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Here's this chapter!!! I hold you find it interesting and well, more interesting. I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes and I hope you enjoy. Please review :3

Gerard's POV:

Sneaking out in the night to go see Mikes. Tricky mission. Luckily, all the cameras down this hall have been smashed, slipped the dead ones or ducted. Clever, clever people. Dumb, dumb supervisiors. Its pitch black anyway as the lights had either shorted out or been destroyed. This was the hallway they didn't really care about, the eldest part of the building on the far west wing. Where most of the elder students were kept, ones that could guide new pupils at least. No classrooms around, it can go to waste. The hallway, as always, was empty, and boring at night. People were in their rooms doing their own thing, or out. Not that they were allowed, but this was the forgotten hallway. People were only caught if they weren't careful. Long walk to Mikey's room, just on the corner where they start to give a crap about the building. So, let's tune into private thoughts FM. 
"I hate it here, hate it" well, that was the norm. I think if I didn't hear that at least once a day I'd go insane with the doubt that this place really isnt a shithole. But it is. It may teach you epic things but that sure isnt helping Mikey. Move down the hall a bit.
"should I tell Jack that I love him?" ooh, Jack and Alex's room, move along before they start doing things. Aww, tell him Alex, tell him! Next room...
"I miss my mummy" now this is just plain sad. You don't belong here sonny. And now I'm bored. So, so bored. Straight to Mikey's room then. No dawdling. I wouldn't ever dawdle if Frank's room wasn't 2 doors down from Mikey's. Slows me down a bit. I sighed as i approached Franks door, and leant against it in comfort, wondering if I had time to quickly see him before Mikey had a fit.
"hi Gerard" dammit. Frank and his senses. He's in and bored like me. Normally, he's out at this time. Oh, what a rare night, and I can't go in.
"Hey" was all I managed to muster up. 
"are you coming in or are you going to Mikey's?" he asked. "come in already" was what he thought. I laughed a bit and smiled to myself.
"I really can't Frank, I'm already late, I'm so sorry. I'll see you tomorrow" I spoke, pressing my forehead on the door. "I love you" I whispered. 
"love you Gerard" he thought to himself. Well, his thoughts weren't ever kept to himself when he's around me, but whatever. I lingered by Franks door before sighing and taking the next few steps to Mikey's room. He opened it before I knocked, an exasperated look on his face.
"you really need to learn to not dawdle" Mikey deadpanned, moving out of the doorway to let me in. His glasses were slipping off how nose from all the nervous sweat he was creating.
"you need to learn to chill, where's your roommate?" I asked, sitting down on Mikey's bed. He scowled but let me stay there.
"he's with his brother somewhere" he trailed off, looking out of the window. "Apparently they too, have brotherly bonds" he finalised.
"are you going to tell me why you wanted me here so god damn urgently?" 
"I'm thirsty" he shrugged, sitting next to me. He's thirsty. This was either a moment to sigh, leave him to his dirty work and go to Frank's; or be a good brother and try to help him. Close call.
"Mikey, you need to stop this" I sighed, looking at Mikey. His eyes were slightly bloodshot and his face was sallow. He growled and turned to face me.
"Gerard, you may of been able to stop but I can't. I'm dependent on this" he shook me, his glasses slipping down his face some more. He pushed them up, annoyed at them, and slouched. "you know what happens" he whined, moving away from me. Yeah, the scar on my collarbone, the near tragedy, was reminder enough. I nodded and he nodded. Bad brother Gerard, bad, bad brother. I reluctantly watched him slide off the bed and jump out of the window with ease and agility despite Mikey's awkward posture. Any normal human with no ninja training whatsoever wouldn't of ever dreamed to make that jump, let alone survive but; We're ninjas. I left the window open and closed the door behind me, then made my way to Frank's room. 

Joe's POV:

"so, We have to stay here, in our rooms, all night?" I threw into the atmosphere. Oli looked up from bandaging his arm after touching up his tattoos and grinned.
"in a sense" he replied, getting up off the bed. He opened the door and peered into the corridor. How boring. Nothing to do. No TV, no moving rooms to see friends, just piles of homework that I don't think I'll be doing, thanks very much. 
"hey Oli, what's the punishment for not doing homework?" I asked, picking up a pen from the desk and doodling on my arm. Oli laughed a bit, shut the door and sat back on his bed. 
"you dont really get anything. As long as youre putting in the effort in lessons and showing improvements, homework doesn't matter" he shrugged, throwing his homework out of the window. I'm being serious, he opened the window and shook his bag until it was empty. 
"okay, that's cool. So, why are you here?" I asked, jumping when Oli suddenly got close. His eyes were suddenly darker.
"you don't need to know. The less you know, the better" he growled. I shuffled back away from him and held my hands up.
"that's okay bro, I won't probe" I said. Oli's eyes returned to their normal colour and he cracked a grin.
"you better not" he laughed. The door was hit hard repeatedly by someone outside and then flung open. Soon before me stood a tall guy, around 6 foot, holding Oli by the front of his shirt.
"I just got questioned about the incident, and I've narrowed the snitches to you, and William" the tall guy growled. Oli scowled and pushed him away. 
"I've held my tongue Dallon but you better be careful, if it was Will then you know Gabe will kill you if you touch him" Oli replied as Dallon sat down on Oli's bed. Dallon's hair was all over the place and his eyes were almost fully dilated. He was on something. "I doubt it was Will anyway, maybe you just weren't subtle, or got caught by the cameras" Oli finished, shrugging his shoulders. What was the incident? Who were Will and Gabe? 
"guys, what happened?" I asked, earning a scowl from Dallon and a hushing from Oli.
"who is this? Keep you nose out" Dallon snorted, turning his back against me. 
"my roommate, he's new so be nice" Oli defended me. Oli mouthed something along the lines of "ill explain later" and shoved Dallon back.
"it was all Spencer really, I doubt even if you are caught you wont suffer too bad" Oli spoke nonchalantly. Dallon raised one brown eyebrow and sighed.
"I don't want to take that chance Oli, I don't want to end up like Spencer" Dallon spoke, storming out of the room. Oli closed the door behind him and sat on his bed. 
"so whats happened?" I asked cautiously, waiting for Oli's response.
"I can tell you what I know, but it isn't much" Oli paused to watch me nod then carried on. "Spencer is a real nutjob, and no one really knows what happened to him, but apparently he tried to escape" he looked down into his lap. "you probably want to know about Spencer so you can understand the situation more" Oli looked up at me.
"I heard he watches people sleep" I spoke quietly. Oli nodded. Poor Ryan. 
"hes said to have mutilated loads of people, but no one knows the story" 
"so what does Dallon have to do with this?" I asked.
"Dallon is a trouble child like Spencer, they were in the room together once" Oli paused to breathe. "Spencer's only friend"
"what's the room?" I asked, interrupting Oli. 
"punishment, Spencer practically lives in there, do you want to know the rest of the story?" he asked sarcastically.
"yeah, sorry" I apologised. He waved his hand, dismissing my apology and began to carry on.
"so apparently Spencer planned an escape, and Dallon was to create some kind of diversion. His diversion was to throw one of the new kids out of the window" Oli stopped and laughed a bit. It was sort of funny. "So, he's being questioned. It apparently wasn't as bad as what Spencer did to try to escape, but there are a few new kids and even other people in questioning to what he did" Oli finished, holding his hands up in a "that's all I know" way. 
"who was the kid that got chucked out the window?" I asked, wondering if I knew them. 
"some kid called Sean I think. And I heard he's okay, Ian is keeping an eye on him cause he's a bit of a target now" Oli answered. Sean; the kid in my yoga class who was really flexible and had cool hair. Dude, poor luck.
"yeah, that Ian seems like a nice dude" 
"yeah, I think he likes Sean, which is cute" Oli laughed. Wow, this place is full of drama.
"this place is insane" I laughed a bit, not sure whether to be worried about the next few days like a wimp or whatever. 
"scared yet? It can get a whole lot worse" Oli laughed some more. Maniac.
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