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meeting athena and the start of the tour

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athena's dad max has not told her who they are going on tour with...

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(Athena’s P.O.V)

“Athena” my dad said shaking me lightly “grrr let me sleep dad or I’ll get Mr Laurikins to scratch your eyes out” yeah I have a cat I named after Lauri Ylönen I also have a hamster named after my late mother Liza Green may she rest in peace “Athena, Lauri Ylönen is downstairs hurry or you’ll miss him” my dad teased I pulled the covers off my head and leaped out of my double bed and down the stairs screaming ‘I love you Lauri Ylönen’ in Finnish my dad just laughing at me when I got down stairs I looked around and all I could see was the large poster of Lauri Ylönen my mother bought me for my 15th birthday hanging in the kitchen doorway covering the hole where the door used to be when my dad reached the bottom of the stairs I ran to him “where is he... wait you lied to me didn’t you?” I asked my dad he shook his head and said “over there” nodding towards the kitchen I just laughed and said “ha-ha very funny I’m going back to bed night dad” I said but he grabbed my collar before I had chance to peg it up the stairs “shit” I muttered as he pulled me back down stairs and said “you are not your tour starts today and the other band will be meeting us at the airport they are foreign so be nice and that’s in two hours so go get dressed and cleaned up and packed please it took me a whole year to try and book this band to play with you don’t let me down” he said then let me go I pegged it up to my room grabbing what I would need for my tour just shoving it in slap dash then started on my onstage wardrobe and folded everything neatly into the suitcase then before I dropped them down the stairs I thought I’d be nice and give my dad some warning “TIMBER” I screeched I laughed when my dad only just dodged out of the way of my suitcases “oi watch it” he yelled “I said timber” I said innocently smirking then walked back to my room to get dressed and cleaned and put on some make up and put my bright blue and lilac hair in a messy bun for the journey then I bounded down stairs wearing my one shoulder baggy The Rasmus shirt and my Black denim shorts and neon purple leggings and black converse and in my hair was a giant neon purple glittery bow with a couple of studs on “ready to go Athena” my dad said he’d been ready long before me and he had the ‘I know something you don’t’ look on his face when the doorbell rung it was the rest of my band, tia, charlotte, Dom and Bryan “yep dad let’s do this shizz” I said as we all walked to the bus we had 20 minutes to get to the airport before the other bands flight got in “do you guys know who it is?” I asked the rest of my band and they just tapped their noses,
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