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We'll Fly Home

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Can Lynz Handle killing zombies? Or will she fall apart and get killed? Rate and Review!!

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When we left the mall, the first place we drove to was Frank’s house. His parents had moved back to Jersey, thus leaving him with their enormous farm house with 15 arcs of land, perfect for spotting zombies at a distance. He had called the other guys while we were driving so we all met up. They chattered about the undead coming, as excited as little kids on Christmas. After deciding that the six of us would stay together, we had gone to many stores in town, stocking up on supplies. Hitting every store that sold things to help us stop the zombies, from crowbars to shotguns. On our way back I screamed for them to take me home. “Wait! Wait! We have to go to my house, I need some things!”

“Lynz! We can’t stop! It might not be safe. They’re could already be more of them. We can’t have you getting hurt. Besides we have guns and food. What else could you need?” Gerard stared at me with a frown.

I glared back at him. “You do realize I’m a GIRL, right? As in I have my needs every 28 days. Take me home.” All the guys blushed, turning to look out of their windows awkwardly. I smirked.

We stopped just outside my parents’ house, both cars were gone. I opened the car door and jogged over to the house. The guys followed behind me, but ended up staying in the living room. “Umm. We’ll just stay here while you umm get your stuff.” Ray said before sitting down on the sofa. The guys nodded and followed his lead. I laughed before running upstairs to my room. I grabbed my backpack and stocked up on all my necessities. I grabbed a brand new packet of tampons and pads, laughing just wondering what the guys would think if I threw one down. Hmmm. I giggled as I pulled out a tampon, quietly creeping over the ledge. They were intently watching the news. I smiled and tossed the tampon over to Mikey’s head. I stepped back but continued to watch for their reaction. Mikey looked confused. He searched for what had hit him before picking up the tampon from his lap. “Ewww!” He yelled, disgusted before throwing it to Bob.

”What the Fuck, man!” He threw it to Frank, who was laughing so hard his face was turning red. They kept throwing it at each other like idiots while I went back to my room.

I placed sets of clothes into my backpack along with some shoes. Who knows, maybe I’d get annoyed of my boots. HA AS IF! I looked around my room which was covered in posters and my art, seeing if I was forgetting anything. My eyes landed on my art supplies and bass guitar. Should I take them? “Lynz! What’s taking so long?” I heard Gerard’s voice call from below. Footsteps were coming up. In no time he was at the door, knocking. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah.” My hands were on my hips as I stared at my stuff.

“I think this belongs to you.” He handed me the tampon, blushing. I giggled but took it back before throwing it in the trash. “Do you have everything you need?” He looked around my room.
“I’m not sure if I should take my art supplies or my bass guitar. What do you think?” I looked up at him; his expression seemed to say he wished he had brought his stuff. “We should go back to everyone’s house and let them bring some stuff too. You seem to miss your sketch books.” I smiled at him, walking over to hug him.

He laughed. “Yeah I think I do want to grab some things. You should take both.”

I packed my paints, pencils, paper, etc. into a nice travel case then packed my guitar into its case as well, handing it to Gee. We walked downstairs and spotted the guys looking through the fridge. They all wore guilty expressions, Frank was stuffing his face in skittles. “Ummm.” He hid the bag behind him. “Ready to go?” He wore a sheepish grin on his happy face.

I laughed. “Just take the skittles, Frankie!” He smiled and ran to hug me.

“Thanks!” He danced his way to the door but stopped suddenly.

“What’s wrong, Fran- “ Ray stopped dead in his tracks. I looked over to the door from the kitchen’s door before letting out a scream of horror and disbelief. My parents dragged their feet inside the house. Their eyes were vacant as they tried to grab Frank.

Gerard pushed me back inside the kitchen. “Stay here, we’ll take care of this. He pulled out his newly bought handgun and loaded it.

“No! You can’t kill them! They’re my parents!” I screeched at him, pushing him away from the door.

He grabbed my wrist just when I was about to exit and stared into my eyes, “I’m sorry Lynz, but they’re not your parents anymore. They’re- “ I covered his mouth with my other hand. I didn’t want to hear it. It could not be true. It just couldn’t.

“Guys! Get back in here!” Frank yelled. Gerard tried looking into my eyes but I avoided eye contact. Just ramming the door open. My parents were trying to grab hold of Frank still. Tears dripped down my face.

“Nobody shoot them!” I stared into all of the guys’ eyes before resting my gaze on Gerard who was still clutching the gun. “Let’s go.” I picked up my bags and guitar and walked out the back door. Leaving them in confusion.

“Hey, we can’t just leave them here!” Ray shouted out to me.

I stopped at the door, pulling out my .22 revolver and aiming it at Ray. “If any of you shoot them, I’ll shoot you. Let’s go.” Venom in my voice as I glared at them before leaving.

I opened the jeep door and hopped in, locking it behind me. I lifted my knees to my chest, sobbing. My parents were part of the undead. The infected. “Why?” I looked up at the roof of the car, as if I’d find an answer there. Could this get any worse? Suddenly something smashed its face into the side of the jeep. A zombie with at least two others behind it, trying to break the window to eat my brains. I felt my heart skip a beat as the terror rushed through my veins. Yes this could get worse, much worse. No way in hell was I going to open the window to shoot. Luckily I didn’t need to. The guys screamed to get the zombies’ attention before all of the undead received a head shot. Wow. Impressive. Not even one miss. Maybe all those video games were good for them. Gerard tried opening the door, only to discover it was locked. My face was still wet from crying, my heart pounding out of my chest like in old cartoons. Without a second to spare after I unlocked it, I was in my best friend’s arms, in safety.

“I’m sorry Lynz. I’m sorry.” He rocked me back and forth.

“Gee!” I held onto him tightly, for dear life. I felt traumatized. The guys jumped into the car, Mikey driving. We drove to the Way brothers’ house in silence, minus my sobs. Gerard left me in Frankie’s care while he quickly packed. I gripped Frank’s small frame as if he were the key to salvation, until Gerard returned and held me. After leaving Ray’s then Bob’s house we finally reached Frank’s. I ran to the spare room he’d given me and locked the door. Not letting any of the guys enter and see me in my despair. I cried for hours at the horror I’d seen today. At around midnight I grabbed my bass and began playing. Its sounds calmed me until I finally grew sleepy. Not even making it into the bed. Just hugging my guitar as I slept on the floor.
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