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Dinner Time!

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kinda short, but better tomorow, I promise!!

Chapter 11

Lady Madnesses POV
We headed off to our rooms and chatted. My mind was racing about how our bonfire with the Fabulous Killjoys would go.

We got to our rooms and unpacked our stuff. It felt good to have a fresh start, and even better to have Loran with me. This had to be one of the greatest moments of my lifetime.

"Hey, do you want any help packing?" She asked me. She didn't have much to pack, because she didn't have any home. She carried a couple different packs of clothes in a army backpack, some weapons and that was about it.

"Sure!" I replied to her. She walked into my room and looked at each and very item,asked where I got them, then where they went. So,to say the least, unpacking was a slow but fun process.

"How do you think the bonnfires gonna go?" I asked her.I was a little nervous for it, it was our first actual time with the Killjoys.

She shrugged. I could tell she was nervous also.

"I guess we'll just have to put on our friendly face." I said as I shoved a pile of clothes into the chest at the end of the bed. Rose just nodded. Finally I grabbed my guitar and set it against the wall. Me and Rose both played guitar, Rose had somehow brought hers. I also played Piano, but it got boring so I learned guitar with Rose.

We then both layed down on the bed, side by side finally done unpacking my mountain load of stuff.

"Holy sweet Mother Mary that was more clothes than I thought it would be." I told her, breathless.

"Yes ma'am." She replied.

We heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." I said in a cheery voice.

"Diiiner timmmme!"Fun Ghoul told us, sounding like a five year old.

"We'll be out in a second." I said in a mock whiny voice.

"No, you will be out now young ladies."

"Fine Mom." I joked. We both held out our hands, beckoning for him to come help us off the comfy mattress. He sighed and walked over to the bed, and pulled us up with little effort. We walked down the hallway and into the Diner.

This could be a bit akward, them eating and us watching. Human food wasn't the greatest, the only thing I could eat were Alpha Getti noodles, (those pasta noodles in the shape of letters)
and fruit, something I could live off of for the rest of my life.

We walked into the Diner and sat at one of the tables. Fun Ghoul,Jet Star, Kobra Kid and Party Poison with the Girl in his lap sat at another. The other Girls, Blue Flare, Artistic Accident and Battery Imploder were sitting in another booth. Party Poison casually walked over and offered us Power Pup.

"Uh, do you guys wanna,uh, eat?" He asked us.

Rose looked at the Power Pup and her face scrunched up in disgust.

"I think we'll pass." I shuddered in memory of the days when we couldn't hunt we had to eat the god awful dog food.

Party Poison nodded. "Uderstandable. Everyone should be done in a couple minutes. Then we'll set up the bonfire so we can have it for nighttime. You guys drink alchohal right?" We both nodded.

"Great. In the mean time would you guys want anything to drink?"

"We'll share a water if that's okay?" I asked him. He nodded and got a water out of a icebox
and threw it to me. I caught it with one hand and took a very long drink out of it.

Party Poison walked back to his booth and we chatted while the others ate the dog food. After supper we helped the others build a tower of sticks. Party Poison held his lighter up to the top, which was covered in Battery City newspapers. It caught fast and the whole tower of sticks caught fire quickly and the desert hair grew wrmer around the fire.

"So, who wants to play the drinking game?" Fun Ghoul asked.

We all raised our hands. This was gonna be good.
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