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I don't even know what Im calling these chapters so xD hope you like part 2, I'm still trying to bring in more characters ^.^

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PART 2! Ive got so many ideas for this fanfic and I'm procrastinating on my school work so expect more chapters for this and other stories soon xD thanks for reading and please review :3

Ryan's POV: 

A dreamless sleep. Thank god. I opened my eyes and turned my head to look at my roommate. He was weird. A recluse. I didn't even know what his name was. He hadn't said a word to me, I wouldn't even be sure he could talk if he hadn't been talking to himself when I walked in. From then on, he'd clammed up. Poor kid, he must be seriously messed up. His wild eyes, never blinking, peering into my soul, it felt weird. I felt like flailing my arms and hiding in a cupboard or something. Never make eye contact with your roommate, i had not been warned. I had a feeling he had looked at my timetable though, as it had moved. I looked at him again as he rose out of bed like the living dead, and went to the bathroom with a bundle of clothes. Dude was just textbook antisocial. I took my clothes and got dressed under the covers, as I had become so accustomed to doing, then took my timetable and slid it in my back pocket. Leaving the room before I had a chance to brush my teeth and bump into my mute roommate again, I bumped into one of the other new kids. He jumped as I knocked him into the wall, then smiled at me when he had steadied himself.
"I'm really sorry about that" I ran a nervous hand through my hair as the other boy dismissed my apology with a flailing hand. He seemed nice, with big brown eyes and a warming smile.
"you just startled me, I'm Brendon" he introduced himself, holding a hand between us. I shook it.
"I'm Ryan" I said as he kindly mutilated my wrist in a vigorous handshake. 
"where have you got yoga?" he asked, dropping my hand and pulling his timetable out from his pocket. I did the same and looked down at it. Room 7. 
"Room 7" I answered, smiling and shoving the piece of paper back in my pocket.
"hey, same here, let's walk" he smiled again, walking beside me. He seemed nice, and none too crazy. Although, he could be uber dangerous and this would be the last day I'd live to see. He could be using the smile as a mask, he could he plotting to kill me! Sheesh, I'm just paranoid, please don't kill me, dude. A red haired guy who walked past me laughed. Im scared. I looked at Brendon again, walking pretty normally in skinny jeans and a hoodie, much like myself. His sleeves were rolled up, and I could see a tattoo of piano keys surrounded in beautiful summer flowers. Ooh. My cult affiliated tattoos and my wrist ones didn't match up to how pretty his arm looked. Flowers - the smilie can't be much of a facade. Once we had reached room 7, which wasn't too far away in the comfortable silence, Brendon smiled and opened the door for me.
"thanks" I smiled at him a bit as he closed the door behind me.
"you're very welcome" he spoke sweetly. He's cute. I looked around the room, large and open, with just mats spread about the pale blue tiles. The teacher, an ageing woman who was nearly as skinny as I was, pointed to a mat for me to sit on, whereas she pulled Brendon over. A man who I'd not previously seen in my room scouring cuffed Brendon's wrists and tilted his head back, forcing several large and colourful tablets down his throat. I felt my eyes widen and I bit my lip as I watched Brendon struggle. After a few agonising moments of the new people in class watching Brendon struggle and the obviously older and more experienced people not caring, I gave up on watching my new and possibly deranged friend refuse to take what was probably his medication and took my hoodie off. After the struggle with my hoodie, I looked up again at Brendon. When the big man was satisfied that Brendon had reluctantly swallowed whatever he was given, he took the cuffs off of Brendon and Brendon came to sit next to me. He shrugged and crossed his legs. I was utterly mortified - my mind has now switched Brendon's status to UBER DANGEROUS. flashing red lights.
"I'll explain later" Brendon whispered as the woman started this yoga session. 

I sat down at the table next to Brendon for lunch after 4 agonising lessons. I was glad to look at this unappetising food after that. Brendon was in all of my lessons all week, and so we were going to be together all day every day, but he still hadn't explained the incident he had in yoga. 
"Brendon, when are you going to tell me how you ended up here" I asked, pulling a chunk of bread off a grey looking baguette and picking at it. I know we were all reform kids and we were bad and stuff, but couldn't they hire a better cook?
"well, why don't we meet tonight? Then you can tell me how you ended up here as well" he proposed. I looked at him for a bit, deciding what to do.
"okay, sure" I smiled a bit. 
"yeah, can we meet at your room then?" he asked, eating some grapes. 
"we could, but my roommate is a little bit weird" I grimaced, remembering how hostile he was. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I jumped, turning around cautiously. It was a really good looking guy.
"hi, sorry, I'm Ian, is your roommate Spencer?" he asked, offering his hand. 
"I'm Ryan, and, I don't know my roommates name" I admitted, shaking Ian's hand.
"yes well, of course. He doesn't really talk to people. Well he is, and he's back in the room for a month, so I was just letting you know" Ian spoke, the table erupting with whispers. 
"what's the room? What did he do?" I asked, horrified I'd shared a room with some kind of proper psychopath.
"I heard they did a strip search on him because he was disappearing at night and stuff, and they found a foot" a guy with spiked up hair whispered evilly to a guy with a big fluffy afro. Thats 2 people I've seen with afros now. I felt my eyes widen and Ian put a hand on my shoulder. At night? Awake? In the same room as me? A FOOT?! I looked down self consciously, I still had two feet, phew. 
"that's just Mark, and that's just a rumour, don't be alarmed" he stopped and thought about what he was going to say next. Brendon leaned in to listen to Ian, I could feel his breath on my cheek. "the room is weird because no one quite knows what's wrong with it as anyone who went there didn't ever come back, or never communicates, like Spencer. Hell, Mark is sneaky enough to get around cameras and see for himself, and he's been been here the longest out of us all. Even he doesn't know and that spells trouble" we looked over to Mark, who just shrugged.
"I've done things" he grinned evilly. "but never could i even find the room" he shrugged. He looked just like an evil person. Okay, red light, red light. 
"don't mind him" Ian whispered. I looked over to Brendon, who grinned. "just, be careful around some of these people, some look normal, like Mikey over there" Ian pointed to a thin blonde guy talking to the red headed guy I saw in the hall earlier "he may look normal, and he can be nice, but do not talk to him unless spoken to" Ian warned. 
"oh god, please tell me about more people who I should stay away from" I whimpered all too girl like. He smiled a bit and put his hand on my shoulder again. 
"you'll be okay. You've got Brendon as a friend, right?" he asked, looking at Brendon. I looked at Brendon too, who nodded and smiled sweetly.
"then you're okay, just stay under the radar" Ian shrugged. 
"hate to break up this mothers meeting but Ryan, Brendon, it's nearly time for 5th lesson, and I hear you have running with me, so we better get going, Coach is mean" Mark said almost happily. I sighed and followed Brendon and Mark out of the canteen, waving at Ian. Could I count him as another friend?

"pick it up, scrawny" the coach growled as she sped past Mark, Brendon and me. Mark seemed relatively indifferent, jogging with ease besides Brendon, who was struggling to keep up, and me - who was struggling to breathe. I guess he's been in the training longer so he's fitter than us. Or it may be to do with that I've never done exercise in my life and I'm seriously unhealthy.
"you two will get used to all of this. Your muscles burn so much, you forget what it was ever like to feel them" he laughed, waving at a guy with many tattoos as he sped past us. We had to run 3 miles in the hour, then we could stop and relax until 6th lesson. A few people had already finished running, including Mikey, of whom Ian had pointed out earlier. My legs were burning after 20 minutes, and we had only run a mile.
"it burns!" Brendon groaned, hanging his head and stopping for a breather. I stopped next to him and Mark did the same. 
"hey, it's okay for you two. Being newbies means you only have to run 2 miles in the first week, to get used to it. I still have to run the 3, and coach will make people who finish really early run more" he said, stretching his legs a bit. I looked back, and sure enough, Coach was picking Mikey up off the ground with one hand (HOLY SHIT) and getting him running again.
"don't stop guys, coach will whip you" the red haired boy said, showing us his leg, which had a painful red dash right across it. That looked painful. 
"guys, this is Gerard" Mark pointed out. 
"hi Ryan, hey Brendon. It doesn't hurt as much as you think it does" he laughed a bit, then continued to run.
"how the? What the?" Brendon stumbled, rubbing his neck and furrowing his eyebrows. 
"its Gerard's baggage, as he calls it. You don't want to know unless he tells you. He's Mikey's brother" he told us. Well that made a bit more sense. Still mega confusing. But hey, what was ninja reform without a little confusion?
"fair play" Brendon shrugged.
"we should probably start jogging again, coach is coming over" Mark warned. I groaned and started jogging again.
"so Mark, since you've been here the longest, I have 2 questions for you" Brendon said openly. 
"proceed" Mark sighed, keeping his pace effortlessly.
"why are you in here?" Brendon asked. 
"oh, wouldn't you like to know" he laughed a bit. "I was under the impression this place had a don't ask, don't tell scheme" Mark continued, not even seeming out of breath. "what was your second question?" 
"can you tell us what other peoples deals are and who to stay away from?" Brendon asked. This dude was nosy.
"oh Brendon, simple, naive Brendon. Don't ask, don't tell, stay under the radar. That advice will get you far" Mark finalised, then sped ahead of us. 

I got to my room with Brendon by my side, and pushed the key into the lock. Before I could open it, a tall guy with dirty blonde hair (how descriptive am I?!) came up to us shook out hands.
"hi, I'm Tom, a friend of Mark's, my room is right next to yours, Ryan" he stopped a took a breath. How does everyone already know my name?! "I've been notified by Mark that you people are okay and that I should give you a few pointers now and then seeing as I'm right next to your rooms so" he stopped again and pointed to two guys stumbling down the hall. "those guys there are Dallon and Jon. They've just been tagged, a step down from what our roommate was assigned to I hear, eh Ryan?" he stopped again, nudged me quite hard I the ribs and grinned. RED LIGHT, RED LIGHT. I looked at Brendon for a brief second, who was listening to Tom. Wait, he was speaking?! "-so just don't get in their way or they will mow you down" Tom finished then disappeared into the room next to me. Great zoning out, Ross.
"are you gonna open the door" Brendon asked softly. I turned around, grinned at him rather stupidly and opened the door. Spencer's stuff was gone. The walls were bare and the floor was clear. The room was completely empty except for my unpacked bag. Brendon sat on my bed and smiled. 
"so, what's your roommate like?" I asked, sitting down next to him.
"he seems pretty cool, he was smoking god knows what when I came in, his name is Billie Joe. He was nice to me so I'm cool with it" he shrugged, looking at me. "you know, you're quite good looking" he spoke. Well, that was open.
"err, thanks" I stumbled, quite worried that he'd just blurted that out of nowhere. "are you ever going to tell me how you got here?" I asked. I was getting more worried that 1: he hadn't told me yet. 2: he was stalling and 3: he was too nice to be just a misunderstood kid.
"hey, Ryan, I like you, but I don't want to freak you out, could you go first?" he asked kinda timidly. 
"you're stalling, that's whats freaking me out" I sighed, moving back and leaning against the wall. Brendon soon joined me.
"okay fine. Don't freak out though" he bit his lip. I nodded, despite my head screaming RED LIGHT again. "I single handedly killed my family, because I believed they had demons inside of them" he paused and looked at me. "they were religious" he finished, waiting for my reaction. I looked around the room, wanting something to break the awkward silence. 
"I asked, and now I know" I shrugged, trying to sound indifferent. 
"please don't be freaked" he whispered, grazing my hand softly with his. 
"I'm not, every one has their reasons for wiping out a family" so I was a little freaked out.
"hey, I know I can't explain it but, I dunno. Its nothing to worry about anymore. Will you tell me why you're here now?" he asked quietly, moving away from me slightly. Even though he was scary and a murderer, I didn't want him to move. I didn't want to think about my past either. 
"I can try" I whispered, thinking how I would explain it. "in my dreams, I would see things happen. Natural disasters, plane crashes, things like that" I stopped and looked at Brendon, who was listening. "I would predict things that happened in my area, and be able to warn people before it happened, and people loved it" Brendon smiled a bit as I moved closer to him. "but then I started seeing things that happened thousands of miles away and I couldn't tell people, I couldn't warn them. And it drove me crazy" I stopped, wiping my eyes. Brendon's face was etched with concern. "it was really horrible stuff as well, not diseases that weren't anyone's fault like I was used to. It was things like rape, murder and terrorism" I breathed heavily, thinking about what was to come next.
"do you want to carry on?" Brendon asked, putting a hand on my shoulder. I realised I was properly crying by now. I nodded and carried on.
"then, I started having dreams about this little girl, I watched her grow up in my dreams for months. When she turned 17 she was horribly murdered and I saw it, and I snapped. I knew that girl in my dreams and I couldn't tell her she was going to die. It was like my dreams were taunting me, they showed me pretty much her whole life" I stopped, wiping my eyes and nose very gracefully on my sleeve. I looks at Brendon again, his eyes big and glassy with tears. I bit my lip and decided to finish. "My parents sent to my a psychiatric ward and didn't want to deal with me anymore, so I came here" I sniffed. Brendon's arm was around me.
"I'm sorry" he whispered, resting his head on top of mine. I shook my head and hid my face in his shoulder. Brendon tightened his grip on me and sighed. "it's okay, I wont kill you" he laughed a bit, making me laugh. Weird, I felt safe in a serial killers arms. 
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