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American Girl Chapter 11

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Donald reveals something about Zaria that throws the family into a hell of a lot of trouble.

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Sorry this is so short, I'm sorry; but i'm really ill lately and I can't really think of anything. I'm not coping very well and I'm in so much pain:-/ so I'm sorry :( hopefully I'll be better soon and be to write better for you:]

After dinner they all sat around listening to each others stories and embarrassing each other.

"Gerard, can I have a word?" Donald asked.

"Um... Sure thing dad," Gerard said, following his Dad outside and lighting up a cigarette.
"So, what's up?"

"Zaria. How did you find her?"

"I remember you telling me about her, I asked Mum about the orphanage you used to work in, she told me and I went to see if the kid was still there." Gerard shrugged.

"Well I'm glad you did, but Gee she has issues." Donald sighed,

"Well obviously Dad; otherwise you wouldn't have been looking after her." Gerard laughed.

"No, seriously. Gerard, Zaria is under witness protection." Donald explain.

"She's what?!" Gerard exclaimed.

"Keep your damn voice down boy!" Donald snapped, "Zaria is under witness protection."

"So her real name isn't Zaria?"

"No, that is her real name. This is what shocked me, she should be under witness protection; she should have been introduced to you as Emma Dawson. How old did she tell you she was?"

"Um.. She said she was 13?"

"No, she's 15."

"So, her parents? Did they really die in the fall of the towers?"

"Oh yeah, they did. But before she was moved to the orphanage she lived with her Grandmother for two years."

"Holy shit... Did her Gran die from cancer?"

"Yeah, she did..."

"So, what did she witness?"

"The murder of my 8 year old cousin and my Aunt." Came Zaria's voice from behind them. "I can't believe you told him Don."

"Zaria, I had too. When I found out you were going by your real name, I became worried for my son. You know what those men are capable of."

"I know Don, I know. But I hate the name Emma Dawson, I couldn't be me under that name." Zaria said, tears starting to fall.

"I know, Zaria. But you're putting my family at risk; I needed to make them aware."

"Thomas vet hvor jeg er. Han kom i dag." Zaria mumbled in Norwegain.

"Nei! Zaria hva vil vi gjøre?! Jeg kan ikke la deg fare familien min som dette!" Donald replied.

"Feeling left out here guys?..." Gerard mumbled.

"Zaria told me Thomas was at your house today, and I told her we cannot run this risk." Donald breifly translated.

"Oh shit..." Gerard mumbled.

"Do you hate me?" Zaria whispered looking up at Gerard.

"No, sweetie; I don't hate you. I'm hurt I wasn't told the truth, but I don't hate you."

"I didn't tell you because I know that tomorrow, the police will show up and explain it to you." Zaria replied. Gerard wrapped his arms around her, and hugged her close.

"I don't hate you, but we will have to tell the others. Luckily I have another house further out away from here. You can live with one of us for a week at a time, in that house until we can sort something out." Gerard sighed, kissing her head. "It'll be okay,"

"Normally, people send me back to the home when they find out. I've had over 15 different names." Zaria sobbed.

"Come on, let's go explain this to the guys." Gerard and Donald sighed, and all three of them walked back inside.

"Guys, Zaria has something she needs to explain to you guys." Donald sighed. Zaria stared at him with fear in her eyes, shaking her head.

"Honey, you have to." Gerard sighed.

"Okay, my name is Zaria Stephanie Armstrong. I am actually 15 years old, and I am meant to be under witness protection. You should know me as Emma Dawson, but I introduced myself by my real name as I don't want to be Emma Dawson as she isn't me."

"Holy shit..." Frank gasped.

"Frank Iero!" Donna snapped in a motherly tone.

"Hon, why are you under witness protection?" Alicia asked.

"Okay, I was born in 1995. I was actually 6 years old when my parents died, my Gran did die from cancer but I was placed in her care for 2 years before being moved to the home. We lived in Norway for a year, and whilst there we witnessed the murder of my Aunt and cousin. I was 7 years old, we moved back to America, had our names changed. Then when my Gran died, I was put into the home under my real name; but the situation was explained and to each family I met; I had a different name."

"Holy crap..." Mikey sighed.

"So whats the plan then?" Jamia asked.

"I'm taking her to the house." Gerard said. "I'll stay with her there for a week, then Frank will stay for a week, then Mikey, followed by Alicia. Afterwards, it will be Ray, Jamia, Lyn-Z followed by Christa. This will continue until we find a safe place to keep her."

"Okay... When are you going?"

"We'll go on Monday." Gerard sighed,

"It's a shame, cause her room at our house looks fuckin' awesome." Frank laughed, trying to lighten the situation.

"I know..." Zaria sighed, "And I'm sorry... I'll understand if you guys don't want to help me; I can go back to the home..."

"Hell no!" They all said. Zaria smiled, for the first time in years Zaria felt truly loved and accepted.
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