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true love-ish chapter 2!

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rated for swearing of a certian Yami. second chapter of true love-ish... summary there as I cannot think of a good one for this chapter.

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Ugh…this is so boring! Oh wow, he can swing through the air on a swing! So exiting! NOT. I snuck a glance over at Yugi. He can’t seriously be enjoying this… hey, Other Me! Isn’t this great??/he sent at me, his eyes shining like stars. Oh, he was not serious./You must be crazy, this is the worst stuff I’ve ever seen. I snorted, smirking at the angry glare I got. You can’t enjoy anything, can you? /shut up!/ I retaliated angrily. I could enjoy stuff, I just wasn’t easily amused by a lady playing with hula hoops! Grumbling, I turned to face the ring once more. “And now, Madame Vanessa, the lovely damsel of the stars! Witness her fortune-telling skills and connection with the afterlife!” the ringmaster shouted, making me laugh. They seriously expected people to believe that crap? Ha! Ohmygosh! I wonder if she can sense you Yami! what the… oh my god, he actually believed this crap! Yugi was way too gullible. Out came the so-called fortune teller, clothed in a thin purple veil and various other slutty items of clothing. Maybe she sold herself to the spirits she saw? Hey, maybe I could….. Immediately Yugi’s eyes widened and he whirled around to glare at me, flushing madly. oh crap…. I must of let that thought slip through the mind link. Yami! S,stop thinking…. Immoral thoughts about that girl! He mind-shouted at me. Huh… I didn’t know you could stutter through the mind link. It was kinda cute. “aww, is the shrimp jealous that I’m more likely to get laid than you are?” I teased. Maybe I could rill him up, maybe kill some of the boredom of this lame circus. My wish was granted. YAMI!! Shut up! I…I could get laid if I wanted to! I couldn’t help laughing. He was as likely to get laid as Michael Jackson was to rise from the dead! .... Actually, since I’m technically dead, it wouldn’t be such of an impossible feat, but still. Stop it! Why are you so mean to me? he sent, tears in his eyes. Oh…. I, I didn’t mean to make him cry…. What do I do? I refuse to apologise, but normally I don’t go this far…. I ended up just looking away and not talking to him. Not the smartest move I’ve made…. Yugi’s sadness quickly turned to anger. Fine, be that way he snarled, then turned to face the front in a huff. Suddenly the fortune teller screamed. Whoa! Where did that come from? “I feel it!” she shrieked. “There is an otherworldly spirit among us!” What the fuck….. what crack was she flying on? She pointed a frantic finger at Yugi, startling both of us. “You! You have…. You have a spirit attached to you!” She wailed. No way! There’s absolutely no way she should know about me! “Uh, um, I….” Yugi stuttered, completely freaked out. This is your fault! /How is this my fault?! She shouldn’t be able to even sense me! I snapped back. “come down, let me help you.” Madame Vanessa called, beckoning her slim fingers at Yugi. Sheesh… she could have been seducing a rich man into a brothel. After a quick nod from the ringmaster, Yugi reluctantly crept down into the arena, ignoring his friends encouraging cheers. I see…They thought this was a setup. They can keep believing that, I don’t want to end up in a zoo. “What is your name, child?” the fortune teller asked. I couldn’t help rolling my eyes. Oh please…. This was so stupid. You know what else is stupid? The fact that joey and the others still haven’t realized that I’m another soul inside Yugi; they just think that he has multiple personality disorder. They’re such idiots…. especially Tea. If she thinks I’m just another version of Yugi, then why is she in love with me? “Uh, Yu, Yugi” Yugi stuttered quietly in response. Madame Vanessa gently stroked Yugi’s cheek. Wait, WHAT? What the fuck was she doing to my Hikari? I’m the only one who’s allowed to make Yugi feel flustered like this! Me! “So child, is this spirit mean to you?” she cooed. Yugi glanced up at me, worried, then his face hardened and he nodded wordlessly. I wasn’t that bad…. Was I? The Fortune teller frowned. “I see. So it is an evil spirit” she muttered darkly, catching Yugi by surprise. “Er, it’s not really an evil spirit…” He stuttered. Well, that’s confusing. First he says that I’m mean, and then he sticks up for me? He needs to learn to make up his mind. “Child” Madame Vanessa said sternly. “It’s the Demon that is telling you that. Don’t worry, I shall free you from His curse.” Oh, that was it. I was not going to stand here and take this shit! /Yugi, let me take control. I sent harshly, already sliding into his body. He turned to stare at me with wide, frightened eyes. no! g, get out! Ahh… huh…. Why was he going so red? But that wasn’t a problem for now, he was starting to fight back. Damn…. But there was no way in hell that I was letting her call me a Demon and get away with it! I was entitled to at least scare her. Unfortunately for me, little miss psychic soon realized what was going on. “Servant of heaven, hear my plea! Banish this demon to the place that it once came!” she shrieked. So not what I needed right now. ugh….Y, Yami… Oh shit, what was wrong with him?! He was all red and sweating! He looked like he was in pain…. Should I really go through with this? YAMI!!!! he cried, then fell silent as I took control. Well, it was too late to back out now. “Who are you calling a demon!?” I growled. Ha! Oh, the look on her face! So worth it. “D, demon! Begone! Disappear back into the void!!” she screamed, frantically waving her hands in the messy pattern of a cross. Did she seriously think that would do anything? She was dumber than I thought! Grinning evilly, I grabbed her by the neck and lifted her from the ground, relishing her anguished cries. Of course the audience was eating it up, even Yugi’s friends. They screamed and laughed and pointed like it was some gigantic joke. Fine with me, they’d stop laughing soon enough. “Vanish, vile psychic, Become one with the shadows!” I roared, my lovely shadow magic coiling around my hand up to her neck. Ahh, I love it. The way it chills me to the bone, wrapping itself around me as it murmurs… welcome back, Master, welcome back! It chitters, hissing in delight. Hn… It had been a while since I’d used it… I wonder why? It’s not like I didn’t like sending people insane… I could just hear the laughter stop through my warm cloak of darkness as it turned into gasps and screams, sending the shadows wild with delight. Fools. Shadow magic relishes agony, it powers it up! Screaming would only make it better. The woman kicked and writhed, screaming as the shadow magic forced it’s way down her throat, sending her into convulsions as the shadows showed the psychic her worst nightmare… STOP! Godammit Yami, STOP NOW! The force of Yugi’s message sent me reeling forwards. No… not now! The shadows sensed what was going on and coiled angrily around me, almost possessively. Quickly Master, do it now! Before it’s too late… It hissed. Yami, no! Please stop… please… I had to stop at that. Is he…sobbing? Oh my God, he is… The darkness responded to my uncertainty, swarming around Madame Vanessa. Do it! Send her plunging into my depths! It shrieked. What do I do? …I have no choice. Get out, or I’ll force my way back into control! That did it. I let the shadows drop, sending the woman clattering to the ground. Don’t get me wrong, him forcing his way in isn’t painful… It’s just too pleasurable, if you get my drift. It, it’s like… aw, there’s no decent way to explain this… It feels like he’s taking me, okay? To make things worse, it’s like he’s on top, and he’s a damn flirt. If I try to resist, it just makes it worse…or better, take your pick. It frustrates me so bad… both sexually and emotionally. It’s way too embarrassing! Of course, Yugi doesn’t know that, he just knows it’s an effective way to regain control. I can’t help glaring at Madame Vanessa, who was sprawled out on the floor and panting. “Be thankful that my host talked me into being merciful, wench.” I snarled, delivering a well-aimed kick at her slumped figure. Yeah, because I so wasn’t scared into it…Leaning in close, I whispered in her terrified ear. “If you ever try to seduce my Hikari again, no matter what he says, I will kill you. Understand?” Swallowing thickly, she nodded slightly. Humph. Serves her right. Arrogantly I strode through the crowd to my seat, smirking as they moved away in fright. Let’s see Yugi get out of this one… Quickly I left his body, watching him gasp like a fish out of water… and start to cry. What the fuck? Why is he crying? I helped him out, for God’s sake! That woman was flirting with him! “I, I’m sorry… I can’t control him! I’m really sorry! H, he thinks Madame Vanessa’s a threat for some reason…” He hiccupped, and just like that, the incident was forgotten. The crowd swarmed around him, rushing out apologies as they hastily reassured him it wasn’t his fault. Little brat… what does he think he’s doing, charming people like that! I don’t know why, but it makes me angry. I need to blow off some steam… I drift out of the tent, relying on the mind link to tell Yugi where I was. Bloody asshole… I was only trying to help, the jerk! I curled up in a ball, scowling over my knees. Jerk jerk jerk! Why… why did he have to replace me like that? I’m his Yami, the one that’s supposed to be closest to him! I won’t let anyone else touch him! Why don’t you just kill them all? My head shot up at that, finally noticing the tendrils of darkness swooping around my head. Oh… so that’s why my thoughts were getting so possessive. Figures. In case you haven’t realized, shadow magic can affect your thoughts. That was why I was so upset that Yugi was charming other people… wasn’t it? Yes, that’s all it was. It wasn’t like I loved him or anything… the midget jerk. Yami! Where are you?! Yugi called through the mind link, startling me out of my thoughts. Nowhere interesting, jerk. I sent back sourly, shutting off the mind link before he could respond… and of course he just had to round the circus tent to where I was sitting. Well then… this is awkward. At least for me anyway, but the naïve idiot just ran up to where I was. “You idiot! Never leave me alone like that! They were everywhere and they wouldn’t leave me alone and the girls kept flirting with me and…” Yugi paused in his rushed cry for some much needed oxygen. “And I missed you! I’d thought you’d gone! Never make me worried like that again! You know I didn’t mean what I said to that poor lady… and why did you try to kill her? I, I don’t want to be a murderer, but I don’t want you to leave either…” His rant trailed off into sobs as he leant his head where my shoulder would be if I wasn’t intangible, letting his tears drip through my ghostly form. I… he… he worried about me…he doesn’t want me to go, he wants me to stay with him, no matter what… somehow I got immense pleasure from that knowledge. “I’m sorry Yugi… I just thought you were mad at me. She was making you uncomfortable, and I didn’t like that” I told him, leaving out the jealous thoughts that raced through my brain at the time. His eyes widened as a gorgeous smile spread across his face. Oh gods, he was cute… wait? What? “You… you were trying to protect me? That’s so sweet!” He laughed happily, the tiniest hint of red crawling across his cheeks. What?! I was a pharaoh! I was many things, b, but never sweet! I tried to protest, to say that he was wrong, but my body betrayed me. I just flushed red and mumbled out a few incoherent sentences. Thanks voice, glad you could help out. Yugi, for his part, just giggled at my discomfort. “Aww, don’t worry Pharaoh! It’s nothing to be embarrassed about! I think it’s rather cute!” he sang, jumping up. CUTE!? Wh, wha… “I’ll get us some cotton candy! And don’t worry about the whole lack of taste buds thing, I’ll let you be in control for a while so you can eat it.” He added thoughtfully, then skipped off to the cotton candy stand, leaving me completely stunned. Wh… what the fuck was that?! I, he… cute… oh gods. I found my eyes trailing to where Yugi was running, settling on the spiky haired teen. He looked really good… Seriously, what was wrong with me today?
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