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Were all ninjas

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Ninja reform school. Characters also from bands other than fall out boy, you probably like them xD introductory chapter. If you've ever read fallen and torment, its a bit like that xD

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So, another new story!! I posted it in Fall Out Boy as I thought I should. I really hope you like this, it's going to have mega awesome sub plots and loads of character!! XD review please? X3 thanks for reading and sorry for any typos! XD

Pete's POV:

"we will rehabilitate you. We will train you. Your aggressive, sneaky nature makes you perfect people to train as agents" a burly woman spoke, rapping a whip against her bin lid sized hands. "you will be trained in the Martial arts, get you into the fittest state of mind, get your bodies in shape" she preached, fingering her ship between two sausage fingers.
"so, we're going to train to be ninjas?" an exceptionally skinny, brown haired boy asked, hands hidden in his hoodie pockets. 
"if you want to call it that, then yes. We need you. We need to mould your dangerous nature into a weapon of destruction" the woman (I think) continued. She used her hands to mimic moulding a lump of clay, her fingers distorting oddly. An all boy reform school, training to be ninjas. Oh yeah, good thing I play for both teams. 
"so, do we get the outfits? You know, the black body grow thing?" a tall guy with spiky hair commented, he was about a foot taller than me. 
"you get something similar but thats beside the point. Just remember, we have cameras. You can't see them, so bee-have" she enunciated, leaning on the tower of peoples luggage. I could see my suitcase under a large mass of what was possibly everyone else luggage dog piling on mine. Fantastic. 
"buzz" Joe whispered in my ear. Joe was my best friend, partners in crime we were. The only person I knew in this insane campus. I laughed in my head, looking up at Joe's poofy hair. I wonder if he'd have to cut it to be a ninja? I shook that odd thought out of my mind and looked around the room to see what was around. The skinny guy, the giant, a short guy with dreadlocks, a very hyperactive looking guy and a guy with a pink mohawk. And of course many more surely interesting people, but Buzz (I have dubbed the possible transgender human) had thrown my luggage towards me, which had been labeled with my room number. Spray painted on it was the number 17. Cheers, Buzz. 
"Hey, Pete, what room number are you?" Joe asked, looking dismally at his now similarly ruined backpack. 
"17, my bag dictates" I murmured, opening my bag to make sure my CD's weren't broken. 
"18, I think that means our rooms are opposite eachother" Joe grinned, bumping my arm with his fist as we made our way to our rooms. "I think we have roommates as well, some bags has the same number on them" he said, running his hair through his fro. He didn't like new people, or people in general really. 
"you'll live" I muttered, swinging my bag on my back and looking at the doors. Ones that were occupied by students who had been here longer had personalised their doors; most with the same general message - LEAVE. I looked over to Joe who was grunting to himself as he reached his door. He was right, mine was opposite. 
"right, well, I'm going to unpack and meet my roommate" I nodded as Joe grimaced then opened his door. From what I could see; his roommate was heavily tattooed and throwing things angrily onto his bed. I wished Joe a silent good luck, and looked up at my door. My roommate obviously wasn't new today like I was, as the door was covered in splatters of paint. Creative. I opened it and looked around, spotting a red haired boy sitting on one of two beds. He waved and stood up.
"hey newbie, I'm Gerard" Gerard spoke openly, offering his hand. I placed my bag down and shook Gerard's hand with a slight caution. I wonder what he did to be here, and how long he's been here already? How long will I be here?! 
"hey, I'm Pete" I said a bit shyly. He smiled a bit and sat back down on his bed, which was covered in magazines, books and CD's. I picked up my bag and put it on my bed, sitting down and opening it.
"I cleared some space in the wardrobe for your clothes, and I got this weeks Kerrang! If you're into that kind of thing" he waved the least dog-eared magazine about and placed it on the nightstand.
"thanks, that's really cool" I nodded, taking my clothes and hanging them up in the wardrobe. 
"so, what did you do to get into here?" he asked hesitantly. I have a feeling I'm not half as bad as some people in here. "yes, you're not the worst of it all" Gerard said in a monotone voice. What the hell? Out loud Pete, out loud!
"what the-" I started, but Gerard laughed a bit and waved his hand dismissively. 
"sorry, some of my baggage. I hear your inside voice. Not reading your thoughts, but when you talk to yourself in your head, I hear it" he shrugged, looking pretty easy going as he put CD's into a CD rack stuck to the wall. My side of the room looked pretty bare, and all my furniture was sitting in my room at home, waiting for permission to be brought in. 
"that's a cool gift" I spoke, throwing my converse into the wardrobe and wishing I'd placed a permission form to bring my bass in. 
"you can do that tomorrow and your bass will come the next day, or I can take you to do that now?" Gerard asked.
"Umm, i suppose we could do that tomorrow" I said, looking around awkwardly. I guess this was one of the numerous new things I'd eventually get used to. Gerard smiled then he furrowed his eyebrows. "wait, you didn't answer my question, why are you in here? I looked at Gerard, perplexed, as he grinned and waited patiently.
"its hard to explain" I hesitated. "let's just say my friend and I are seen as terrorists" I bit my lip, thinking about the social rejection, and how good it felt to watch that building crumble and implode on itself. One less Primark in the world. 2054 less Chavs. And that was just one incident. Gerard chuckled, looking at me. Is he listening to me again? He's laughing at it?!
"I don't like chavs" Gerard stated simply. I shrugged, it was hard to like chavs. At that point, Joe burst into my room and thrust his arm in my face.
"my roommate gave me a tattoo!" he exclaimed, half excited, half terrified. Surely enough, there on his arm, was a tattoo of a skull with an axe in its side. It was bleeding a bit (his arm not the annoyed looking skull with an axe in it's head) but actually looked quite cool. Gerard nodded at Joe in approval and looked past into Joe's room.
"Oli is quite the artist" he commented, waving at Oli, who was cleaning off his needle. 
"yeah! He literally took 5 minutes! He's so cool!" well that's good that Joe actually liked him. Oli walked through the hall and into our room.
"who's your newbie, Gerard?" Oli asked, grinning at us. Well he seemed relatively normal. Gerard snorted, probably listening in on people talking in their heads (maybe mine) as I shook Oli's hand. 
"I'm Pete" I said, eyeing all of Oli's tattoos. Pretty damn awesome. 
"Pete, nice to meet you" Oli nodded, waved at Gerard and a still awestruck Joe, and left the room unexpectedly.
"I know that seemed pretty brief, but that's just Oli" Gerard explained. "he likes you two, you're very lucky. Not a good person to choose as an enemy" Gerard spoke again, leaving the room. "and we need to leave for dinner now. Come, follow" Gerard called from the hallway, leaving Joe and I to look at each other and then hastily follow down the hall after Gerard. 

I sat down between Joe and Gerard and looked dismally at the food on the table. Meatloaf, a salad that was composed of many different shades of lettuce, a disappointingly flat pizza and jugs of water. 
"looks great, doesn't it" Gerard said, taking a hunk of meatloaf and poking it with his fork. I looked at Joe, who driven by his monster appetite was already ripping apart some pizza with his teeth alone, and took some pizza off for myself. 
"good choice. The meatloaf is more hairy than usual" Gerard grimaced, proving his point by pulling about a foot long hair  out of his food. I smiled awkwardly and went to picking at my pizza. Opposite us was a scrawny boy with blonde hair, the guy with the mohawk I saw earlier and a guy with a very disturbing pokerface on. Gerard must've been listening to my thoughts, and went onto introducing the people around me.
"okay, so the guy next to me is Frank" Gerard pointed to the guy he was holding hands with. "we're together" he stated. "we've both been here for 2 years" he said. 
"you get used to the crappy food and the questionable stains all over the place" Frank said, looking over to us. He smiled then played around with Gerard's bright hair before eating more food. Gerard smiled them turned to the guy in front of him. "this here is Mikey, my brother" Mikey didn't look up from his food, just waved his hand in the air and continued to be silent. "don't bother him, if you can help it cause he does bite. Hey, Mikes?" Gerard snapped his fingers so that his brother looked up. "introduce your new roommate bro" he spoke cautiously. Mikey nodded and looked to the guy next to him. 
"oh, this is Jared, he's pretty cool" Mikey said, looking around at everyone's faces then returning to his food. Everyone said hi to Jared, who merely nodded at everyone then proceeded to murmur to himself. I looked again to the pokerface guy, who even though he was eating, was still creeping me out. His eyes were piercing blue, but for some reason they were hard to look at without cringing away. I don't think I want to know. I finished my pizza just as Buzz stood up and picked up one of those voice magnifier cone shaped things. Everyone fell silent as she (I'm going for female) started shouting into it.
"Right, miscreants, tomorrow is Monday. Classes, for all you newbies, start at 8 as per usual. Be there or be questioned. We do not tolerate skiving or tardiness. Now clear out of the canteen. That is all" she finished and opened the door. 

After a couple of minutes to unwind while Gerard looked through my CD's, Buzz had come for a short visit to hand me my timetable. Yes, I knew very well we started class at a sleep depriving 8 o clock in the morning, but finished at 4! That's 8 hours of ninja training a day! I'm never going to survive!
"so let's have a look what you're doing" Gerard looked over my shoulder to read my timetable. Yoga every morning, athletics, swimming, karate, theory, judo and gym, all on Monday! Other classes included running, endurance (whatever that was) and drill. 
"these classes look horrible" I moaned, looking to Gerard. For such a labour intensive schedule, he didn't look that built up. 
"I'm sneaky Pete, I could easily kick your ass. I may not be muscly" Gerard grinned evilly.
"noted" I said, sitting down on my bed. Gerard took the piece of depressing paper out of my hands and looked through it. 
"well, you have yoga with me and Frank, and running you have with me as well, oh, and note passing class" Gerard spoke, looking at the paper. 
"note passing class?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.
"theory, my dear friend, uber boring" he answered, turning the paper over between his thin fingers. "did you want to know about Spencer?" he asked, practically out of nowhere. 
"who's Spencer?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows and taking the piece of paper back. He laughed and sat back, leaning on the wall his bed was pushed up against.
"the guy with the pokerface, as you described it. You might want to stay clear of him. He's been here for a year, but most of it was spent in 'the room'" he lowered his voice for effect. 
"the room?" I asked mockingly. I waggled his finger at me sassily and shook his head.
"the room is serious business. No one gets in. No one gets out. I don't know what happens, but apparently it's just a room. A black, empty, soulless room. It either sets you straight or, well, you don't make it" Gerard shrugged nonchalantly and flicked through a magazine. Weird. Freakishly, worryingly weird. I sat and thought about my folks back at home, how disappointed they were, how glad they were to get rid of me.
"dude, if you're going to survive here, you can't be dwelling on your past" Gerard spoke. I was already pretty much used to his intrusive mind. He laughed and turned the light off, to my surprise. It was pitch black except for the dim moonlight passing through the grimy window. I clambered under my sheets and turned on my side.
"gotta be up early tomorrow" Gerard chimed, fidgeting around in his own bed. Oh, I can't wait.
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