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And If the Sun Comes Up {REWRITTEN CHAPTER}

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The first zombies invade. New REWRITTEN chapter!! Will Lynz become a zombie?

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So I'd just wasn't liking the other chapter I had so I kicked Jamia out and rewrote the whole thing. Hopefully you prefer this instead. Thanks for reading and please RATE and REVIEW!! I now present you the new and improved chapter

It was barely early morning when I heard the sound of gunshots coming from downstairs. I rolled onto my back and rubbed my eyes. The warmth of the sun baking my skin with its rays. What’s going on? I sat up. My body was completely stiff from my miserable slumber on the floor. My bass was still laying on the floor next to me. Bang Bang Is everything alright? I rushed to the nearby window, almost crashing into the dresser. “Ouch. Head rush.” They were here. The zombies. Coming to eat my brains. Terror shot through my veins as I sprinted down the stairs in record time. I missed the last step and planted on the floor, banding my knee in the process. “Shit!” Pain spread through my leg. I hugged my knee to my chest, in agony. I was going to be limping after this.

“Lynz!” Gerard left his spot by the window, falling to his knees next to me. He examined my leg like a doctor with his soft, artistic hands. “Here I’ll help you up.” He wrapped one arm under my shoulders and the other under my knees, lifting me off the floor.

“What’s happening?” I already knew the answer before he spoke. I just felt like I needed it confirmed for it to feel real.

“Zombies.” Gerard laid me onto the sofa and left to the kitchen while the guys continued to shot at the heads of the undead. He came back with an icepack covered in paper towels. “Here put this on it.” He handed me the ice. I placed it on my swollen knee, wincing at the cold.
“Be right back.” He darted back to his spot with the guys and fired at the zombies.
“There’s not too many left anymore.” Frank reported as he shot another. “Let’s finish them off!”

After just a couple minutes, ever thing quieted. The musicians sighed a breath of relief, leaving their positions by the window. They crowded around me, Mikey speaking first. “You alright, Lynz?” He inspected my knee for any serious injury.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little fall. No big deal.” I smiled at him and moved to stand up. My leg hurt but I could still walk. Gerard’s hand supported me as I walked to the kitchen. “Wow! What a what to wake up, huh?” They guys said nothing as they studied my expression, probably looking for a sign that I’d break down again. I gave them no reason to worry. They had enough to stress about. I didn’t want to add to those worries.

“What’s to eat?” I looked in the cupboards, locating the instant coffee.

“We have eggs-“ Gerard started to say before being interrupted by Frank.

“Ewww.” Frank’s face was a mask of disgust, him being a vegetarian.

I giggled and hugged him. “Let’s just have cereal. Right Frankie?”

“That sounds more like it!”

We ate in the living room to watch the morning news. The anchorman was discussing the weather. “Boring! I can just go outside and tell everyone its hot and sunny today.” Gerard’s impatience was quite amusing.

As if hearing Gee’s compliant, the news switched back to the crisis at hand. “Everyone is advised to stay indoors. Nobody is encouraged to go out and locate their loved ones. The best idea right now is to lock all doors” the guys snorted. “To board up the windows, and have plenty of food and water. For reasons yet to be determined, the bodies of the recently deceased are returning to life and attacking the living. As what can only be described as zombies. The scope of this epidemic is now reaching global proportions. The dead are returning to life. Tips on how to kill one of these are coming up next after these commercial breaks.” The TV went black. Gerard holding onto the remote.

“This is getting really bad.” His voice was dead.

“You think! We just shot like 50 of those things like not even an hour ago.” Mikey looked at his brother liked he was stupid for not noticing.

“Okay guys calm down! It’s okay! We’ve got food, water, and ammo. We can hold them off until they send help.” I tried to be the voice of reason although I didn’t even believe myself.
“Okay? Okay! This is just the beginning! A week hasn’t even passed and they’re was that many! What if we run out of ammo to shot them with? Are we going to pretend to be super heroes and start chopping heads off?” Mikey was yelling. His face was red. I felt my eyes water.

“Mikey! Back off! Stop being such a fucken jerk!” Gerard yelled at his younger sibling.

“I’m sorry, Mikey.” My voice was small. I wiped my eyes, at the teas threatening to fall.
He seemed to come back to Earth. “No. No. I’m sorry, Lynz. I didn’t mean it.” He stood up and sat on the floor next to me, wiping my tears. “Don’t cry. I was just being stupid. Everything’s going to be fine. I collapsed in his arms.

“What if they come when we’re sleeping and turn us into zombies too?” I voiced my fears for the first time to the guys.

“That’s not going to happen. I promise.” Gerard rubbed my back like how my mother did when I was scared. I pulled away from Mikey to look at him. He was only saying that to comfort me but it still gave me a bit of hope.

“You guys should worry about protecting yourselves before anyone else, especially me. I’ll be the dead of you.” I looked down to my lap, playing with a thread that was loose on my thigh.
Gerard opened his mouth to speak but Ray spoke first. “You’re like our little sister, Lyns. Of course we’re going to protect you. Gerard would murder us if we just stood there and let you get hurt.” Ray walked over to me and kissed the top of my head before pulling me into a quick hug. Gerard’s cheeks became a pinkish red at his words.

“Why don’t we play you that song you really like. Vampires Will Never Hurt You?” Frank grinned at me and poked my ribs. I giggled

I laughed. “Vampires aren’t my problem right now but yeah I’d love to see you all play. Plus I’d get to hear Gee sing.” I turned back to look at him. His cheeks turning sanguine.

“Yeah let’s all hear GeeGee sing.” Frank said in a singsong tone, like mother speaking to her young child.

“HaHa very funny.” Gerard stuck his tongue out like a five year old before pouting.

“Come on! I wanna hear My Chemical Romance play!” I whined.

The guys and I all stared at Gerard with puppy dog eyes, mouthing please just to add to the effect.

“Fine!” He threw his hands up in the air. He was still shy about performing.

“Yay! Let’s go! Frankie lead the way.” I linked arms with Gerard and followed Frank to the basement.

The basement was dark with a small open window and some candles. “That window reminds me of your room, Gee.” He chuckled and let go of me. The guys got ready I watched from the sofa Frank had.

Gerard’s long messy hair was always in his face. He once let me straighten it but something about it made me splash him in water and mess his hair again. It was just more fun and natural to see his tangled locks. His pale skin resembled a vampire’s from his hate of being in the sun. Causing a beautiful contrast with his hair and brought out the color of his eyes.

As the intro began Gerard glanced over at me and smiled while winking. His loud hypnotic voice pulled me out of my thoughts as he screamed, “And if they come and get me/ What if you put the spike in my heart!” Little know to me now that line would foreshadow what was yet to come.
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