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true love-ish

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Puzzleshipping. Yugi and the gang decide to take a break from dueling and go to the circus, a brooding yami in tow. what will one drop of blood lead to for this invisible spirit? yaoi, fluff, and t...

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Yami Yugi,Yugi Mutou - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2011-05-23 - Updated: 2011-05-24 - 673 words

Teto: I'm back again! :)
Yami: Hooray! One that I'm in! ( does victory dance)
Teto: yes, you are in this one. please, calm down... -.-
Yami: :3
Teto: Fine. I'll say it, seeing that you're on too much of a high. I don't own Yugioh, though I wish I did. Then Yaoi would be everywhere! :D

Huh. Look at him, running like a circus is the best thing in the world. Please. I can think of one hundred places better than some crummy tent filled with con men. "C'mon guys, we want to get the good seats for the show!" That's Yugi, my host. Or Hikari. Either word would do. Because he completed the puzzle I am bound to him and his wishes, I must serve him without complaint, blah blah blah. Stupid rules. Joey smiled and ran to Yugi, passing through me on the way. Argh! I hate it when people do that, it gives me pins and needles. In case you haven't noticed, I'm invisible. Well, almost. Yugi can see me, but that doesn't count for much.
"Hey boys!" a shrill voice called and I sighed inwardly. So, Tea made it after all. Crap. I was hoping to not get a headache today.
"Hello Tea!" Ryou called, making me burst out laughing. His accent is too hilarious! Hey, I've been trapped inside a puzzle for five thousand plus years. Cut me some slack. Yugi smiled and walked over to Tea.
"Hurry up, you'll miss the show!" he said sweetly. Tea instantly smiled and grabbed Yugi's hand. That irked me. Why is she being so familiar around him?
"Hey Yugi, you never told me you had a girlfriend! Maybe those condoms Gramps got you for Christmas aren't useless after all!" I yell out, grinning evilly. Hahahahaha! Score! Oh man, his face is as red as a tomato. Y...YAMI! He mind-screams at me, making me laugh. Maybe I did go overboard... why am I so mean to Yugi? Whenever I'm in control I'm really polite. Maybe its envy that he has control of the body that we share most of the time. Maybe it's that he has good friends while I have none. Maybe it's because he sacred me when he left with the Orichalcos curse. Or maybe it's that he can touch things. One of my secret wishes is to be able to touch someone. Not in a dirty way, it's just that I can't touch anything. I pass through it. Oh sure, when I'm duelling in Yugi's body I can grab the cards, and Joey hit me once, but I don't actually feel anything. It's like in a video game. You push the right buttons and you know you've picked up the item, but you can't feel it in your hand.
"You ok, Yugi?" Tea asked, snapping his attention to her.
"N...nothing!" he snapped, then wrestled his hand out of her grip and sprinted to Joey and Ryou. I smirked. Take that, Bitch. Tea sighed in exasperation.
"Why does he always do that?" Well, I might have something to do with it. "...It doesn't matter though, as long as the other Yugi keeps coming out..." She paused to giggle dreamily. "It doesn't matter what he does!" then she skipped off after the others. Wait...Tea likes me, not Yugi? Well, that's awkward. Why do Yugi's friends have to be so complicated? I followed the gang into the circus tent, hovering behind Yugi. He looked up at me, eyes shining like stars. Isn't this great? he sent to me. Ha.
sure, 'cause I love sitting in a tent watching bad actors I shot back. Yugi sighed.
C'mon Yami, at least try to enjoy it... He was cut off by the ringleader shouting.
" Hello, and welcome to the show!"
Bluecow798: Hey, didn't you post this on... Mph!
Teto: (Finishing tying the gag) Silence! do not mention that sites name here! but yes, I did.
Bluecow798: -.-;
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