas comme ils pourraient nous tuer!" I laughed.

Radioacitve Rose laughed also.

"Haha,yeah.Mon nom est radioactif est levée, whats votre nouvelle?" She laughed.

"Dame Folie." I replied.

The others had faces of confusion on their faces.

"Speak ENGLISH!" Fun Ghoul demanded.

Radioactive Rose and I laughed.

"Ok, well it's a very VERY long story. So grab a seat and shut up and listen." I told them.

They all sat down into the two closest booths and sat there, myslef and Rose stood infront of them.

I walked over calmly to Poison whom was sitting at the end of the booth with the rest of his group.

"Gracie might not want to hear this." I whispered close to his ear. He nodded.

"Gracie,sweetie. Dr.D needs your help in the Radio Room. Please?" He asked her. She nodded and climbed off of Jet Stars lap and walked over to the Radio Room and closed the door.

I walked back to the front with Rose.

"Well, as most of you might know or think, me and Rose arn't human. We were born in France during Midevil times. Our Mothers were Vampires, making us half Vampires. There were hunters and humans out looking for them, although our Mothers never kill, only take what they need or hunt only animals. But, none the less, they still hate our Mothers and blame them for Killing humans,causing sickness over humans, and blame them for bad crops and such. So,we lived away in a mansion in the woods and that's where we grew up. The only people we knew were each other, our Mothers and Fathers, our Grand Parents and our private tutor who was paid under the counter. Eventually the hunters found the tutor, and bribed him with so much gold, it could make a castle full of it. So, he told us where the masion was. The hunters came and shot our Fathers first, the went for our Mothers.They shot them, but our Mothers would have lived if not for us. The only way to kill a Vampire is with a weapon even I cannot make, or the Vampire decides to give their Immortality to a human or half vampire. If they're are critically wounded or shot, they'll rest. It's kinda like sleeping,or being dead for months or years, and then you wake up. If it is time to wake up and your soul decides to give up and sleep forever, then that's the other only way. But anyways, our Mothers were shot in the ribs. They still had time before they would fall asleep, so they went to the secret passage were me and Lo- Rose were hiding. They gave up their immortlaity because they knew the hunters would find us. They bit us,making us full Vampires and they gave us these pendants to remember them by," Me and Rose then held up the pendants our Mothers had given us,"Eventually we left our mansion after the Hunters left for a couple of years, and went to an orphanage. Each foster parent died. We were given new ones, but they always kept us together. We were moved to North America after a very long time, and kept switching families until the bombs went off. We moved to a orphanage after our parents died in the bombing, we were adopted, by uh, Korse."Everyone flinched at the mention of his name, like everyone flinchs whenever someone says Lord Voledemort." He was the meanest cruelist man ever. Even to his adopted daughters. We were his ginuea pigs still, so we left. We looked like 16 at the time, because our age changes a tiny bit every century. But anyways, we ran. On our escape, me and Rose got split up. She made it out, but a different way than I did. I thought she was dead, but she made it out. She thoguht I was dead, but since were both, kinda alive, but still half dead. We are like sisters, we even bullet holes and tattoos to show it."

We lifted the sleeves of our jacket to show the spot where we had our tattoo 'Sisters In Arms' and on Rosies shoulder there was a scar where the Hunters had shot her and my neck, where there was also the scar.

Everyones mouths made a perfect O and some of the girls had tears in their eyes. I still had a pang of sadness in my stomach from our past.

Party Poison raised his hand like a child in a schoolhouse.

"Yes Party Poison?" I asked in a mock English accent.

"I just wanted to say, Welcome to our group, The Fabulous Killjoys." He said, a smirk on his face.

I looked at Rose who was now looking at me.

"Thanks." We replied at the same time, and I could feel my face turn into a smile. I figured we'd finally found a possible permanent home.
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