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Chapter 7

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My reaction was instant, I changed my stakes direction and aimed it at Gerard’s heart, at the same time he moved to the side faster than I could register properly.

Noting that my stake hadn't connected I spun on my heels and lifted my leg in an attempt to kick him in the balls. I'd like to tell you that it worked, I'd like to tell you that shortly after I was ready to break out my swiffer duster but I'm afraid that, that all would be lies.

Gerard caught my leg as it came out, then he swiftly jerked me forward so I fell and successfully hit my head against an alley wall was I fell to my back.
"Arrrgh!" I growled, I was pissed now. I threw my stake at him in a last chance effort to dust his ass. Gerard caught it, just before my best pal ever pierced Gerard's heart. I knew that I was screwed from that point on.

"Well that's a bad day." I stated still laying on the ground, Gerard's spare hand sill gripping my leg. I turned my gaze to him and raised an eyebrow.

"You uhh, gonna leggo' of that?" I asked glancing at my leg. His grip tightened for a moment and then he dropped my leg. I sat up and stared. Gerard put my stake in his pocket and
stared back at me.

"Well are you going to say something or just stare at my face expecting a circus show?" I said while staring him down. As I did so I noticed what he was wearing, a black jacket containing band t-shirt and what looked like black skinnies, and boots. His hair looked neat but a bit messy. 'He dresses really well', I thought to myself. Then just as I thought that, I slapped myself with a mental stick. 'No thinking thoughts like that about the crazy vampire who's after you! He's evil, evil does not dress well!' I nodded mentally and looked back at Gerard. He was trying not to smile about something. It was making me angry seeing him do that.

"What are you so giggly about?" I snapped at him from the floor.
"You." He laughed. Then he crouched down to my level and grinned a large grin. His fangs showed and a wave of panic ran up my body to my bite marks. Gerard noticed my stiffening and gave me a look.

"You're all tense. You've never gotten all tense before, not even when I almost crushed you with a trailer. Or even when Ray tried to cut you into little bits with a sword." Gerard said looking confused. "Is it Brandy and Brenda? Are you worried about them?" He asked like he was a friend inquiring about why I might be upset.

"Duuuuude, quit talking to me so casually, I know you're just here to kill me. Quit pretending like you care, creeps mehh out, and yes I am worried about them." I responded waiting for him to do his vampire thing and kill me already, or at least hopefully let it end that way.

"You're so naive." Gerard said rolling his eyes. "Would I have let you get away at Pete’s mansion in Chicago if I were going to kill you?"
"You might have wante- LET ME HAUL MY ASS OUT?!" I screamed from my spot on the concrete. "You may have lost more marbles than you know Way, because I escape all on my own." I shot back. Gerard just smiled.

"Whatever helps you hold onto your dignity I guess." Gerard shrugged. Then a look of enlightenment came over him and he got down on his hands so that he was crouched just above my legs. Not a good day.
"Unless, you'd like me to prove it?" He asked with a hint of excitement in his voice. I cocked an eyebrow at him.
"Prove what? That you let me get away? That's a load of bull beca-" I was promptly cut off by Gerard leaping out from his spot and tackling me, which caused me to bang my head into the wall....again.

Now I was really pissed, so I decided it was time to resort to my favorite form of defense. I [I]kneed[/]Gerard in the balls. Or at least I thought I had, but as it turns out the bandejo had moved slightly so instead of kneeing him in the balls, I slammed my knee into his stomach which, incase you've never faught a vamprie before, hurts like a mother.
"FACK!" I yelled out. Where were Bob and Alisha when you needed them?

"Done yet?" Gerard laughed a little. Then he began to do something strange, he grabbed me and by some work of whatever unholy creature he worships, he lifted me over himself and backed into my spot. Basically, he now had his back against the wall while sitting on the concrete, and I was positioned in between his legs while he held my arms behind my back. Not a good fucking day.

"Scared?" He whispered with a bit of something in his voice. I wanted to run in that one moment, I felt my body go into a state of panic, all the human instincts for danger were going off within me, but like hell was I gonna tell him that. So instead, I bit my tongue and snapped back venemously.
"Good to know," he laughed. Then he started kissing my neck. That's right, you read that right, this is no typo of the author, the fucker started kissing my neck. Now, I don't know about you folks at home but Gerard had passed the personal space bubble line about 40 miles back, so this was waaaayyy out of boundary.
"How about now?" He breathed out, and rested his lips on my marks. A massive wave of panic rushed over my body. I struggled a little.

"Yes? No?" He asked and tightened his grip on my arms. Now and only now did I wake up to what the hell was happening, he was letting his bloodlust take over him. I am such a winner. Maybe I should have listened to my Dad about becoming an accountant? Yeah, they don't have big deadly sharp things and people who randomly appear in your warehouse.

"Gerard don't you dare move." I instructed knowing I was screwed unless someone got here quick. Gerard pushed his face into the crook of my neck and breathed deeply. Then, just as I thought I was going to go down in one way I had dreaded, he stopped. Gerard froze up and then relaxed.

"I-I'm sorry." Gerard stuttered out, he stood up leaving me on the ground. "I shouldn't have done that, I apologize, that was unintentional. If you want Brandy and Brenda back, just come back to Pete's old place tomorrow night. We'll begin bargaining for her life then." Gerard said while stepping out in front of me and deliberately looking at the sky.
"Frank can really get attached to people quickly you know? I don't know if he'll let them go that easy, I hope you guys got something better than them, whoever plays videogames and is available, for him." Gerard said chuckling lightly. Then with almost a reluctance, he looked back at me, smiled and raced out of the alley.

I just sat there on the ground and tried to make my body and my legs understand what the hell they should be doing.
Luckily though, a girl came from around the corner and saw me lying there on the ground...


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