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Rooms and Bonfires

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Rooms and Bonfires

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Chapter 10

Lady Madnesses POV

Me and Rose listened to Party as he explained the rules of the Diner.

"No guns outside of their holesters or proper places." He said as he glanced at Fun Ghoul

"It's wasn't my fault he didn't know he was sitting on my gun." He mumbled.

"Yes it was. And usually we put one pair of people on watch in case of a Drac attack. But we don't have to worry about that right now since the Girls are on watch. No inguring,maming or killing another Killjoy, we need all the recruits against BLI. Got it?" We both nodded our heads.

"And lastly. We have two extra rooms. When you guys figure out,probably fight over the bigger one, since your both staying," We both nodded eagerly," carve your name into the door. Got it?"

Once again we nodded our head.

"Wait!" Fun Ghoul called. "Run to the spare room in THREE! TWO!.... ONE.................GO!!" He shouted and we raced towards the hallway.

The hallway once again had a layer of dust and smelled like desert still. It was a big hallway, so me and Rose were slamming each other into walls,trying to trip each other and laughing. Well, I was laughing, but Rose has always had a, well, cackle. She hated whenever someone other than me made fun of it, but everyone did. Shes tried millions of times to change it, but every try has been unsuccessful.

So, when she saw the first door without a name carved in it, she ran to it. I saw a door at the end of the hallway, and I ran to that one. It HAD to be the bigger one. The room was spacious even with a single bed,a bookshelf with tons of books and a loveseat.It also had some withering plants, but another ability I had was the ability to garden. Not the kind of garden old people had, the kind that was told in fairytales, with flowers so beautiful they could take you breath away. So I knew I could bring the plants back from the withered. It had white walls with soft green furnitue in it also, green was my favourite colour.. It was PERFECT. I shouted dibs loud enough for Rose to hear, then because we promised never to double cross dibs so she couldn't steal it, and I went over to Rose's room.

I saw her smirking face. She thought she had gotten the bigger room. Her room was average sized with a single bed,light blue walls, and a shelf full of books,movies and papers. In a way hers was perfect for her. The blue walls were also perfect for her, because she loved blue and she loved swimming. She was an amazing swimmer, and all fish loved her. Kinda like me with gardening and animals, except it was her with water and all the aquatic fish and plants.

"Lets see yours now." She told me and we walked over to mine. Ours were almost side by side, but mine was at the end. Her mouth fell into a smile slash shocked face.

"I LOVE yours. But mine's still better." She said as she stuck her tongue out. We both laughed. She pulled out her hunting knife and walked over to her doorway. She pulled the door closer to herself and held the handle with her left hand as she carved her name with the knife in her right hand. After carving and outlining it a few times she drew rose buds at the sides.

The reason why she had always drew roses on her drawings or included roses in her name was because we had made up signs for each other. Hers was always rose because she loved roses and I had thought of her as a rose,beautiful and delicate but cuts with her thorns. I had always loved Ivy vines, and she had thought of me as ivy. One day while we were in France we had gone out to a gardners garden. I picked long peices of Ivy and twisted them into my hair. She picked a rose flower off of a bush and pinned it to her head.Her and I started to think of Killjoy names before we broke out of Battery City. Mine was supposed to be Poison Ivy, and hers Radioactive Rose. I had changed mine to Lady Madness because it pained me to thimk about her while I thought she had given up her immortality and died for good, and because I went a little crazy after her death.

"Can I use your knife?"I asked her. She nodded and threw it to me. I caught it by the tip of the blades skinny side.

I turned towards my door and wrote Lady Madness, and I put Ivy vines around it. We nodded and we made our way to the Diner.

Everone was doing something. Ghoul and Jet weren't in the Diner,Poison and Kobra Kid were planning something out on a map, and the girls were still taking watch on the roof. The Girl was probably with Dr.D still. Me and Rose walked in the Diner and walked over to where Kobra and Poison were looking at the Map.

"So who got the bigger room?" He asked us,with a toothy smile planted on his face. I raised my hand and smiled sheepishly.

"Good good. You may want to rest up before dinner, maybe catch up a bit if you want to. We are going to have a bonfire tonight, and we'd love it for you to join us." Me and Rose nodded.

"I think we'll just rest up before Dinner, it's been a long day. And we'd love to join you guys for the bonfire." She said, smiling towards Kobra Kid. His smile seemed to grow bigger as she said she was going to the Bonfire, and when she smiled to him.

'A little romance maybe?' I thought to myself. I decided to let it go, me and Rose weren't to big on the romance department.Every boyfriend (and in a few cases Fiance) had withered away,commit suicide because we said no, cheated on us, hated us and called us monsters when we told them the awful truth. (In those cases, we had to kill them, no matter how much we loved them).

We headed off to our rooms and chatted. My mind was racing about how our bonfire with the Fabulous Killjoys would go.

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