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Chapter fourteen

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So more about Bob and the killjoys have been sighted near Bl/ind, will this ruin the break in plans?

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Sorry it took so long to get up, I was busy al day. I have an english project due and had to visit a local place of intrest and write about it. I chose an old house that was built in Elizabeethen (Sp) times. And I just found out I have a wedding to go to this month AND next year two close friends who my mum works with are getting married. I am so happy for them as it hasn`t been easy for them cause they`re gay. Lets just say their families are horrible. Sorry for boring you all with my life, but it`s nice that something good is happening for once.
Hope you like the chapter
Bob`s pov.
Muttering. Pain. That’s all I know; the cold bald man, and the black hair woman speaking about some experiment, and pain. Pain as they inserted yet another needle into my arms which were covered in marks from other needles. Each time saying that it would be the Last. Pain as they took yet another blood sample. I knew that I was the experiment that they talked so eagerly of. I knew where I was too: Better Living Industries (whatever the hell that was) but I didn’t know who I was.
They both just referred to me as an experiment, something that could go right or wrong, and if it went wrong it was nothing more than a slight setback. I`m lying on a steel table, with my wrist and legs secured. How long I have been lying here is unclear, my mind is foggy; probably from all the drugs they were injecting into me and forcing me to swallow. In the beginning I had tried to fight them off, but they were too strong, or I was too weak. But as the time went on I began to give in, hoping that my death would be soon, and hopefully quick. It soon became clear, however, that death would not be quick, or soon.
The man moves so that he is standing my head on my right side, brandishing what appears to be more pills. Joy.
“Swallow them.” He roughly opens my dry mouth (I hadn’t had any form of food or liquid since I had been here) and shoved them down my throat, causing me to choke slightly.
“They shall take about ten minutes to get into his bloodstream.” The woman tells him, writing something down on a very familiar clipboard.
“I also have found out some very interesting information.” She says, handing the clipboard over to baldy.
“Everyone calls him Bob.” Even in my heavily drugged up state, the name sparks some form of recognition in me, briefly at least. But then the latest batch of drugs kicks in and I remember nothing.
I slip slowly into the welcoming blackness that was becoming so familiar to me. The next thing I know I am off of the table and in a different room entirely. My wrists are still bound, but my feet are free.
“Hello, Bob.” Baldy smiles at me.
“Nice nap?”
I just sit there, confused, but whether that was from baldy smiling or all the drugs I was unsure. I was unsure about most things these days it seemed. I hear him whisper something to the woman about this being the ultimate test, then he turns his attention on me again.
“Bob, repeat after me. Better Living Industries is here to help people, to guide them.”
I find myself repeating the words, having no understanding of them.
“good.” He holds up a plain white folder. “This is a killjoy, Bob.” He opens the folder and takes out a picture of a girl with dark purple hair wearing a leather jacket, tight jeans and scruffy looking shoes with purple laces.
“What is a killjoy?” I knew the word from somewhere, but I couldn’t place it. This man was speaking as though they were bad and even though he had hurt me and drugged me, for some reason I believed him.
“They are rebels. They think they are doing the right thing, but in reality they are ruining a peaceful community, by rebelling and killing.” Wow, that didn’t sound good.
“They must be destroyed, for the good of everyone. Repeat.”
“They must be destroyed, for the good of everyone.” I could feel a small part of my brain screaming at me, but it was outweighed by the drugged up part, telling me to submit to what he was saying.
“Very good. Bob, your job is to do as we say and strop these evil killjoys.” He spat the word.
“Yes, sir.” His evil grin made my blood chill, but I said nothing, I was too weak, too tired and my mind had given in. I didn’t know it, but it, but my brain was now being controlled by the drugs. I was basically a mindless robot.

“Now then, Bob. We have a special job for you.” He held out another picture, this time of four killjoys. “This is Party Poison, Kobra Kid, Jet Star and Fun Ghoul. The fabulous killjoys” The four men looked strangely familiar for some reason. Four names ran through my foggy mind, but almost immediately vanished.
“We want these four most o all. A kid is with them, we want her as well.”
“Yes si-“
The conversation was cut off as the woman came running in, followed by a tall thing in a mask that Baldy told me was a “Draculoid.”
Korse, they have been spotted less than two miles away from here. They are reported to be heading this way.” The woman spoke in her usual businesslike manner, but I could tell she was clearly frustrated.
“They?” I ask Baldy, whose name I guessed was Korse.
“The fabulous killjoys.” Oh, right. Part Poison, Kobra Kid, Jet Star and Fun Ghoul. Those four were bad news, apparently.
Korse considered this piece of information for a moment. “Lock everything down. When they get here, we`ll be ready.” His laugh unnerved me, so did the calm way he talked about disposing of the so called killjoys. They were people too right? I had a killer headache and I had noticed I could think clearer now. I guess the drugs had just started to leave my system. This didn’t go unnoticed by Korse.
“Take these, they help with pain.” Did I believe him? No, without the drugs clouding up my mind I could think for myself, alto it meant I could feel pain again, and there was a lot of it.
“Take them.” He ordered me, and the draculoids edged closer to me. I gulped and hastily swallowed the pills, gagging on them slightly.

Fun Ghoul`s Pov
It was boiling hot, my feet were sore and I was dying of thirst. None of that mattered right now though; we were getting closer to Bl/ind headquarters with every agonising step.
“How much longer?” Crimson Rage asked, pausing to push her hair out of her eyes.
“Quit complaining!” Poison was getting irritated. But not at us, but at himself. He was scared, this time not for himself, but for us. Even though it wasn`t his idea to rescue the Killjoy stuck in Bl/ind, he still felt responsible. I guess it was `cause everyone looked up to him as a leader, a great one, even the Killjoys form the other groups. I flash him an encouraging smile and he quickly returns it, only for it to vanish as quickly as it had appeared.
“Not long.” Twisted Poison answered her.
Static was the only one who seemed that optimistic about the whole break in. Then again, she was hyper all the time, so I suppose it was the adrenaline and excitement of having something to do.
We stopped about three miles away for a break and to make any last minute changes to the plan. Me, Poison, Jet and Kobra were gonna distract `em, while Screaming Revolver , Blondie Valentine and Twisted Poison were gonna split up into two groups with Dark fire, Bullet, Crimson and Static. They would be relying on us to keep everyone distracted while they got in the back way, following Bee and the others who had actually done this before. That was the plan any way. Kobra had wanted us all to come, but Jet insisted Grace was to stay behind, which meant someone had to stay with her. Raven had made her brother and Willow stay behind `cause of her bad leg and they made her stay.
I did something I hadn’t done for a long time. I bowed my head slightly and put my hands together and prayed. I didn’t know what to say, it had been so long since I had stepped foot in a church, and had never really understood it all anyway. I prayed we would all return safely and stood up.
“Let`s go fuckin` kick the Bl/ind bastards asses!” Said, guess who? Electric Static, jumping up and running over to Bullet. I really felt for bullet, we all did. We knew something bad must have happened to her for her to be so untrusting and defensive, but e didn’t know what.
I glance round at all of my friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen for over a year and some that I had only met very recently. And I was prepared to die for them, we all were.
“You heard her.” Poison said. “let`s go!” he yells.
As we continue our journey, the same thought keeps playing in my mind. Bob? The killjoy we were attempting to rescue was called Bob. As ludicrous as it sounded, what if it was Bob, our Bob? For the most part I hoped it was, but a small part of me hoped it wasn’t. That same part of me hoped he had died quickly years ago, so he wouldn’t have to face this world.
“Ghoul, Ya coming?” all of them are waiting for me, I hadn’t realised I had stopped walking.
“Hell yeah!” I run over to them, and despite the situation we were all facing, I was happy. Even if I died today, I was doing what was right, helping my friends.
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