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characters and their P.O.V

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gothic scence queen Athena and her band have a tour with Athena's favourite band The Rasmus...character profiles in first chapter

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Character profile
Athena-AnnaBeth Green
Age 19
Siblings none
Appearance gothic scene queen with added studs and glitter and pretty bows with long bright blue hair with lilac streaks and black snakebites
Hobby in a band called demi-god of the skies
Hey, hey AAB talking that stands for Athena-AnnaBeth by the way, weird name huh don’t blame me blame my dad you may know him he’s in a small band I think he said they were called Escape The Fate oh well at least I think that’s right so yeah I have a band of my own, lucky me I also like Greek mythology and so does my dad hence the name Athena and it’s also were my bands name came from Demi-God Of The Skies also after my mothers tragic passing I now believe that she is a Demi god watching over my father and I, I have no brothers or sisters I’m what you’d call a scene queen with a difference I’m a Gothic scene queen I love studs, glitter and big pretty bows and my favourite band of all time some people actually ask me if my dad’s band is my all time favourite but much to my father’s disappointment it’s not, my favourite band is The Rasmus if you haven’t heard of them I doubt you’d get on very well with me I talk non stop about Lauri Ylönen the Finnish lead singer of The Rasmus, yes they are from Finland and they are amazing well that pretty much sums me up hope you like my life’s story of how dramatically my life has changed in under a year AAB out biatchs.

Character profile
Maxwell Scott Green
Age 35
Child Athena-AnnaBeth Green
Relationship widowed (Liza Ryte / Green)
Job bassist of Escape the Fate and Manager of Demi-God of the Skies
Hey max green here you may know me from Escape the Fate or not but we are quite big now but oh well if you don’t know us that’s your loss, I’m also a single father with a 19 year old gothic scene queen daughter that’s followed half in her fathers footsteps and half in her idol/crush’s Lauri Ylönen which is why as her father and band manager I have got her a half a year tour with The Rasmus I love my daughter to bits but I wish she’d stop singing in the shadows every time she walks past the giant poster of Lauri Ylönen that covers the door way from the living room to the kitchen, but I have to admit my daughter has a pretty good set of lungs on her obviously taking after her beautiful mother liza at her mothers funeral she sung the Rasmus’ funeral song beautifully and everyone clapped for her and grieved with her but she just run off crying she was 15 after all I miss liza all the time, Athena is the spitting image of her apart from the blue and lilac hair my poor liza died the day after Athena’s 15th birthday meaning the death of liza hit me and Athena extremely hard well my daughter is whining about going to the mall to get new clothes and that the new Rasmus Album is out and she wants it now she wants to be the first to have it even though by this point Wal-Mart would have been open for twelve hours already because it’s now 5pm well better go hope you enjoy this very weird story buh bye douche bags.

Character profile
Lauri Ylönen
Age 23
Job lead singer in The Rasmus
Hometown Helsinki, Finland
Hallo my name is Lauri, yeah laugh it up it sounds girlie I know but I’m no girl but I’ve just found out that my band The Rasmus have a half year tour coming up with a gothic punk rock scene band called Demi-God of the skies sounds very Greek mythology orientated my manager who is my best friend but more my manager spoke to their manager and what I found out about them was that the lead is a girl and her dad is her band’s manager and he’s in his own band but they have called a time out for a bit to work on new music and that the tour starts tomorrow great 31st October, Halloween also the day after the new album comes out fans will be happy well better get the guys ready to go I heard the lead singer is a hot gothic scene queen with blue and purple hair, anyway byesy bye-bye Lauri out.

A/N these are just the character profiles of the main characters the first chapter will be up soon Amy-Beth xxx
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