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I'll blow my brains against the ceiling.

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A Zombie Apocalypse Story. Gerard and Lynz have now entered THE END OF THE WORLD. Can they fight off the zombies and stay alive? Rate and Review!!

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I used this story for my extra credit so i decided to continue it and expand the story. Tell me what you think and please Rate and Review. Much love! Based off the songs headfirst for halos and early sunsets over monroeville. Sorry its short, kind of a background. Promise more action in the next.


Running away and hiding with you/ I never thought they'd get me here.

That line came to me while sitting in a coffee shop in New York; I thought back to that supernatural night that would forever haunt my existence. It happened longer than one night, months actually, but it still felt like it was only yesterday I was sitting with my best friend at the park trying to study for our exams the following week. The carnage from the apocalypse had yet to start. But I’m getting ahead of myself, yes, this happened much earlier than that day at the park. The memory that left me bitter with hate, and anguish, to say the least. So our story begins back home in California, 2003.

The Inception

The first signs of the zombie-infection began appearing on TV, but reporters and specialists were quick to dispatch any idea of that in order to avoid someone trying to cause a riot. I had been home alone at the time when they showed video of the people in the hospital, their cadaverous bodies scattered on beds, while nearby nurses tried to medicate them. Just when one was about to inject a needle the man grabbed her arm and bit her, literally taking a bite of her flesh. Her blood curling screams filled the room before they had time to take her off the air. Suddenly my cell phone rang causing me to jump after the scene on the television. I search through the couch, throwing pillows in the process until finally retrieving my phone, not bothering to check who it was. Early Sunsets Over Monroeville playing, indicating who it was before having to answer.

“Hello?” My voice was dull as I answered the phone.

“Lynz Ballato! Did you see the news? The zombie apocalypse is nearing! We have to be prepared.” It was Gerard Way, my best friend. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the guy to death but he could be such a dork. I sighed.

“It’s probably just a virus going around.”

“Oh sure, that what they want us to believe! They know of the impending doom at hand but aren’t willing to freak out the public yet.”

“Gerard, you don’t really believe this bullshit, do you?”

“Can’t you see? It’s a warning! We have to get ready for the zombie attacks before it’s too late, Lynz”

There was no point in arguing, his mind was made up and final. “Well, I’m home alone; let’s get ready for you ‘zombie attack.’ I got my pay check this morning,” I was a 20 year old girl that still lived with her parents and worked at Sears. On the bright side at least it was in a mall. I dropped out of college after just one year because I didn’t find anything the teachers said interesting. My parents were both owners of a big well known company called Escape the Dark, which helped find medicines for different types of cancers and other diseases. I had quit my job with them too because they refused to promote me even though I knew more about working with cells than some of the older, fat, useless workers that just sat on their butts doing nothing of importance. I wasn’t an idiot when it came to working in labs; my parents had often taking me to work with them. My understanding of the human body was phenomenal compared to those lunatics. While Gerard has his own apartment and worked in a book store with his brother in the same mall as me. He had a degree in the fine arts but like me was working at the mall too. He had started a band with some of his friends and brother. I hadn’t heard him sing before but Ray said he was amazing.

“My shift’s over. Meet me in the food court?”

“Sure, see you in 15.”

“See you!” He hung up.


“I’d very much appreciate your willingness to lend me some money, Lyns.” His hands were on my shoulders, trying to convince me to lend him some cash to buy a rifle. Gerard was a tall, slightly chubby person. Not too fat but not very muscular either. His ebony hair went down past his ears, resting nicely on his shoulders causing sharp contrast to his pale skin, bring out the hazel-green color of his eyes.

“You’re crazy! There’s no such thing as-“I was interrupted by the sounds of screams coming from a nearby JCpenny. A gruesomely injured man in jaded blue jeans was dragging his feet out of the store, saliva and mucus covering his filthy face. Women were screaming and pulling their kids while their husbands’ tried to stop the man from coming any closer. Suddenly the man grabbed a nearby woman and bit into her arm, drawing blood and tearing her flesh. Her screams sent everyone into looks of panic and confusion.

Gee turned to me and raised an eyebrow, giving me an ‘I told you so’ look. I glared at him. “See! I told you. Is that,” he pointed to the man, “enough proof for you?”

“Fine, what do we do?” I questioned him.

“Well first off, I’ll be right back.” He pulled out a knife from his jean pocket.
My eyes widened. “What are you thinking?!”

“Well we can’t have more zombies now, can we? Just wait I’ll be right back.” Before I had the chance to stop him, he ran over to where the people were running around like mad. Pulling his knife up high, he gracefully stabbed it into its head before removing it and slicing its throat. The man fell limply to the floor. His blood was oozing out like a broken hose. Gerard wiped his knife on the man’s shirt before strolling back to me, a smile plastered to his face. I smiled while shaking my head. He threw his arm over my shoulders and led me out of the mall. “So, about those rifles?”

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